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About Christopher Lewis

He grew up in a loving, Christian home in Goldsboro, North Carolina, in a musical family deeply involved in both Gospel music and in serving the Lord. Being the son of a deacon of their local church gave Christopher and the other Lewis children the inspiration to also become involved in their church, mostly through the church's music program.

"Making music was the thing to do at our house. It was like cutting grass," Lewis explains. It is safe to say that the members of the Lewis household were exposed often to Gospel music. Besides being a deacon in church, Christopher's father also sang in a Gospel Quartet called The Twilight Gospel Singers, which exposed young Christopher and his siblings to traditional Gospel music.

Though Christopher Lewis loved Gospel music from an early age, he also liked to take his radio to bed with him and listened to all the popular secular music; R& B, soul, The Beatles, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, as well as Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, John P. Kee, Fred Hammond, Kurt Carr, Tonex, Commissioned and The Winans, to just name a few. These early influences became part of Christopher's musical background, melding with his Gospel music exposure, which partially explains why his music reaches across generations and denominations, bringing the message of Jesus to a wide listening audience.

Christopher Lewis makes it clear that he depends on inspiration from the Lord in composing and writing lyrics, which is why these songs are so moving and effective. Christopher feels that the songs he creates are from the Lord and need to be shared for His glory.

This inspiration to create songs for the Lord started early in his life. At the tender age of 7, Christopher Lewis was composing songs and lyrics of such quality that they made their way into the choir repertoire of his home church. When only 11 years old, Christopher and his brother, Jay, formed their own Gospel group, The Spiritual Seven, which served the Lord by performing for various events through Christopher's preteen and teen years, all the way up to his high school graduation.


Christopher continued on to earn his degree in music entertainment management at the Art Institute of Atlanta. From 1990 - 1996, Christopher formed a nine voice ensemble, New Anointing, a group which found itself in demand for concerts and events around and in Atlanta.

In 1996, Christopher Lewis performed solo, continued to write songs, which other artists performed also. Judith Christie-McAllister had huge success with Lewis' song, SING PRAISES TO THEE, making it a modern day praise standard. Christopher focussed his energies toward family life and a ministry in his church in Georgia.

During the '90's, he married the love of his life, Leslie, and they started a family, which eventually grew to 4 children. Christopher and Leslie jumped into ministry with their church at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Christopher and his wife, Leslie, led the Arts and Worship Department at Voices of Faith Ministries in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Christopher became the worship leader and his wife, Leslie led the liturgical dance ministry at Voices of Faith Ministries, which they still do today. They reached out every Sunday with the message that people should praise and worship God in any circumstance, which includes their trials and tribulations, because the Lord is faithful, merciful, and looks out for our best interests.(Romans 8:28). We need to trust and depend on the Lord. (Romans 5:1-5).

They became living examples of what they preached and believed. Both Christopher and Leslie found that their faith was greatly tested, molded and grown through the life-threatening heart problems of their daughter, who was born with a severely deformed heart and a dismal life expectancy. As he has told the Voices of Faith congregation many times, "God will show His Hand (his will) and His Mercy. He will then pronounce judgment over a situation."

In their case, "God blessed us with a miracle." Their little daughter survived open heart surgery. As to date, she has had three open heart surgeries to help to correct her problems. Christopher Lewis reflects, "Out of that experience I learned to say, 'Lord, let me trust you more. It's an indescribable feeling as a parent to be looking at your child in such a desperate condition and to be absolutely helpless to do anything for her. We talk about turning things over to God, but it's a time like that when you learn whether you really mean it or not, because turning it over to God is all you can do. It took us to a whole new level of faith."

This experience also changed their awareness of their priorities. Christopher Lewis shares, "That experience totally altered our perspective of what's really important in life, and what's not nearly as important as we once thought."

Developing a heart for sharing for what the Lord has blessed them with is a priority, whether it is a song or a learned revelation or talent or something more personal. In 2002, Christopher Lewis gave one of his kidneys to his brother Jay, who had suffered complete, unexplainable kidney failure. When Christopher found out that he genetically matched all 6 of the criteria used by doctors to find a donor, it was a confirmation from the Lord.

Christopher Lewis comments, "He's doing fine now. To see him go from being tired and bound to his dialysis machine every day of his life, to getting rid of it forever was a totally overwhelming feeling of joy."


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