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Songs on this album were written with those in mind for "whom faith has not been a simple journey."

Sarah Hart: "Actually, this CD is kind-of a 'scrapbook' for my own family. I hope that others, especially young moms and girls, can relate to it and find something of themselves in the songs. I find more often than not, that what I think is my own personal journey of faith is parallel to someone else's."

An important truth to remember: Romans 8:28 - And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


Sarah Hart loves the Lord, loves her husband, and loves her daughters, and it shines on through on her music which truly is a gift of encouragement in their faith walk as it is for the listener. Her newest collection of songs, entitled INTO THESE ROOMS, which truly is a scrapbook of a faith journey for not only her own family, but also for the listener, will encourage one's own faith growth, and desire to know the Lord in a personal way.

The lyrical messages of her songs are based on what Sarah herself has learned and experienced in her own faith journey about having and developing faith in the Lord, which also effects how fast a personal relationship one can have with Him can evolve. (Romans 15:13)

The messages of the songs offer hope and point to various aspects of developing faith and a life strategy toward facing bumps in the road, reminding the listener that we have a loving and faithful Lord to depend on, so we shouldn't be discouraged but step out in our faith, knowing that the Lord can work all things to the advantage of those who love him.

The lyrical messages of Sarah's songs are delightfully presented using her unique blend of acoustic, folk, contemporary, and some rock/pop elements found in this collection of songs. The listener experiences an interesting variety of ballads, praise and worship anthems, and prayer hymns, each with well thought out musical accompaniment, written in both major and minor keys, which always expresses so well the mood and style of the song in question. Sometimes a delicate blend of inner voices which offers a subtle yet effective musical support to the main melodies or counter melodies which add sparkle to one's enjoyment of the song.

Sometimes the musical accompaniment is bolder and flowing but never overpowering the main airy, expressive vocals of Sarah and harmony parts which always sit nicely on top of the acoustical ensemble accompaniments of the songs. The musical dynamics are most effective in both the compositions and in vocals performed by Sarah and friends.

I'm not the only one who loves this CD! Sarah Hart earned 4 Unity Awards: Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year, and Producer of the Year.

Sarah Hart and Jeff Thomas produced this fine collection of songs, and Kevin Walsh was the executive producer. Having a lot of artistic control over a musical project allowed Sarah and Jeff creative license to offer the listener a wonderful, uplifting listening experience which takes full advantage of the musical gifts of the artists involved; Sarah Hart (vocals and piano), Jeff Thomas and some of their friends, including guitar legend Phil Keaggy, who played both acoustic and electric guitar on the song, HILLSIDE, and Curtis Stephan who sang a duet with Sarah on BE WITH ME LORD, and also helped with some background vocals. Tanya Godsey also contributed background vocals.

Other studio musicians who added their musical talents to this acoustical ensemble pop sound include:
Scott Dent (acoustic guitar), Jeff Roach (keyboards), Jerry McPherson (electric guitar)
Mark Hill (bass), Ken Lewis (percussion), Tammy Rogers (Fiddle), John Catchings (cello)
Dave Cleveland (acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin), David Davidson (viola, violin).

Sarah Hart and Jeff Thomas used real studio musicians instead of synthesized counterparts, which makes all the difference in the quality of musical sound found in the compositions, adding a beauty and musical enjoyment to the acoustical ensemble which adds so much to acoustical genre and specifically to this CD.

This CD is a MUST for anyone's Christian music collection. For there is something for everyone to relate to, whether its the thought-provoking, faith inspiring, hopeful lyrics from a well-read, poet-inspired Sarah, or the moving, musically interesting, well produced compositions which support the songs' messages and lovely vocals so perfectly. It is salve for the soul - perfect to uplift a person after a stressful day of life, reminding the listener the hope we have when we have faith and trust the Lord.



Sarah Hart

About Your music... How would you describe it?

Sarah shares, "Acoustic / pop; hopeful! Written with those in mind for whom faith has not been a simple journey; songs about the beauty of this world fused with the next."

She artfully uses the lyrical forms of folk ballads, psalms, poetry with just the right compositions with elements of acoustic ensemble contemporary pop, and even a touch of Celtic sounding melody in some songs, to create her own style of well-composed, well played songs which are delightful to listen to in their uniqueness, and bring a hopeful peace and joy to the soul. has to know: How do you compose your songs? Do you compose from a keyboard, or guitar?

