Erie Christian Music -

Erie Christian Music -
Hope Baptist Church - Erie, Pennsylvania


The church we see is you, it’s me, it’s us together continuing the work that Jesus began (Jn. 14:12). It’s an amazing, contemporary version of the Acts 2 church.

In essence, our vision is to see multiplied hundreds of people coming to Christ and growing in Him on a large, inviting campus and in homes so that Erie is aware that God is alive in our church.


The story of our lives is written one day at a time. The same is true of our spiritual journey – faith is worked out in the moments. Worship is, simply put, honoring God. We do this at Grace through music, dance, drama, visual art, studying the Word, giving of our time and gifts, and the sharing of our lives with one another.

Our services:

5:30 Saturday service— this service is contemporary in nature and employs a full worship band (drums, bass, guitars, keys, etc.). The music varies from southern rock to modern British rock, country and even occasionally Latin.

9:30 Sunday service— this is our classic or traditional service. The music is largely piano based, and can include organ, acoustic guitar and a range of classical instruments as accompaniment instruments. We have a vocal ensemble and a choir, who each lead worship and share special music once a month.

11:00 Sunday service— This service is our Sunday contemporary service and features a variety of contemporary musicians. Instruments include drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, keys, percussion, and occasionally brass or woodwind instruments. The music ranges in style, but tends to focus on modern and up to date musical trends. We strive to balance the cutting edge of modern worship with updates of classic hymns and songs. Once a month we include a worship choir to help to lead worship as well.



It is our pleasure to partner with you by providing on-line resources. You can read or hear a weekend message and share it with a friend. Do you want to invite someone with you to a service or event? Send them an e-vite. You can also pick up last week’s bulletin or last month’s newsletter online. These and many other resources are available for your download through our web site.

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