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Highland Park Community Church The Highland Park Worship Choir is the hub of our singing ministry. The choir serves as an initial entry for those desiring to serve Christ through the gift of music. During the choir season, members serve in the Sunday Morning Celebration and Saturday Evening Celebration services, as well as various special productions throughout the year including our Christmas and Easter services.

First Congregational United Church of Christ Our worship experience incorporates all of the musical gifts our congregation has to offer. With worship you may experience piano, organ, guitar, flute, recorder, tambourine, electric bass, trumpet, and many more. Music is the song of the soul and the prayer of the heart.
casper-concerts Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church As one looks back over the history of Trinity it becomes abundantly clear that the Lord has blessed the congregation with outstanding messengers of His Word. As we now look forward to the future, it is with unwavering faith and trust in God that we move on to a new era in the history of Trinity.
Casper Church of Christ If you join us we believe that you will receive a warm welcome and enjoy what you find at this congregation of God's people. We are a loving, sharing, and serving group of Christians reaching out to our local community and the world.
Restoration Church Our worship involves music, the Word, praise and both physical and vocal response. The bible is our source for pattern and principle. The glory of god is our goal. Decency and order are constant watchwords.
concerts-casper-concerts Lighthouse Baptist Church We believe Lighthouse Baptist Church is a place where you will find the love of God expressed through relevant Bible messages, Christ honoring music, and a church family that loves each other.

Casper Christian Music radio stations include ... KCSP 90.3 FM