Sarah comments, "It's always so different! Sometimes I write when I'm alone, sometimes on an airplane, sometimes in a room with a co-writer, in my car, sitting down at a really nice piano, and even while shopping for diapers and laundry detergent. It's never the same thing twice."

Are your songs based on what you have learned spiritually, or life experience or leadings of the Holy Spirit? OR How were you inspired to create your music?

Sarah explains, "I think, if you are a person of faith, you can not help but write from a spiritual perspective, whether you are writing about God or writing about the New York subway system. Belief in God has a way of making itself evident. I am a HUGE believer in doing our best to emulate Creator God; working to offer our best, and not something second rate. So I agonize over lyrics and music both. Probably too much!"

Sarah's favorite songs...

Her favorite songs on the CD were inspired / written for her little angels, Celia and Evie.

Sarah shares, "My favorites songs are two I wrote for my girls; (FOR A LITTLE WHILE and MY EVENING PRAYER). They (her daughters) just mean so much to me, and I am grateful to be able to give them something special and different for posterity. Cause I'm a lousy scrapbooker!!"

BRAVE NEW WORLD is also one of Sarah's favorites. It was inspired by her young daughters, with the theme of stepping out bravely in faith. Lifetime Television's hit TV show, "Strong Medicine"used this song in episode 11, called "Broken Hearts," (season 6).


Sarah Hart does a great job covering important spiritual truths to help the listener as well as her family to live by, during the sunny days and the storms which we all experience during our life times, revolving around having faith that the Lord will help us through anything we experience, for our good.

Need to step out in our Faith with Courage, even when we've been hurt - We can turn to the Lord and rely on Him for strength, discernment and healing so we can persevere and evolve.


Words like love don't always express the depth of our feelings for loved ones, but actions do.


The Lord is faithful and is with us in all our times of challenge and trouble: We can ask Him for help.


Children are a blessing from the Lord, temporarily in our care.


Jesus was our sin offering and is our Lord and Savior who loves us: We need to thank Him and be grateful.


When we belong to Jesus, we can have an inner joy and peace no matter our circumstances, and can look forward to eternal life with the Lord, free of earthly troubles as we experience joy and peace in His presence.


INTO THESE ROOMS Songs: Individual Commentary and Review

* * * + + DOOR SWING WIDE - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

2nd favorite song of this reviewer! Peppy, acoustic Christian pop ballad with effective dynamics which has a infectious, joyous melody, a light pop beat, supported by bass guitar, easy drums, and piano work. This musical ensemble provides an interesting counter-melodies which work well with the guitar accompaniment, which has a duel purpose: supporting both the melody and piano counter melody. This nice arrangement of inner voices with soft underlying of a base electric guitar as a base support, creates a delightful musical vehicle for the bright vocals and clever lyrical metaphor; describing a person as a house built by the Lord.

Love the short key modulation segue from the chorus to the Hook.

Reviewer's comment: When hurt by life, it is easy to hide within oneself - afraid to try again. We need to depend on the Lord and step out in faith, be open to new experiences and new relationships. Sometimes we need God's help to do so.

Scriptural References: (Proverbs 3:5-6, John 8:12)

Lyrics: Love built this house long ago / Gave it a beauty all its own / And it was warm and free and welcoming / But I learned to hide amid the rooms / Till slowly it became the tomb / Where I have shut away the light of day./

Bridge 1: Now I'm longing to be known / Will you come and move this stone.

Chorus: Let the door swing wide and the walls come down / Don't let me hide where I'll never be found / I have been so blind, but I want to see / Call the darkness out let the sun come in / Breath life into these rooms again / And I'll let / the door swing wide.

Each storm that came, I lost heart. Traded the welcome mat for iron bars / Pretended I was not falling apart / Who did I think I would fool? / How could I ever hide from You / For this is Your home, too, and so You know./

Bridge 2: That what's out there is my worst fear / But I'm tired of the view from here.


Hook: And it may take a mighty blow / To free me from what binds me so / I don't mind, cause it's time / I just wanna see the light.


