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MISSION STATEMENT: Elder William Murphy's goal for this CD was to offer a collection of Gospel music, which will inspire people to worship and praise God mightily in song, offering something for everyone's musical preferences.

"Great musicians touch the hearts of men, but worshippers touch the heart of God. I would hope the two come together in what I do with a kind of power - and in a language-that anyone can relate to and be touched by, inside as well as outside the church." - William Murphy

"Don't you ever again stop your worship to sing a song!"



Through music, the human race has been praising and worshiping the Lord since Biblical times. Christian music can be a powerful vehicle to elevate the participant onto a higher plain, bringing them closer to the Lord, who adores our praise and worship, even if the person can't carry a tune. Heart attitude and effort is all that matters to the Lord!

Elder William Murphy has been prepared throughout his life to become a Minister of Worship by the Lord, despite his unplanned arrival into this world. William Murphy 111 was born in Detroit to unmarried, teen-aged parents. While raised by his mother, his father and grandfather and extended family were very close by; to love, guide and involve him in a caring church family.

"Church is what I've known all my life. My family is rich in the heritage of the Gospel, in spoken word ministry as well as music. That was the foundation I grew up on." - blackgospel.com

He grew up in his father's and grandfather's church, and sang for the first time at the age of 14, when he discovered that he too could sing, like most of his extended family. As a young man, he led the music worship in his grandfather's church while taking a 9 to 5 job in a bank, which wasn't where the Lord wanted him.

After the bank was robbed at gunpoint, William arrived at a crossroads, feeling the strong pull from the Holy Spirit to jump into being a minister of worship full time. The Lord began to open doors.

By 2001, he was chosen to be the Senior Minister of Worship at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church while in his late 20's, a position he held until 2005, when his personal ministry of visiting churches and teaching and demonstrating music worship needed more of his focus. However, Elder William Murphy is still involved with his home church, where he is the Assoc. Minister of Worship.

With the energy, focus and dedication of the Apostle Paul, Elder William Murphy, who thinks of himself as a Minister of Worship; not an artist, tours around to different churches with his own band, inspiring others to create music to feed, nurture and elevate their congregations through praise and worship to attain this higher plain of being, rising to the presence of the Lord.

Elder William Murphy, has had a few bumps in the road, which he worked through with the help of the Lord. This resulted in the spiritual growth of not only Elder William Murphy, but to the blessing of many people.

Sometime after Elder William Murphy moved his family to Atlanta, his marriage fell apart. His wife left him, and their two sons in Atlanta. Elder William Murphy, worried about loosing his commission to minister, thinking perhaps his divorce would be a disqualifier in the Lord's eyes (1 Cor.9:27). He turned to the Lord in prayer, who gave him a song, which expressed his feelings about praising the Lord, PRAISE IS WHAT I DO.

This well-known song, PRAISE IS WHAT I DO, was originally recorded as the title track on the Shekiah Glory Ministries gold CD, in 2002, and is now recorded by Elder William Murphy on this CD, The William Murphy Project: ALL DAY.

Another bump in his road had to do with his history, an emotional worry which lingered in the back of his mind. The enemy, always looking for a way to derail, brought these feelings to his thoughts. He turned to the Lord in prayer, which resulted in Murphy's emotional healing and the creation of the glorious song, CREATED TO WORSHIP.

Elder William Murphy, testified about this struggle that happened in his life on his ALL DAY CD, giving a mini-sermon of hope and encouragement, sandwiched effortlessly inbetween the CREATED TO WORSHIP cut and cut 7, entitled The Healing Worship.

Selected text: Elder William Murphy poignantly shares his personal testimony: "The Lord gave me this song a few years ago, and I don't mind telling my story. My mother was 15 years old and my father, (Bishop William Murphy Jr.) was 17 years old when I was born. You know what they call me, don't cha? They call me a mistake. They said I was illegitimate. They said I was the result of their (his parents) sin. How many of you know that God has the power to take your MESS and made it a blessing to the nations?"

