Columbus Christian Music -

Columbus Christian Music -
Saint Mary's Catholic Church - Columbus, Ohio

Our Mission Statement
"St. Mary's purpose and mission is centered in Christ and the Eucharist. We seek to be of one mind and heart with the Church by loving God with all our heart, all our mind, all our strength, all our soul; and by loving our neighbor as ourselves."

Our Music Ministry
Choir (9:00 a.m.) - As a group we strive to provide leadership that will encourage full participation of the assembly in sung worship.

Choir (11:30 a.m.) - This group is made up of teens and adults that offer a contemporary praise and worship service by using singers, and instrumentalists i.e. guitars, flute, cello, and piano.

Our Schuelke Organ
In 1901, organ maker William Schuelke and his workers completed installation of the magnificent St. Mary pipe organ. At the time, his advertising gave a "sure guarantee for the utmost in perfect functioning of the most solid system ever created." Shuelke received $5,000 and the old organ as a trade-in.

Like the Energizer Bunny, that organ has kept going and going over the many years, serving as a musical treasure for St. Mary parishioners.

To be sure, repairs have been necessary over the years. In the early 1970s, full replacement was considered, but a price of $114,000 was beyond the means of the parish at that time, and repairs took more than a year to complete.
In the year 2000, the organ again underwent a major refurbishment, with work being done by the John W. Muller Company

The organ consists of four major sections. The "swell" organ produces a softer volume from the upper keyboard, mainly used to accompany the choir. The "great" organ produces the loud volume for congregational hymns. The "pedal" organ produces heavy bass sounds from the foot pedals.

The last refurbishment included a complete replacement of the existing console with a new state-of-the-art solid-state electronic switching for on-off control of the sound pipes. Also, the keyboard console was mounted on castors and equipped with a 15-foot umbilical cord to allow positioning for the console to suit various presentation situations.

The organ uses 2,318 separate pipes, all located on the second and third levels of the organ and ranging from the visible large 16' outside pipes down to hidden tiny 3/8" inside pipes.

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