* * * + WITH ONLY LOVE - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

(Written for Sarah's husband) - An acoustic pop easy beat ballad which explores the problem of saying words to express deep feelings for a loved one. Nice blend of piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass, organ and drums adding so much to the melody and spirit of the song. Lovely back-up vocal ensemble. Sarah's vocals are dynamic and sweetly sit on top of the composition.

Sarah Comments: "When I came up with this song for my husband, I was running for an airplane. As soon as I got there I sat down and thought about how it had been one of those nutty mornings. My husband had rushed to drop me off at the airport, while the kids were still in their PJ's. I thought about how I just kissed him quickly and said "I love you. Bye!" I realized that was SO lousy! "Love just can't cut what you really want to say to someone. It's just not a good enough word for the things we feel for one another."

Scriptural References: (Cor. 13)


I know I don't really say it enough / But I never liked to say the word, "love" / Not that I'm afraid./ Or that it's something I just can't say /It falls short...

This word that I have heard since before I could speak / It seems to mean about a hundred million things /Not that it's not nice /But I've been trying a real long time/ To mean more..

Chorus: But I can't say what I want / There is not a revelation for my heart / To make clear what I dearly long to say / With only "love".

So to take you as my example / You're in my skin, this very heart and soul / Deep calling to deep / Keeper of my brightest dreams / I am yours...


Tag: "I love you" sounds so small / It isn't what I want to say at all. Yeah, yeah yeah.



Melodious heartfelt prayer hymn, with great dynamics. Begins softly with acoustic accompaniment, light bass support which helps establish the rhythm, reinforced by light percussion. As dynamics swell, string ensemble join the lovely melody support and counter-melody resulting in a heavenly sound, the perfect vehicle for this heartfelt contemporary prayer hymn.

Features a lovely, poignant duet; Sarah and Curtis Stephan.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 91)


Refrain: Be with me Lord, when I am in trouble / Be with me Lord, be with me / Be with me Lord, when I am in trouble / Be with me Lord, be with me./

You who rest in the shadow of the Lord / And abide in his presence of God / Say with your heart, "My shelter and strength, My God, in You I trust."

Evil will not fall upon you / No affliction will find your door / For the angels have been sent to protect you / To guard you in all your ways.

Call and I will answer, says the Lord / Trust and know I am here / Cling to me with your life / There is nothing you shall fear.

* * * + FOR A LITTLE WHILE - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

Lovely piano ballad with delicate support and a string ensemble, with great dynamics in both Sarah's soaring, airy vocals and musical accompaniment. Poignant lyrics remind parents to take joy in moments with their children, as they are blessings from God, which grow up before one realizes it. The usual great dynamics are present in both the quiet to soaring vocals and the musical composition.

( Inspired by daughter, Evie)

Sarah Comments: "For Evie's song, I came home from the studio late one night, just in time to rock her to sleep and give her a bottle. My heart broke, thinking that I'd missed a whole day with her. I started writing, FOR A LITTLE WHILE, right there, finished the lyrics the next night and cried for two days straight."

Scriptural References: (Psalm 127:3-4, 1 John 4:19, 2nd Cor. 1:3-4, Romans 5:8)


Her eyes will see a million wonders I cannot imagine / But here and now, I only want them to look into mine / I have no words, no song to sing that could do justice to her / Wishing this sacred night could freeze in time / Just so I could hold the world / And I could be her world for a little while.

I know her heart will find the joy of love, the sting of breaking./ And in this stillness in its keeping, perfect time with mine./ I pray that somehow she would never see the face of sorrow / Knowing someday she will / but not tonight / Not when I can hold the world/ And I can be her world for a little while.

I admit that I never understood the love of God for me./ Confessing I had hoped for it, but never quite believed./ And in this tiny life came all the revelation that I need / I never knew His love, until I knew this love.

My arms are strong, but they don't have the strength to let her go yet./ A few more minutes, one more whisper, one last quiet kiss./ I lay her down, I take a photograph inside my head / One day I'll struggle to remember this. / There is just so little time. Just too little of this life.

* * * + + SO WE WILL WORSHIP - Music and Words by Sarah Hart.