"The enemy said, 'You are going through this right now, because you really aren't supposed to be here. You are a mistake! God doesn't really have a purpose for your life.'"

"I looked at the facts and I almost believed it. But then I heard the Spirit of God say the devil is a liar. How many of you know that he couldn't tell the truth even if he wanted to? The Lord made it clear to me that I was NOT a mistake and that He does have a purpose for my life. I was in the plan of God when my daddy first met my mama." (This leads into a spoken message of encouragement to unwed parents, that their babies were not a mistake.)

Elder William Murphy has continued to take hold of what the Lord has taken hold of him for, calling Elder William Murphy to be a Minister of Worship, with the goal of helping people, despite what is going on in their lives, to praise and worship the Lord; to prepare the hearts and minds of believers, through his words, his music and inspirational services which gladden the heart, feed the soul, lift the spirit and encourage praise and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus, for who He is, for His character and for what He did for us on the cross, becoming our Lord and Savior.

OVERVIEW OF The William Murphy Project: ALL DAY

Psalm 33:1,3 - Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; It is fitting for the upright to praise him. Sing to him a new song, play skillfully and shout for joy."

One of the highlights resulting from Elder William Murphy's active use of his musical and spiritual talents was the creating of this album, The William Murphy Project: ALL DAY. This moving collection of songs offers a variety of inspiring, intense, energizing praise, worship, prayer hymns and anthems which encourage the listener to enter into a true state of focusing on the Lord, guaranteed to lift the spirits, encourage the listener to praise and worship the Lord, if not to dance around the room! Traditional and Contemporary Gospel, Urban R& B Gospel, and Gospel blended with elements of Contemporary Christian and acoustic influences can all be found in one album!

The first 13 cuts on this CD were originally recorded in a combined meeting of 6 church congregations at Murphy's home church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, coming together in this group worship experience, where the choirs from all of the churches participated, as well as about 12 backup singers which stood on the stage behind Elder William Murphy and his fellow performers. I was lucky enough to receive the dvd of this effort as well, which makes one feel like part of the service, fully experiencing the power which flows through the service. Some of the vocals were done over in studio and dubbed over the original vocals because it is hard to get a clear recording in a service, which results in the listener hearing a clear version of the songs.

The first cut on this album, begins with an on-fire, declaration of the goodness of our Lord, in GOOD, which pumps the audience and the listener up with its enthusiastic vocals of all concerned, encouraging lyrical message, and driving musical accompaniment, including a cooking bass part.

The heart and meat of preparation and the deeper worship and thanksgiving music can be found in cuts 2-8, beginning with a lovely heart-felt choral introit prayer song, HEAR MY PRAYER. These songs and William's commentary all flow beautifully together, providing spiritual meat to those ready to experience more than spiritual milk offered elsewhere.

3rd cut is the encouraging, traditional Gospel anthem, BE STRONG, led poignantly by Elder William Murphy, and is complete with a reprise (4th cut), sung by Elder William Murphy's father, Bishop William Murphy Jr., with Elder William Murphy, providing back up vocals. Powerful dynamics, powerful listening experience.

5th cut is the beautiful, dynamic worship anthem, CREATED TO WORSHIP, a truly moving, dynamic heart-felt Gospel at its best.

6th cut - Elder William Murphy powerfully testifies about his own life, in a mini-sermon, aimed at people who feel inadequate to serve God, especially children of unwed parents, and unwed parents themselves.

7th cut - HEALING WORSHIP - A song of thanksgiving and intro to PRAISE IS WHAT I DO. Another mini-sermon encourages people to turn emotional scars over to the healing power of the Holy Spirit, through worship and praise.

8th cut - PRAISE IS WHAT I DO - One glorious praise anthem which is a great conclusion to this group of songs, which truly inspires the audience at this service as well as this reviewer.

9th-13th cuts are contemporary praise songs and lovely prayer hymns and worship anthems, which would be popular in any contemporary worship service; denominational or non-denominational, not just Gospel music-loving congregations.

