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Christopher Lewis - CD Review: LIFE

Mission Statement: "People are hungry today for a true experience with God. When we worship God, we have to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. True worship provokes people to change. That's what I want to see happen. If there is one thing I want my music to do, it is to speak LIFE not just to the lost, but also to the church body. We all have to live practical, everyday lives, taking care of our responsibilities, loving our spouses, nurturing our children, being men and women of God outside the church doors." - Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis is a humble, family man, father of four, dedicated to serving the Lord with all his heart, a choice that he made from an early age. Christopher Lewis grew up in a Christian family, in Goldsboro, North Carolina, the son of a deacon of their local church. He grew up surrounded by music. "Making music was the thing to do at our house. It was like cutting grass," Lewis explains.

His father also sang in a Gospel Quartet called The Twilight Gospel Singers. Lewis's musical gifts appeared early in his life. He started to write songs at the age of 7. Many other musical artists have inspired Christopher Lewis, to do what he does, such as Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Stevie Wonder, John P. Kee, Fred Hammond, Kurt Carr, Tonex, Commissioned, and The Winans, to just name a few.

Christopher and his wife, Leslie now lead the Arts and Worship Department at Voices of Faith Ministries in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Christopher is the worship leader and his wife, Leslie heads up the liturgical dance ministry at Voices of Faith Ministries. Christopher & Leslie Lewis reach out every Sunday with the message that people should praise and worship God in any circumstance, which includes their trials and tribulations, because the Lord is faithful, merciful, and looks out for our best interests. (Romans 8:28). We need to trust and depend on the Lord. (Romans 5:1-5).

Five years ago, Christopher and Leslie found themselves following their own Bible-based message and praised and blessed God, praying daily, during their own scary trial, when their baby daughter was fighting for her life in the hospital because she was born with a hole in her partially formed heart.

As he has told the Voices of Faith congregation many times, "God will show His Hand (his will) and His Mercy. He will then pronounce judgment over a situation." In their case, "God blessed us with a miracle." Their little daughter survived open heart surgery. As to date, she has had three open heart surgeries to help to correct her problems. Chris reflects, "Out of that experience I learned to say, 'Lord, let me trust you more.'"


LIFE offers a creative variety of 17 Gospel songs, that are musically and lyrically put together as only Lewis can do, in his own unique way and style, with elements of R& B, Hip Hop, Contemporary Gospel, Neo-soul, Urban Soul, Rap, and Traditional Gospel, all which result in "a new expression of worship." Christopher Lewis has quite a vocal range and is able to use a variety of vocal styles in his songs, depending on the genre and mood of the song, which in the end offers a CD of Gospel songs that are quite different and a joy to take in. Lewis explains, "I can't reach my kids with the same stuff that my momma used to reach me. I am preaching the same God, the same Jesus, but using different bait to catch the fish."

Because of Lewis's considerable musical gifts as a composer and performer, as well as his dependence on the Lord for inspiration, his new CD, LIFE offers the listener opportunities to "worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth." This reviewer found this CD a transcending experience, lifting my spirits up, bolstering my faith during a week when nothing was going right, encouraging my own walk with Jesus. Others have come to the same conclusion. "Long recognized for his songwriting ability, Lewis took first place honors at BMI's 2002 New Music Nights Showcase."

The first priority, however, for Chris Lewis in creating music for the glory of the Lord, is to spend time with the Lord, examine his heart attitudes and confess any sin that may get in the way of his relationship with the Lord. Throughout his life, Lewis has found that "writing a song comes easy to me when I'm in right standing. I fall short every day, but when I go to Him, and repent, it puts me inline to hear His voice."

On his debut CD, LIFE, Lewis skillfully, playfully, pours out his personal heart before the Lord. (Like Psalmist David) His unique brand of music reflects his deliberate choices to serve God and his family to the best of his ability, living a life in Christ. Lewis explains: "My music is real. It is candid, honest. It speaks to everyday people about everyday situations. Life experiences made this CD."