A praise and worship song which has everything which makes it a great choice for any contemporary service. An inspired blend of piano, guitar, easy drum beat, upbeat rhythm and bit or organ as well, which all comes together to create a memorable melody, to support the meaningful lyrics, expressed so well by Sarah's heartening vocals. Chorus is easy to remember, which would encourage audience participation.

Scriptural References: (Ephesians 2: 4-9, 1 John 4:19 & John 3:16)

Favorite praise and worship song of this reviewer!


Nothing we could ever do could save us / Anything we try to prove won't change us / For by grace and grace alone / You made us yours, O Lord.

Chorus: So we will worship / So we will praise you / So we will bow down / So we will shout it loud / We have been chosen / For you have spoken / Nothing could change it / So we will worship.

We could never say enough to thank you / We could never give enough to repay you / For you sent your only Son / To die for us, for love.

What else can we do / But sing our praise to you / Fall upon our knees / Before the Lord of everything / You, our strength and song / You the Holy One.


* * * + + HIS NAME IS JOSEPH - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

(Dedicated to Sarah's Papa (grandfather) and for great step-dads everywhere).

Fourth favorite song of this reviewer. An attractive, dynamically sensitive ballad depicting Mary's thoughts and feelings the morning after the angel visits her, as she shares them with the Lord in a prayer.

A song perfect for Christmas! First verse begins softly with just vocals and a simple, soft piano accompaniment, in sort of a duet. Second verse has a wonderful delicate blend of piano, guitar and some strings join in this inner voice ensemble which floats and flows along nicely with the smooth airy vocals. Sound builds to the chorus. Light Drums enter during the 3rd verse, and instrumentation goes up a notch in volume and notation.

Sarah excels in performing the heartfelt vocals, as her wonderful, voice expresses the happy yet concerned thoughts of a young women who willingly accepts this awesome assignment, but petitions the Lord to get Joseph on board as well, if it is the Lord 's will.

Scriptural References: (Luke 1:26-38, Matt. 1:18-21)


This new morning seems so strange / Beautiful, but not the same / Last night the angel came to speak / And today there is new life within me.

I admit that I'm scared / I was really not prepared / But let the world think what they will / for today your promise is fulfilled.

I will not worry for the whispers that will surely surround me / But I ask your reassurance for the love that found me.

Chorus: His name is Joseph, he is a carpenter / I believe our hearts are destined for each other / And when you find him, please tell him gently / This is something I can't think he'll understand / Oh, send Your angels to sing to him / His name is Joseph.

So You have chosen this for me? / I accept it willingly / But as for him, I cannot tell / I can only pray you've chosen him as well.

It is one thing for me to walk into this glorious unknown / But another Lord to think that I must do it alone / If he goes, life will not end / but I could truly use a friend.


His name is Joseph ( interlude) His name is Joseph ( closing interlude).

* * * + + THE HILLSIDE - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

Favorite song of this reviewer. Written in a minor key, this memorable 3/4 meter psalm-like anthem flows over the listener in a most delightful way. Features lovely, expressive, broken chordal support by excellent guitarist Phil Keaggy, swirling, soft synth & strings providing chordal support and counter -melody, a hauntingly beautiful melody with effective intervals and poignant, airy heartfelt vocals by Sarah; which musically all soars together, reminding this reviewer of a Celtic ballad - Simply a brilliant musical vehicle to showcase the meaningful lyrics, which brings the message of comfort and hope we have in Jesus Christ, now and eternally.

Scriptural References: (2nd Cor. 5:1-2, 7 & 16-18, Romans 5:1-5, Rev. 21)


O my soul, weary and restless / For so long, far too long / O my voice, lost to the wilderness / With no song, far too long / Here in the shadows / We must stay/ Walk the gray road / This brutal terrain / Until the wind blows and sings / Until the sacred light brings us.

Chorus: Home to the Hillside / The river, the sparrow-song / Sunrise in hues of our wildest imagining / Home to the valley / The new rain, the lilies / The brightest horizon we ever will see.

Now O my feet you must carry me/ O'er this road these cruel stones / heart of mine, break not for what you see / but be moved, moved to love.

Here in this barrenness / We survive / This fearful land / These terrible times / Until the clouds roll away / Until that beautiful day, dream us.

Chorus: Home to the Hillside / The river, the sparrow-song / Sunrise in hues of our wildest imagining / Home to the valley / The new rain, the lilies / The brightest horizon we ever will see.

