Bowling Green Christian Music
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Bowling Green Christian Music -


Oxford United Methodist Church The Oxford United Methodist Church offers a variety of worship music for people of all ages and experience levels. The Oxford United Methodist Church has had wonderful children's choirs and bell choirs in years past. The church would like to see these ministries thrive again and is looking for enthusiastic people who feel called to serve God in this way.


Hillvue Heights Church We exist to connect people to a relationship with Jesus through the cross and resurrection, community of faith, and the truth of Jesus that sets us free. these connections lead us to experience healing and develop into players in God's mission.

Bowling Green Christian Church We believe that it is our job, calling and privilege to be the accompanists to the worship choir, that is, to the church. We try to play and sing in such a manner that both leads and gets out of the way of the worshipper. And although the quality of the music is extremely important to us, we are equally concerned with becoming the kinds of people whose lives bring worship to God.
The Presbyterian Church of Bowling GreenA special quality of this church is the belief that our loving God has gathered us "in the bond of peace". In a world where there is so much that divides people, here the reconciling Spirit of Christ draws us together. As you sense Christ's call, we welcome you and we want you to feel included.