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Sarah Hart has used her musical gifts in serving Jesus Christ in a variety of ways, bringing the Good News to many people through several avenues.

* She has been a staff songwriter for major Christian publishers, lending her songwriting talents to others who are also in a music ministry / or has been called to be a musician for the Lord.

* Sarah has been an award winning record producer, creating music which has uplifted and encouraged many people.

* She founded an all-women singing group, Daughters of God, a Christian outreach group who has gone on tour and played for local churches and events as well.

* Sarah Hart has gone on tour as a solo act, and with such artists as Wes King, Scott Krippayne, Kathy Troccoli and Phillips, Craig & Dean, and with the Daughters of God.

* She has sung in front of thousands of young people at various National Catholic Youth and Young Adult Conventions as well as several gatherings of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

* She has married the love of her life, Kevin and together they were blessed with two little girls. The Lord has used her family to inspire Sarah to create lyrics and songs to encourage them in their faith walk as well as her listening audience.

Despite her busy schedule and family life, Sarah Hart graciously took part in an interview via e-mail with, which gives us and our web-site visitors a closer look into Sarah Hart's life and her music, showing once again how the Lord fosters faith and guides us along the path which leads to what He has planned for us, despite the circumstances or losses of our life.

Sarah Hart
sarah_hart_interview asked Sarah Hart about her early life and growing up years...

Despite the pain of growing up without knowing her father, Sarah was blessed with a loving extended family complete with grandparents and a great grandmother, to encourage her, fill part of her emotional needs, help her grow as a human being, and planted seeds of faith and encouragement to be a believer in Jesus Christ.

"I grew up in Lancaster, Ohio (central Ohio). My childhood was honestly pretty charmed. I lived with my mom, sister, grandparents and great grandmother. It was incredible. The house was always so full of love. I went to Catholic schools 12 years, and am a graduate of Ohio State." Did you grow up in the Christian church or did you find the Lord later?

Sarah Hart and her sister were raised in the Catholic church, taking part in the activities and worship services of her church family. The college years, however, are often a time period when young people temporarily forget God, who thankfully doesn't forget them (John 10: 27-30), and offers ways for these believers who are temporarily off the reservation to find their way back to Himself. Our Lord is patient, merciful and loving, and uses his Holy Spirit to lead people back to faith and a church family which supports their spiritual walk with Himself.

Sarah shares, "I grew up loving Jesus and church, in that very childlike and honest way. I left church and all things religious when I went to college. I came back about 5 years later. The best way I can describe that experience was that I finally found "Father God" and a faith that was my own."

Sarah is a graduate of Ohio State where she earned her music degree in music theory, which explains the high quality of her musical compositions, as she effectively knows how to express her musical thoughts in her songs and also knows what musical voice would sound better playing each part in a song's composition.

After graduating from college, Sarah heard the Lord's call to be a musician.

Sarah explains about her calling in an article written by Karly Randolph, in CCM Magazine.
"A lot of people expect you to minister. God has not called me to be a preacher. I know that, and I can say with my whole heart. God has called me to be a musician. My music is about life, and its about God in life and the day-to-day things we have to deal with."

Sarah moved to Nashville to strive and work for a career in Christian music, with no job, no money, no place to live, and no contacts. No wonder her mother wasn't a happy camper about Sarah's decision.

However, Sarah Hart did have the most important contact and source of support; the Lord, who had called her down this path in the first place. Acting on her faith in the Lord and the strength and development of her musical gifts, she did find a place to live, jobs as a studio musician, a songwriter, and singer, which led to more opportunities to perform, money to live on, and the all important human contacts, which led to her making her first CD, GOODBYE JANE, released by a New York label, Sovereignty International.

Early training?

Sarah's musical gifts surfaced early in her life, and she was given opportunities and encouragement to develop them. Both her mother and father were professional musicians, and musical training was made available.

"Musically, I started out singing from the time I can remember. I played piano and organ for fun, and then started flute lessons in the fourth grade. I tried piano lessons...with several different teachers...but was a lousy student!"

Sometime along the way she also picked up the guitar, which she plays beautifully, though on this album, INTO THESE ROOMS, she provided the lead vocals and some backup vocals, played the piano and the flute, while having other musicians play the guitar parts. asked Sarah about her current family life, as her family is close to her heart and an inspiration to her music and lyrics which bless the listener in special ways.

Sarah shares, "I've been married for almost 12 years and have two little girls ages 5 and 2. They are the sweetest! There's not a morning that I wake up when I don't wonder about how blessed I am to have my family."

Three of the songs on INTO THESE ROOMS were inspired and written for her husband and two daughters, Celia and Evie, as a legacy, something to remember as they grow in their faith, as Sarah confesses that she is a "lousy scrapbooker." About Your Influences - Both Spiritual and Musical....

Influences in a Christian music artist's life journey help to mold and develop the musical gifts that the Lord has blessed them with. Sarah Hart has been blessed with people in her life who helped her grow spiritually and influenced her musical abilities and has been exposed to other poets, writers and artists which also influenced her song writing skills.

Spiritual Influences:

Sarah reflects, "Spiritually, my grandparents - a Protestant and Catholic who had eloped because their parents would not let them marry "outside the faith", who proceeded to have five children, prayed together every day, attended different churches for over 50 years while consistently respecting each others faiths, and were the most amazing example of ecumenism and 'walls-down Christianity' I have ever had the privilege to know."

Other Spiritual Influences:

Sarah continues, "Thomas Merton, Flannery O'Connor, Kathleen Norris, and more poets than I can mention."

Musical Influences:

Sarah has been exposed to a variety of musical artists which have influenced her musical style.

"Musically, I've had a lot of influences. My Mom, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, David Wilcox, Sting, Jonatha Brooke, and The Beatles. I'm also a fan of musicals so Rogers/Hart/Hammerstein, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim , and the Gershwins, especially Ira and his unbelievable (and to date unmatched) turn-of-phrase genius. This is a list I'd never be able to complete!" How were you led by the Lord to use your musical gifts to write and sing songs?

Sarah shares, "When I started writing and singing I knew that I loved music, and I knew that I loved God. The two always seemed so naturally married to me. I couldn't help but want to write about faith. I really didn't have to think about that one too much, it just came naturally. In a way, I am guessing maybe that's even more how God wanted it. I didn't try too hard, or think too much about it. Perhaps I've been a little more open about my life and faith because I've never felt pressured by what I assumed I had to say. God has more room to work that way!" Any life-molding experiences you would like to share with us, which were pleasant or were difficult, but molded your thinking, your music, etc.

Sarah's Reflections....

"Growing up without knowing my father has really shaped me in so many ways both good and bad. A lot of the things I went through as a child and teenager originated from that experience. Now, as a grown woman, I still deal with some of the same wounds. Being married and having girls of my own who are so attached to their daddy (and he's such a great daddy!) has healed me a lot. It seems that I've come full circle."

Important Truth that Sarah shares: "The trick is to love God and know that much of life is tough. The only real answer is in trusting."

In all things God works for the good of those who love him - Romans 8:28.

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