Project 86 Lyrics -

When Darkness Reigns

My failure is so evident
And I cannot hide the torment
Face first to the earth Plagued by the earthly mindset
I cannot escape my basement
Face first to the earth Hands around my neck
I might as well bow in shame
Overmatched, outwitted Defeat is my only name
I believe everything you tell me
You've got me convinced I'm guilty
I'd better close my eyes and sleep
Runaway because tomorrow's a better day
But this is your hour when darkness reigns...

When darkness reign across the channels and mediums
I feel the loss Face to face with the possible death of dreams
Mental purity fades to the obscene
Hence the search for another crutch
Another voidfill, another cane to serve as much
And we'll mourn for death of the bother lost
And we'll toast to the death of another farce
Have I lost the battle? Have I lost the war?
Do I have what it takes to endure the setbacks, ignore the scars
You'd have me adopt that suicide
You'd have me succumb without reply
But you forgot the thousand deaths I've died
You'd have me continue this pace You'd have me join your race
But that grave will be nothing but an empty space
Arise from the dead, O sleeper Prepare for the battle cry
Because this is the hour when truth divides...

When truth divides it's done Revive the sick, the surge of blood
Grab a torch and we'll light and burn
Ignite offensives to claim the loss of sight
Wipe the sleep form your eyes
Release the fate of soul demise
And it's clear for you to understand that the smoke will clear and fill the land
And now the claims are made
Downcast eyes accompany shame
The chaos amassed against will redirect to find a home anew
To face the depths... You've lost my enemy
Now taste defeat Now taste your own saliva
Because you'll never quench the heat Arise from the dead and wake... * * * * *