Christopher enjoys "lyricizing the realities of his life," such as his faith in Jesus and his deepening relationship with Him, singing praise to what the Lord personally has done for him, his family, and generally for all believers as well. Other topics he explores are Salvation, racial barriers, and temptations which exist even in the Christian music industry (LITTLE THINGS, THE GRAMMY SONG), as well as in anything that human beings endeavor to do (BEAUTY QUEEN). The temptation for self-praise, self-recognition, the lure of materialism or trying to please others instead of God can get a person off-track, becoming stumbling blocks in serving Jesus, glorifying the Lord, and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

LIFE CD: Samples of Songs

* * * + GOOD DAY - Composed / arranged by Christopher Lewis. (Psalm 118:24, Philippians 3:1)

A personal praise song, with an upbeat soulful flavor. Easy, catchy rhythm, with percussion, electric guitars, supporting the rhythm of the melody, which is carried by vocals alone. Electric keyboard plays soft chords that hold the rhythm together and lightly support the vocals. Interesting doted note, syncopated rhythms in vocals. Vocal styles change on certain words for both the main vocal and the backup singers, giving this song a contemporary, soulful Gospel personality, sure to brighten your day.

Lyrical Samples:

1) It's a good day. The devil thought I had, A reason to be mad . Looks like another good day. I think I will rejoice and be glad. (Repeat - slightly different)

2) It's been a good day, the devil thought we knew a reason to be blue, Looks like another good day, I think I will rejoice and be glad. God Almighty, I think I will rejoice and be glad.

Chorus: Rejoice! Rejoice! (Its 8 o'clock in the mornin', get my mornin' on, I thank you for another day and a new dawn'n) Blessed be the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice! I think I will rejoice and be glad. I think I'll keep smilin', keep laughin' keep dancin', (rejoice and be glad)

* * * YOU WERE THERE - Composed / arranged by Christopher Lewis. (Hebrews 13:6 & John 10:27-30) A personal testimony to God's goodness, mercy, His amazing grace and His faithfulness that Christopher has experienced.

Lewis says, " God is with us second by second, even when we mess up, even when we don't deserve His presence. He is with me from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed at night. He lives this life with me. And that is an awesome thought. We are supposed to be living life to the fullest. Jesus told us He came to give us life, and that more abundantly."

Song starts off with crisp sounds of an electrical guitar and synthesized beat establishing the tempo, while Christopher raps in time to the beat for the first few measures of the song. This simple beginning is joined by the bass, claps on the 1st and 3rd beats of the measure. Chorus: Guitars play the melody, backing up the vocals. For the rest of the verses, Guitars play an increasingly intricate rhythm support base, for each verse. Vocal styles are again interesting, especially in the back up singers. Nice combinations of main vocals and backup singers. Lyrical Samples: Beginning Rap: "Its like every where I go and everywhere I be, I got angels watching over me. I look to my left and I look to my right, They're there all day, all night."

Lyrical Samples:

2) I'm just here thinking about, when I didn't have no way to go. Crying all night long tears on my pillow. Thought about You in the good times. Thought about You when I was down. How you always kept my feet on the ground. Stepped into the Benz. Y'all turn the radio down. Didn't wanna hear a peep. Didn't wanna hear a sound. Thought about His mercy and His amazing grace. I could've been dead, Sleeping in my grave but you made ole death, You made him sit down and behave. Lord you kept me from my enemies, while I've traveled all around the world, Without my wife, three boys and my baby girl.

Chorus: Lord I thank You for everything You've done for me. Even when I didn't deserve Your goodness. Things I took for granted how You always were there. And You promised never ever to leave.

3) About five years ago, depression was taking control. Baby girl fighting for her life in the hospital. Went to the chapel, didn't go to stay long. Spirit gotta moving, and You gave me a song. Every time I turn around You keep on doing great things for me. No matter where I go, Everywhere, You're right there.

2nd Rap : State to state, city to city, we ain't goin' nowhere like Pete Ditty. From .... to the motor city, as long as we got You and some cash in the kitty,we keep it nitty gritty, we ain't got no pity for the enemy when he tries to get next to me, he's itty bitty!

The next two songs, NO COLOR, GOOD THANG are said to be done in the genre of Urban Soul Gospel, Christopher Lewis style, with "inventive beats and smooth vocal harmonies."

* * * NO COLOR - by Christopher Lewis. Nice use of synthesizer, along with plucking of electric guitar, written in a minor key. Chorus at Bridge & backup vocals on verse 2 - The ensemble of voices produces nice, modern sounding, smooth vocal harmonies, yet have elements of traditional Gospel; a fascinating combination of old and new.

A conversation between an Afro-American believer and a white nonbeliever, where the Afro-American reaches across the race barrier to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because Salvation is for all races. Christians are called to reach out to others that are put in their path by the Lord, even when it means to leave one's comfort zone, for the purpose of winning souls for Christ.