Hook: Hope of me bloom now / Among these thorns / Reach with your dying breath / To the sun / Soon ends the bleakness of night / Soon you shall rise up and fly.

* * * + + BRAVE NEW WORLD - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

A spirited, joyous acoustic contemporary song which sparkles in both the vocals and composition. An inspiring guitar ensemble, with a touch of sythns, and perhaps a bass which cooks along, supporting the spirit of the fine lead vocals and back-up vocals in chorus.

Scriptural References: (Joshua 1:9, Hebrews 6:10-12 & 11:1, Phil. 3:13-14, 2nd Cor. 5:16-18)

Sarah comments on her CD cover: Dedicated to the Hart women who made me strong, and to my sister Jess, who applied the Teflon coating.

This song is one of Sarah's favorites. It was inspired by her young daughters, with the theme of stepping out bravely in faith. Lifetime Television's hit TV show, "Strong Medicine"used this song in episode 11, called "Broken Hearts," (season 6).


I had that dream again last night / The one where I am flying / Through a hazy, peaceful blue / Everything seems nice / All the world is right / Till I open my eyes.

To the stinging alarm / And the chip on my shoulder / One more day to live and breathe / To get a little bit older, uh-huh / But a little bolder.

Chorus: Cause every day is a brave new world/ Gotta have faith, gotta be courageous / Every day is a brave new world / Where I must go.

So I'll breathe in deep again / And put on the colored glasses / I have no idea what I'm doing, Lord / But I can't afford to give up now (when).

Tag: Maybe the red shoes didn't fit /And I'm still stuck in Kansas / But it's beautiful So beautiful here....anyway (where)

* * * + LOVE THAT IS YOU - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

Another, lovely dynamic prayer and petition hymn, written in a minor key with a catchy melody - Nice build up to the chorus. Begins with a lovely intro of broken chord melody played with piano and strings, light drums, and light touches of acoustic & electric guitar and perhaps some keyboards as well.

Scriptural References: (Romans 5:8 and 8:35-38, 1 Cor.6:19-20)


Your love is a mystery / Complicated by my own self-hatred and / I want so much to see / What you do..what you do.. / Your love is unquestioning / Never done in by my own shortcomings and / I want just to believe.//

That it's true...that it's you / Come and reveal it / Lord, let me feel this.

Chorus: Love that is you / Love that is you./

The cross should have been enough / but the sad condition of the days I live in is / In my distractions I / forget to remember You / Break me and free me / Lord let me see this.

/ Love that is You / Love that is You.

Bridge: Love that has no expectations / Void of selfish intimations / Moving with a gentle patience / I am not worthy of.../ I am not worthy of ...this LOVE.

Love that is you / Love that is you. Oh this Love that is you / Love that is you./

* * * + + GO IN PEACE - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

(To the funeral choir of St. Mary's Church, Lancaster, OH).

3rd favorite song of this reviewer. A lovely poignant hymn of hope sure to comfort anyone who has had a loved one pass on, going to their eternal home. Reminds the listener that believers have eternal life with the Lord to look forward to, and paints a lovely picture of being welcomed into heaven by the Lord himself.

Composition begins with lovely duet of piano and guitar to carry and support the melody, giving the sweet vocals fine support as well as setting the peaceful, comforting mood as well. Dynamics build nicely, light support of strings adds body in parts of composition.

Scriptural References: (John 6:48, Rev. 21, Romans 6:33, 1 Cor. 15:42-44, 51-57, Phil. 3:21)


There will be no more darkness / There is no more night, no more night / There will be no more sadness / Only joy and light, joy and light / Lift your eyes beyond the hills / And see the dawn / There is beautiful mercy / In the arms of the Holy One.

Refrain: Go in peace, God be with you, Go in peace, be at rest / With the saints and the angels / Now you are free / Go in peace.

See, the Father is waiting / With a robe of white, purest white / Go and feast at his table / With the bread of life, bread of life / Lift your heart, rejoice and sing/ For you are home / Home at last and forever / In the arms of the Holy One.

Refrain: Go in peace, God be with you, Go in peace, be at rest / With the saints and the angels / Now you are free / Go in peace. Repeat

Tag: Now you are free / Go in peace / Go in peace.

