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Take Me As I Am

The sun is sinking low and my mind wanders to You
And all the goodness that You gave when
You gave your life away
The sun is sinking low and I am thinking of You
And the price You paid just to let me live,
let me live another day
In this world you made
Enjoying it all the way, and I say...


Take me, take me as I am
Show me, show me what I am to be
Write for me, write for me the melody
Take me as I am

The sun is sinking low and I am on my knees again
Saying that I'll go wherever you want me to go
The sun is sinking low and
I kneel beside my bed again
Thank you for today, praying for tomorrow
That you'll hold my hand
I can't make it all alone, so I say...

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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