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June Rochelle was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was blessed by being in a 2 parent, church involved Christian family with three other sisters. Her parents were involved in music, and encouraged their children to enjoy music and develop their talents and faith as well. Her mother sang in a secular group as well as the church choir, and both parents exposed their children to other genres of music; such as R&B, soul, jazz, and blues.

Their family church provided many opportunities to develop musically and spiritually. As a result of this supportive atmosphere, June accepted Jesus at the age of twelve, and had many musical experiences singing in the choir, as her talent was evident at an early age.

June Rochelle


ChristianMusic.com asked June Rochelle about her life and she graciously answered our questions.

Concerning spiritual influences and mentors, ChristianMusic.com asked June, "Who in your life has been a source of guidance, reinforced your character, taught you your important values AND helped you grow spiritually?"

June reflects, "My mother Josephine Manns, my Pastor and first lady of our church, G.E. and Wanda Studdard, and my Sunday school teachers."

Musical influences: ChristianMusic.com - "What artists (secular and Christian) influenced you growing up or now have influenced your singing style, performance skills and / or songwriting?"

June replies, "Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Mahlia Jackson, Tramaine Hawkins, The Clark Sisters, Yolanda Adams, Mary J. Blige."

June Rochelle in the past worked as a back-up singer and she met and worked with Diana Ross and Celine Dion and sang on stage at their performances, which helped to prepare June to evolve into a professional in this business, polishing her performance skills and singing style.

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June with Yolanda Adams..... AND........ June with Dorinda Clark Cole

June Rochelle was the opening act for Yolanda Adams on her "Today Tour," which gave her not only performing experience but the chance to share her talent in front of many people.

ChristianMusic.com had to know; "How did the Lord prepare you for your music ministry, and what skills, talents or attitudes/ character qualities were you encouraged to develop?"

June explains, "Through choir singing, classes in church and vocal tutoring at Butler University, I learned vocal control, temperance, patience, being prayerful and not fleshly but genuine when singing for God."

June Rochelle is a member of Voices of Faith Choir, and has performed in several stage works, such as DREAM GIRLS.

ChristianMusic.com: "How were you led by the Lord to use your musical gifts to write and sing songs?"

June shares, "I was led at an early age. I guess you could say I was inspired by God to write melodies and lyrics but it was different what He gave me and I was very afraid to present my talent for fear of ridicule."

June offers this personal reflection: "If God gives you something to do or a talent, get help or talk to someone that can encourage you not to be afraid. Fear can rob you of your destiny. It almost robbed me but I over came fear and now my music ministry that God gave me is going through the nations."

ChristianMusic.com: "Any life-molding experiences you would like to share with us, which were pleasant or were difficult, but molded the artist's thinking, music, Christian walk, outlook on life, faith in the Lord?"

June reflects, "Life in general is a molding experience. I have learned not to think too highly of yourself but NOT to think to low of your self either. Knowing what the word of God says you are is imperative to molding into His image."

ChristianMusic.com: "Any personal testimony you would like to share to encourage others, what the Lord has done for you?"

June shares, "That God is love and He loves us through and in spite of every thing we do right or when we miss the mark. That His love is great and far reaching in our lives. That HE is our deliverer and our help if we just trust Him."

ChristianMusic.com: "Any comments on the themes of the songs. Any favorites, and why? Any stories on what led you to compose the lyrics?"

June shares, "A favorite for me is WORSHIP, because after I recorded it, I fell to the ground and began to weep and praise God for His grace and mercy."

June continues, "Another is FOR All THE LOVE, a personal letter to God for helping me through a very difficult time when my husband of 17 years decided he no longer wanted to be married. This is a subject I feel most people can relate to - pain."

June Rochelle sums up her goal: "Overall, I aspire to be the musical Oprah Winfrey. I just love her heart of giving. My purpose on this road will always be to help someone make it through to another day. When you're tired and weary, no more you can take, know there is a love that can change you from that place."

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