9th and 10th cuts are definitely joy and thanksgiving songs. AWESOME is a contemporary praise rock song done Gospel style, which would do well in any contemporary worship service; denominational or non-denominational. Youth and young at heart would fall in love with this song. LET IT RISE is a moving acoustic praise - thanksgiving anthem which not only gives the opportunity to praise God in thanksgiving, but also gets the audience and the listener in the right mind to be open to the following prayer hymns, to sing unto the Lord.

11th cut - ONE PURE AND HOLY PASSION - A lovely, memorable, moving duet sung by Elder William Murphy and Lilly Wilson, which encourages us all to follow after Jesus, walking with Him in love and service. 12th cut is the powerful reprise, done in traditional Gospel style.

13th cut - IGNITE MY FIRE - Another beautiful, dynamic Gospel prayer hymn, the perfect choice to end this service, which encourages the believer to seek the Lord, asking Him to empower, fire up, encourage believers to burn for His glory to be in His will for their lives.

The last two urban R & B Gospel cuts on the CD, Title song: ALL DAY, a bright, urban Gospel cut and the acoustic R & B I DON'T KNOW WHY were performed in a studio.Both are delightful additions to this fine album, and a great introduction to folks new to the urban and R & B Gospel format.

I DON'T KNOW WHY - A song of confession and of seeking the Lord, after turning away from the Lord.

Title song: ALL DAY - A very unique prayer ballad, with a hip hop beat which explores the struggle we all can relate to; Making time to spend with the Lord, to get to know Him, develop our relationship with Him, despite distractions and the busyness we have in our lives.

WOW! What a Gospel Music album!!! It delivers a listening experience well worth wrapping one's head around, and absorbing! If you are looking for spiritual meat through music which I would describe as dynamic, heart-felt, energized Gospel, The William Murphy Project: ALL DAY would make a stellar contribution to either your personal Christian Music collection or for your church musical library. I'm blessed to have this album in mine as it truly elevates me into a state of praise and worship, despite the pressures and stress of my life!

If you want and enjoy a more in depth review, continue on to the songs, vocals and lyrics section.



Let's take a closer look at the music, vocals and messages...

The music heard in this collection of songs have several features found in Gospel music in spades that are endearing to this reviewer:

The Holy Spirit was obviously front and center, as an electricity flows through this collection of songs no matter their genre orientation or category.

Elder William Murphy is a gifted minister of worship. the best I've heard in a very long time!

He strongly feels his calling to encourage and promote a deeper form of praise and worship among people, and depends on the Lord to empower him to do so. It shows on this collection of encouraging and Spirit raising praise and worship songs.

It shows in his preaching and leading style: He is willing to share what he has learned on a personal level in order to encourage others about themselves and their abilities.

1) He can easily interchange preaching with singing and leading a song, which is evident in such examples as BE STRONG * CREATED TO WORSHIP * PRAISE IS WHAT I DO

2) For traditional Gospel enthusiasts, Elder William Murphy, his father, Bishop William Murphy Jr. and Lilly Wilson have done reprisals of some songs performed in this service, sung with feeling and spiritual emotion, which is spiritually elevating, helping to lift us into a deeper praise and worship experience.

3) He can switch from being the lead vocal performer, to a duet, to being backup vocals, and sneaking in leading and teaching, for example ONE PURE AND HOLY PASSION.

It shows in his lead vocals, his song writing and their lyrics heard on this collection of encouraging and Spirit raising praise and worship songs.

Elder William Murphy also has a wonderful voice and the talent to use it. He has a powerful, rich voice, sings in a variety of styles, fully understands how to use dynamics, in whatever octave he is singing, powered with great breath control and the Holy Spirit.

He can sing on fire traditional Gospel (GOOD * AWESOME * HEALING WORSHIP)

* Contemporary Gospel: IGNITE MY FIRE * LET IT RISE * ONE PURE AND HOLY PASSION; which has a beautiful melody, a lovely duet, poignant lyrics, all of which choke up his reviewer.

* Urban Gospel & R & B: I DON'T KNOW WHY * ALL DAY; which also has a little rap (clear and understandable!).

