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Austin Christian Music -
Hyde Park Baptist Church - Austin, Texas


Hyde Park Baptist Church believes the Bible is the Word of God and Jesus is Lord!

Hyde Park Baptist Church lives in faith and practice the principles of a New Testament Church. Therefore, Bible-believing evangelicals from many backgrounds feel at home, joining us for worship and ministry.

At HPBC, we believe that worship is less about the how and more about the who. That is, worship is less about musical style and more about the God that we worship. Our goal as a music ministry is not to get caught up in the style in which we worship, but instead to get caught up in the greatness of the One we worship.

The Exaltation Choir is our worship choir for the 11:00 Sunday morning service.

The Praise & Worship Team leads service for the 8:30am Chapel Service.

The Exaltation Orchestra adds their tremendous gifts to our Sunday morning 11:00 service.



Our Ralph and Bess Smith Christian Life Center is now open! This facility offers new opportunities for ministry that were never possible before at The Quarries. The Recreation Ministry hosts volleyball on Monday nights and basketball on Tuesday and Thursday nights at this facility.

Everyone will find programs that they will enjoy being a part of and will be excited to bring their friends to join in.

You can enjoy our sermons in serveral ways:

Television broadcasts – Every 11am Sunday worship service, as well as other selected worship services and major performances, are video taped. The recording is then edited in-house and shown on TV, Sundays at 7am.

Radio broadcasts – Every worship service and major performances are recorded. Each 11am service is broadcast on the radio, Sundays at 11am. Sermon audio is placed on the our web site.

CD, tape, and DVD reproduction – Each Sunday, many CDs and tapes of the 8:30am service are made available to the congregation to take home. Major services and performances are also made available on DVD.

Visit Hyde Park Baptist Church's website. Whatever you're looking for today, whether it's spiritual help, online sermons, general information, or specific age groups, you'll find that and more.


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