* * * LOOK UP - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

( For Celia) - Peppy contemporary Christian pop song of hope, pointing to the Lord as the source of strength, encouragement, love, and forgiveness, when we look up to Him. Nice harmonies, strong vocals, and an energetic musical accompaniment played with again effective dynamics sure to get the listener out of any dour mood into a more positive frame of mind!

Scriptural References: (Hebrew 6:19-20, Matt 11: 28-30, 1 Peter 5:7, Ephesians 3:16-18)


If your eyes only envision only sadness / If your ears can only hear the madness / If you are down so low, you go no further to go / Look up.

If your heart's a prisoner to frailty / If you long to speak your truth and come clean / Think you're on your own and you just want to be known / Look up.

Chorus: Rest assured that a brighter day is coming / And a dawn like nothing else you have ever seen / Set your gaze up and over the horizon / to a new life rising, yeah, yeah.

Oh let not your burdens and tempations / Keep your soul from reconciliation / Everyone falls down, but the lost have been found / Look up.

Chorus: Rest assured that a brighter day is coming / And a dawn like nothing else you have ever seen / Set your gaze up and over the horizon / to a new life rising, yeah, yeah.

Tag: It's a beautiful sunrise / It's an unbelievable life / It's a beautiful sunrise / Open your eyes... open your eyes / look up.

Chorus: Rest assured that a brighter day is coming / And a dawn like nothing else you have ever seen / Set your gaze up and over the horizon / to a new life rising, yeah, yeah.

* * * + + HOLY GOD, WE PRAISE THY NAME - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.

A glorious praise anthem written in a 3/4 meter which flows along in a swift tempo, supported by some very fine, driving piano work, strong percussion. Has a lot of interesting inner voices and counter-melodies, strong, expressive lead vocals, and very nice back up harmonic vocals. Also features an irrisistable melody which will draw the listener into singing along, forgetting any current troubles or annoyances. A great song to follow LOOK UP, the song listed above.

Scriptural References: (Rev. 4:8,11 & Psalm 9:1-2, 1 Thess. 5:16-18)


Holy God, we praise Thy name / Lord of all, we bow before Thee / All on the earth Thy rule acclaim / All in heaven above adore Thee / Infinite, Thy vast domain / Everlasting is Thy reign / Infinite, Thy vast domain / Everlasting is Thy reign.

Hark! The loud celestial hymn / Angel choirs above are raising / Cherubim and seraphim / In unceasing chorus praising / Fill the heavens with sweet accord / Holy, holy, holy Lord / Fill the heavens with sweet accord / Holy, holy, holy Lord.

Holy Father, Holy Son / Holy Spirit, Three we name Thee / While in essence only One / Undivided God we claim Thee / And adoring bend the knee / While we own the mystery / And adoring bend the knee / While we own the mystery.

* * * + + MY EVENING PRAYER - Words and Music by Sarah Hart.
(for my Adelaide)

A lovely, inspiring prayer hymn written in 3/4 meter that ends the CD on a uplifting note! Loved the beautiful melody carried forth by an inspired mix of piano, guitar, and strings, perfectly composed for the meaningful, moving lyrics sung so well by Sarah originally for her daughter, and now for the listener!

Sarah Comments: "For Addie, she was always my 'restless sleeper.' EVENING PRAYER was my plea for her little heart, that she would know God's peace through those difficult nights, and in waking see him in her everything. Now, she sleeps like a rock!"

Scriptural References: (Romans 12:2 & 15:13, Philip 4:4-8)


God, be in my head / And in my understanding / Be my every thought / And be my evening prayer / In the darkness alone with the moon and her stars / Let me know that you are / Here, be in my head / God be my everything.

God be in my heart / As I lay deep in slumber / Let the shadows depart / And sweetest dreams be mine / Send the angels to breathe heaven's peace into me / Thought the night, Father be/ Here, be in my heart / God fill my every dream.

God be in my eyes / When I awake to morning / And be first in my sight / All that I long to see / Seeking out only that which is lovely and true / All the beauty of you / Here, be in my eyes / And in my head / And in my heart / God, be my understanding.

Reviewed by Julie Carr for

Hart's Saintsong Review * * *