Elder William Murphy has put together a variety of songs which are perfect for either a personal praise / worship / confession time or for a group worship experience, because of the way they were composed and performed. The simpler praise and worship songs prove that powerful praise and worship songs don't have to be involved or have complicated lyrics, for several songs found on this CD are quite moving and help the listener to let go of their troubles of the day, focus on the Lord with thanksgiving and praise. (1 Thess: 5:16-17)

Lyrics are easy to repeat and remember, yet meaningful and to the point of the message of the song, clearly and effectively presented in song.

The melodies are varied, memorable and musically interesting. Harmonies are beautifully done. Musicians in the band were exciting to hear, especially the organist, pianist and bass player!

The presentations of the songs are especially effective, performed with umph, poignancy, offering a great variety of stellar dynamics, well-done, heartfelt vocals, sung by talented folks full of the Spirit and a heart for the Lord.


I adore Gospel choirs which can not only stay on key, sing their vocal parts (base, tenor alto and soprano) well and faithfully, following the dynamics of the music, but also perform like they truly believe what they are singing.

The choral efforts on these songs are truly inspiring to the listener and help to sweep one into the place of praise and worship, pulling the listener up to a higher level into the presence of the Lord.


Let's take a closer look at the SONGS

* * * * + GOOD - Words and Music by Jerry Leiber, Barry Mann, Mike Stoller, Cynthia Weil
Vocals: William Murphy, Jerry Leiber, Barry Mann, Mike Stoller

A great favorite of this reviewer; the perfect song to start this wonderful CD! The organ, piano and bass provide a strong, irresistible musical foundation, cooking and sizzling right along. Song is a great ice breaker for the audience, as he asks the audience to turn to each other and say, "I just stopped by Here to tell you / Our God is good." This song does a great job of getting one's mind off worldly concerns and trials by reflecting on what a wonderful Lord we have and giving praise in a dynamic way.


God has been so good to me / I praise Him / Great is the Lord Greatly to be Praised He's Great //

I just stopped by Here to tell you / Our God is good //

Oh, clap your hands, everybody shout / He is the Lord, the God who brought you out /

I just stopped by here to tell you / Our God is good //

Magnificent and Glorious / He's been good / Just lift your hands and praise him / Like you know you should//

I just stopped by here to tell you / Our God is good /

* * * * + HEAR MY PRAYER - Words and Music by William Murphy 111

A great favorite of this reviewer. A choral introit which is fully expressed by the dynamic full of the spirit choir and fueled musically by accomplished organ and piano players. A 3/4 meter composition with terrific dynamics. Begins softly, prayerfully and builds and swells Organ and piano and full sound of Gospel choir, well representing all the vocal parts (Base, tenor alto, soprano) magnificently carries the feeling and worship quality. Harmonies are modern urban, in spots, adding to the beautiful, full sound.

* * * * ++ CREATED TO WORSHIP - Words and Music by Elder William Murphy

2nd favorite song of this reviewer on this CD. Glorious piano worship song with wonderful dynamics, great contrasts in the musical composition and the vocals. The music, lead vocals by Elder William Murphy and choral vocals dynamically build into a stirring anthem. The lyrical message is a reminder to all believers that we have a purpose in this world which will glorify the Lord. It is also a personal statement of faith and revelation for Elder William Murphy.

Lyrics: "Don't you ever again stop your worship to sing a song!"

Chorus: I was created just to give you all the glory / I was created just to worship and adore Thee //

You are the son of the living God, Savior of the world //

Chorus: I was created just to give you all the glory / I was created just to worship and adore Thee //

Bridge: So I will lift my hands, spread your praise across the land / And I will lift my voice, I've been chosen to rejoice//

Chorus: I was created just to give you all the glory (I'll say what I'm here) / I was created just to worship and adore Thee //