Lyrical Samples:

1) I'm not asking for a dime. I just want a few short minutes of your time. I've got a couple things I wanna say. If you listen, it's gonna make your day. If you die now, would it be okay? Is it well with your soul where you're gonna go? Or do You know?

Bridge: I know I caught you by surprise I see the look in your eyes. You say you've never been asked before from a black man at your door.

Chorus: But you're my sister and my brother, somebody's father, somebody's mother. You're my sister and my brother and Salvation ain't got no color. Lord have mercy now.

2) You say, you ain't ready and that's a fact. (Hmmm Hmmm on 4th beat of every measure) You say, you got a whole lot of living to do you ain't down with that, now But if you don't listen and listen well then the only place for you right now, is a burning hell. Life's too short to be fallen' around. But will you be ready when the trumpet sound. Bridge.

Coda: Make up your mind don't give me no excuse. I wanna know which road you gonna choose. Please don't avoid me because of the color of my face. I'm only trying to show you the right way. *

* * * GOOD THANG - A Crisp, tight, rock beat, praise urban gospel song, sure to get you dancing around the room, despite your feelings at the moment! Song has a two measure James Bond type electrical guitar intro, tight, rhythmic vocals, with smooth harmonies in a modern gospel style. Song cooks with funky rhythms electric guitar riffs, providing great support for the energetic vocals. Again, music has lots of dotted notes rhythms and syncopation.

Lyrical Sample:

1) People saying I'm crazy. People think I'm following someone who's simply make believe. I know just what you've done for me, How you come along, save my soul, took control of me. Chorus: We got a good Thang going on (3x) Ain't no doubt about it(2x).

2) People saying ain't nothing to this. Every time I keep on thinking about it. You're the only one I dream of....Lordy.. Ain't no question about the way that I'm feeling. Ain't no discussion cause I know this love is for real.

Rap: Well done by LadyKross.- Good thangs, hot wings, summer swings, great thangs. He keeps doing them. He make me new again. You feeling blue again. He comes through again. His mercy flows like a rive. I know I've been delivered. Come on let's do it. Here's Kross breaking in with my boy Chris Lewis.

* * * I FOUND LOVE - By Jay Lewis. A contemporary Worship & Praise song. A love letter to Jesus Christ. - Believers have the faithful, enduring love of Jesus Christ, that they can depend on. Living a Life in Jesus Christ means turning from known sin to follow another path, following Him.

Song is based on an interesting, simple 8th - 16th note rhythm established by single plucks of a guitar, percussion. Melody and style are rhythmic, bright, catchy yet smooth, carried just by strong vocals of Lewis and his backup singers. Modern harmonies sung in a contemporary style, adding a special musical flavor to the song.

Lyrical Samples:

1) I don't need a fake artificial, temporary yesterday love. That's why I come to You. You're the real, true, genuine, never the less one. Now that You're here in my heart, Leaving Your side I could never ever make it through. Like commission said, You're the only one and I just cannot live without You.

Chorus: I found love on a two way street. Decided to go the way of true love. Situation number nine got old but number ten was the one to follow You above. I'd be crazy if I lost Your hand of tender mercy. I'm persuaded that when I found Jesus. Whoa, I found Love.. (Whoa), Love, Love Love, (Whoa).............................

2) Now I'm giving my all to You. Not just today, tomorrow but until the end. Turning away from sin. And the things that I did just to get accepted for a friend. People call me foolish for serving a God I never ever seen, But you can go on and call me foolish...I been changed, changed, changed......

Coda: If you're looking for love, put your hands up. If you're looking for peace put your hands up. If you're looking for hope put your hands up....put your hands up, put your hands up.....

* * * COME TO ME - By Christopher Lewis. A song about a conversation that Jesus has with a believer /unbeliever who is off track (John 3:16, Matt. 12:28).

A smooth, contemporary Gospel worship song with piano, organ strings, and horns, slow rhythm-with expressive vocals, modern harmonies. Nice mixing of backup singers, main vocals, and a voice in the background, stating parts of the verse, and a Bible verse or two.

Lyrical Samples:

1) Come to me, I only wanna love you. I only wanna hold you in my arms. Remember when you loved me like you used to. Wanna let you know you're not alone. And you don't have to be afraid Oh no, Just come to me.

Chorus: If you're feeling lonely, If You're feeling weary, If you'd only trust in me, You know I'll make you happy. (I'LL BE RIGHT THERE).

