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Christian Music Genres

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music - Uses regular wooden guitars, wooden instruments, and string instruments, with a subtle form of percussion, often the piano, to support the main melody carried by the vocals that explore the Christian faith.  The Acoustic genre is used with a variety of types of music as well.  Acoustic is often the favorite musical tool to use with ballads.
christian-music - uses a variety of elements from music genres, depending on  the makeup of the message found in the composition, and the talents of the musicians and vocalists.
christian-genres - Uses  a variety of instrumentation and meters,  that offer a strong melody and counter melody, to back up the vocals that carry the Christian message  dealing with a variety of issues, personal experiences, etc.

It bridges several genres, including acoustic, elements of rock, ballad heavy music, Gospel, easy listening, soul, R & B.

- Electronically made music with a beat for dancing, and a vocal message proclaiming Christ and Christian living. Sometimes the messages of this genre offers positive solutions to the challenging issues facing today's youth culture.
christian-genres - Can be described as being Black American evangelical music of strong feelings for God and Jesus, using a variety of instruments and a variety of tempos. Vocals are poignant, deeply felt and powerful vehicle for the message of the song

Traditional Gospel - Lead vocalist proclaims the truth, while back up singers come in at the Chorus.

Contemporary Gospel is described as being updated Traditional Gospel aimed at a younger age group used to secular beats of urban, R & B music, but offers the alternative of  concern to lead the Christian life and giving praise, worship, and thanks to God. Characteristics include: EXPRESSIVE AND DYNAMIC vocals, sometimes have smoothly paced rhythm meter, and informal language.

christian-genres - Hard Rock bands typically are made up of various electrical guitars and an inevitable strong to over powering presence of drums, relying heavily on the expressive musical and vocal skills of the band members; all which must propel with vigor the hard rock qualities and strong emotions of their compositions, which draw their listeners to Christ in a variety of lyrics.
- light, peppy, uplifting music, with a catchy melody, exploring Christian values, ways to follow Christ.
christian-music-genres - Often go together. Praise music with a memorable melody, with words that praise the Lord;  in worship. Worship songs are poignant, meaningful that inspire worship of the Lord. Choruses are easy to remember to encourage audience participation. Often used in contemporary worship services, though this form of music is found in many genres and used in a variety of services.
music-genres-christian - Uses the Punk music genre to promote Christ, despite the scorn of the secular world.  They rebel against secular norms in following Jesus.
music - Emerged from urban communities and originally was called Christian Rap. Catchy rhythm music paired with rap, that entertains and evangelizes at the same time. Often has a sung chorus done by back up singer.
christian-genres - Uses the secular Rhythm and Blues genre music with Christian lyrics that results in entertaining, uplifting, and evangelizing the listener. Lyrics promote Christian thought on any topic.
- Promotes Jesus Christ and matters of Christian faith, using the strong use of electrical guitars, drums and other elements of the rock genre.

Alternative Rock - alternative music compositions and vocals that blend a variety of musical characteristics of conventional rock with other musical elements from other musical genres.
music-christian - is Alternative hard ska rock influenced by punk ska punk, and elements of heavy metal with lyrics dealing with life in this world and the alternative, Jesus.

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