* * * * ++ PRAISE IS WHAT I DO - Words and Music by William Murphy

Fourth favorite of this reviewer. A beautiful acoustic worship hymn, with William Murphy singing with the choir. Its amazing how he effortlessly, quickly states the phrase to be sung or sneaks in a line of preaching or leading, then sings with the choir without missing a beat! The usual great dynamics, heart-felt vocal and choral performances and memorable melody is a great encouragement for us all to praise and worship the Lord in thanksgiving despite our circumstances. (1 Thess. 5:16-17)


Praise is what I do / When I want to be close to you / I lift my hands in praise / Praise is who I am / I will praise you while I can / I'll bless you at all times//

Chorus: I vow to praise You / Through the good and the bad / I'll praise you whether happy or sad / I'll praise you in all that I go through / Because praise is what I do / ooh, ooh/ 'Cause I owe it all to You //

Praise is what I do / Even when I'm going through / I've learned to worship You / No my circumstance doesn't even stand a chance / My praise outweighs the bad //


VAMP: Praise is what I do / It's what I do //

* * * * + AWESOME - Words and Music by Devaughn Murphy & Cedric Barry

Vocals: William Murphy, Jerry Leiber, Barry Mann, Mike Stoller

A great favorite of this reviewer. A very peppy, energetic piano rock dynamic praise song with an infectious melody and irresistible, moving beat which would find a home in just about any contemporary service; denominational or non-denominational. It sure inspires a song of thanksgiving, and a joyous dance around the room. A sure hit with the young and the young at heart! Another song which does a great job of getting one's mind off worldly concerns and trials by reflecting on what a wonderful Lord we have and giving praise in a dynamic way.


You are awesome / If it wasn't for your love, Wasn't for you're your Grace / I don't know where I'd be without You / You are awesome //

* * * * LET IT RISE - Words and Music by Holland Davis (Featuring Jessie Gonzalez)

A strong favorite of this reviewer. A spirited, acoustic-based, bright and peppy, inspiring praise and worship anthem which would find a home just about any service where guitar-based anthems are welcome! Elder William Murphy sings it through once, and then invites the choir to sing the basic lyrics/ musical theme, and the worshippers in the audience as well, during the many repeats of this composition. He leads, sings lead vocal part / preaches a little in song, in between the basic lyrical part and sings as well with the choir. Begins with a simple acoustic guitar and builds in sound to the end.

Basic Lyrics:

Let the Glory of the Lord / Rise among us / Let the Glory of the Lord / Rise among us / Let the Praises of our King / Rise among us / Let it rise // Oh, let it rise //

Let the songs of the Lord / Rise among of us / Let the songs of the Lord / Rise among of us / Let the joy of our King / Rise among us / Let it rise // Oh, let it rise //

Let it rise!

* * * * + + ONE PURE AND HOLY PASSION- Words and Music by Mark Altrogge

Favorite song of this reviewer. This contemporary, acoustic-based Gospel prayer hymn has everything that a great prayer hymn has in order to make it uplifting to listen to and motivating a deeper prayer life. All in one song, there is a memorable, strong melody, heart-felt, well-written lyrics, terrific dynamics and wonderful lead vocals by Elder Williams Murphy and Ms. Wilson, who sing a duet in parts, as well as lovely choral support from the inspired choir. The arrangement of this hymn by Elder William Murphy is well put together and directed musically. As mentioned above, Elder Murphy is a vocalist who easily switches from lead vocals to singing a duet with Ms. Wilson, to support harmony with the choir as Ms. Wilson takes the lead, while interjecting preaching and leading.

The Reprise is the cherry on top, performed in the Gospel music tradition, with Ms. Wilson singing the lead vocals, with Elder William Murphy singing the backup echo, with intensity and feeling.


Give me one pure and Holy Passion / Give me one Magnificent Obsession / Give me one Glorious Ambition for my life// To know and follow hard after you, To know and follow hard after you....