* * * + NEVER - (Romans 8:38, Ephesians 3:18) - By Christopher Lewis. Explores the unconditional love of Jesus, who is having a conversation with a believer who once again has slipped, relenting to temptation or a personal weakness, temporarily turning away from Jesus. Easy, light percussion, nice piano work, acoustic guitar, flowing melody, smooth vocals, nice harmonies in the Chorus.

Lyrical Samples:

1) Who was the one that was there, when all of your friends, didn't even care about you, no.... Who was the one that understood just how you felt, And told you I've been there, even when you walked away, left me standing in the cold. I gotta say that I feel, The same way still. Thought that you would like to know I don't condone the things you've done or where you've been. I only want to forgive you from all your sins.

First Chorus: Cause you betrayed my love for you once again, and you said you'd never do it again, even though my love believe you again. I've been waiting to forgive you and if you ever need me I'll be there for you. My love is not the kind of love one can undo in the thick and thin I'll be faithful and true. I'll never stop lovin' you. I'm never ever gonna leave from your side.

* * * + + DELIVERED - by Christopher Lewis - Another personal testimony of Lewis, who is having a prayerful conversation with the Lord.

A wonderful, beautiful Praise and Worship song that would inspire any congregation of any age or denomination. This song was selected as the best new Gospel composition by BMI. Over 300 plus entries. Great contemporary Gospel, with just lovely piano work, great dynamics an uplifting melody and great expressive vocals of Christopher Lewis. Simple harmony works well.

Lyrical Samples:

1) I never knew or got a chance to meet Brother David, But I got a feeling that we've got a couple things in common and I know What I mean to say is that we've seen our separate trials, But at the end of them all we've seen total victory.

Chorus: Delivered from the silent frustration of my mind. When you broke through the shadows of the past I left behind. When the enemy came running, ranting and roaring Lord, You showed Yourself strong in the midst of it all.

Bridge: Lord I've seen so many battles in the warfare of the faith, And sometimes I feel like I'm fighting on my own. Although the devil soon reminds me of defeated times before. One defeated battle does not mean I've lost the war.

* * * COMPLETELY - (John 15: 5-8) A flowing contemporary Gospel hymn. By Christopher Lewis -A prayerful, total surrender of will to Jesus Christ.

Piano and some strings, acoustical guitar, smooth traditional and contemporary harmonies of backup singers, expressive vocals by Lewis flows like a river over the listener.

Lyrical Samples:

1) Thy word oh Lord, have I hidden down in my heart. Don't wanna do the things that will keep You and I apart. Don't even wanna say the words That You haven't spoken to me. Don't even wanna go nowhere unless You go with me.

Chorus: I wanna be Yours, Oh Lord, completely. Every thing I am, everything I've got, everything I'm not, I wanna be completely. All I wanna be is completely.

2) I'll bless Your name at all times. Your praises shall continually be in my mouth, from the rising of the sun,'til it goes back down. I'll keep on loving You, for Your name is worthy.

* * * CHRISTIAN AUTOMOBILE - By Christopher Lewis (A tribute to traditional Gospel groups, especially The Dixie Hummingbirds, and his father's Gospel quartet, The Twilight Gospel Singers). Composed and sung in an authentic, traditional Gospel tradition, with no accompaniment or percussion. Entire song has catchy, Gospel swing rhythm, melody, and harmonies carried solely by main vocalist and other quartet singers. Superbly done and a wonderful, uplifting way to end the CD.

Lyrical Samples:

Every Child, Every Child of God, Running for the Lord, Just like an automobile (3x).

Chorus: Prayer is drivin' license, Faith is the steerin' wheel.

When you get on the road to glory, Satan is gonna try to flag you down. Keep on driving if you want your starry crown.

You gotta check on your tires, You got a rough road ahead. And if you are weary from your journey, gotta put you to bed. You gotta check on your lights and see your own fault. Stop while you can see em children, Or your soul will be lost.

You gotta check on your brakes, Stop your wicked ways. Cause a man is born of a woman only for a few days. You gotta check on your generator. You need more strength and power. You can't do nothing without the man. You need Him every hour.

Christian, oh Christian, work on your starter. Start up your automobile. Put it in first gear, Go head up the hill. Drive on children. If I never see you no more. I'll meet you when I pull in on the other shore. I'm not worried about my parking space. I just wanna see, My Savior face to face.

Chorus. Amen and Thank God.

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