To know and follow hard after you, (To know and follow hard after you), To grow up as your disciple in Your truth (To grow up as your disciple ) //

(duet) This world is empty, pale and poor / Compared to knowing You my Lord / Lead me on and I will run / Lead me on and I will run after You/ After You//

VAMP (Approximate): Lead me on and I will run after You / Lead me on and I will run after You / Lead me on and I will run after You (I decided to follow Jesus) / Lead me on and I will run after You (I decided to follow Jesus) / Lead me on and I will run after You//


* * * * + + IGNITE MY FIRE – Words and Music by Devaughn Murphy

Third favorite song of this reviewer. Wow, what a beautiful, dynamic Gospel prayer hymn! Lovely melody which begins softly and builds into a full harmony sound when choir enters, following the lead vocals, in fine Gospel tradition. Great dynamics, emotional vocal delivery by both the lead vocals by Elder William Murphy and choral voices. Composition has some effective key modulations, which add umph to the growing dynamics of all concerned. The Lyrics are moving and state perfectly our need for the Lord to keep us motivated, strong and on track.


Ignite My Fire Lord / I want to burn for you / Consume me oh Lord / As I cry out for you / / Oh Lord / Destroy Everything, that’s not like you / Oh Lord / I give my all to You (repeats many times, musically different each time.)

As I cry out for you /As I cry out for you /As I cry out for you /As I cry out for you /As I cry out for you /

This CD ends brightly with Modern urban R & R Gospel, recorded in a studio. William Murphy's vocal range is showcased in these songs. Vocals are expressive, dynamic, energetic.

* * * * + I DON'T KNOW WHY – Words and Music by William Murphy and Shannon Davis

A great favorite of this reviewer. An example of fine R & B Gospel. This prayer of confession is propelled by an acoustic guitar, an easy R & B beat, and strong rich vocals sung by Elder William Murphy in a vocal style quite different and quite interesting, perfect for this type of song. Lyrical message. William Murphy's vocal range is showcased . Vocals are expressive, dynamic, energetic. Explores the human struggle to stay connected to the Lord and our tendency to stray.


I've been hurt before (I've been hurt before), had an open door (had an open door )/ So I told myself I'd never let that happen again / Been walking 'round, self esteem is down / I let my fear shut the door to real love//

I just can't go on/ I can't live like this / I need your tender kiss of mercy and grace / so now ( I seek your face)/ don't You turn me away (don't You turn me away)/ I need to feel the safety of Your embrace//

Chorus: I don't know why I ever left your side / You promised me, you'd never, ever leave me alone / I don't know why I ever said goodbye / Please hear my cry, I won't never, ever leave You alone //

I apologize for all those silly lies / See I just really need to make up my mind / You gave a second chance and you forgave again //

* * * * The title song ALL DAY – (Words and Music by William Murphy and Shannon Davis)

A strong favorite of this reviewer. A modern urban Gospel ballad, with a cooking musical and sythns accompaniment, plus a perky hip hop beat which is expressed by guitar, light piano and synths beat. Lead vocals by William Murphy are expressive, dynamic, energetic and carry the melody. Elder William Murphy can also rap with ease, clearly and in the style required!!

Lyrical message which explores ways to spend time with the Lord, and how to depend on Him to keep us strong, giving some suggestions on how to stay connected, a great follow-up to the song, I DON'T KNOW WHY. Encourages us all to have time with the Lord by bringing Him along wherever we go, to pray to Him, share our day, thoughts and feelings and ask for His help.


CHORUS: All Day / I been walking around / I been talking with You all day / I'm determined to spend more time with You / All Day/ I been walking around with You in my soul / All Day / My time with You is gone / Make me whole //

But I got the job and I can't be late / So I'm out the door and I'm on my way / But I / I don't want to go/ 'Cuz my time with You/ helps me to grow / So can I , Take You there / Can I, Take You everywhere / Everything we'll share / I want to be with You//


No more, Lay me down to sleep / And I pray the Lord / My soul to keep / 'No more, See I'm trying to know You for myself / There are times I don't know what to say / But I keep on praying anyway / Trying to figure out what's really true / Trying to do the things that please You /

Will You, can You teach me how / Can You, Will You teach me now/ hear my heart / I want to be with You ///


Reviewed by Julie Carr for ChristianMusic.com

To listen to the songs and buy this CD, Visit Elder William Murphy's website: williammurphy3.com

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