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Mission Statement, concerning his music and its purpose:

Darius Brooks explains, "I don't really hold onto 'hopes and dreams' anymore, because over time I've come to a place where I just trust God totally and His plans, whatever they may be. I know that I was created for His purposes and glory. He's given me this platform, and I'm going to follow as He leads and obey as He speaks, and whatever He gives me will fall exactly where, when, and the way He chooses."

Others who were involved / contributed in the making of this CD...

Percy Bady - a well known, very talented Gospel song writer, producer, and arranger, served as the musical director for the songs, as well as playing the keyboards on the following songs: MY MIND'S MADE UP, LOCK DOWN and the title song, YOUR WILL.

Organists - Richard Gibbs, Steven Goldsmith

Bass - Maurice Fitzgerald. Lead Guitar - Jonathan Dubose

Drums - Oscar Seton. Piano - David Blakely & Darius Brooks

Back-up Choir and Vocals: Andrea Brown, Charlotte Horton, Carla Mcelroy, Deandre Patterson, Desmond Pringle, Stacy Smallie and Micoa Thames

Sources of Encouragement: Darius Brooks comments.

"Thank you God: My Source Always!"

Percy Bady - "You Da bomb!"

The late Rev. Milton Brunson - "Thanks to Rev. Brunson for seeing the gift in me."

Darius' wife, Debbie and little daughter, Dasha - were a source of support and inspiration for Darius. "Thank you for being in my life and supporting me through all of my craziness, mistakes, and shortcomings. Without you, my success would mean nothing."

Rev. Jesse Jackson - "You've been there all the time, thank you so much."


About Darius Brooks' Music on YOUR WILL....

What is so impressive about the songs on this album, is the brilliant creativity in putting such spiritually inspiring lyrics in equally inspiring musical arrangements that offer unique combinations of a variety of musical genres. In Darius Brooks' compositions one finds not only traditional and contemporary gospel, but elements of R & B, Pop, Hip Hop, acoustic, Chicago blues, and even a little bit of swing and rap thrown in for good measure. WOW!

I especially appreciated how Darius Brooks used the piano and organ together in such effective ways in several pieces. Also impressive is how he composed for guitars, horns, strings piano and organ giving them musically fitting inner voices, counter melodies and chordal support, even his versions of Hip Hop praise songs, amongst the sharp, focused syncopation and rhythm.

His great dynamic compositions are brought to life and purpose through the musicians, lead vocals and singers who use their own musical talents so nicely to create such inspiring music, which lifts the spirits and feeds the soul.

What can I say about the skill and talents of the back up instrumental band members, who so skillfully played sets of difficult, diverse songs, effortlessly and with feeling and in the Spirit? It would be an understatement to say that they were more than up to the task of playing each of these unique compositions.

Vocal arrangements and the traditional / modern harmonies provided by this professional-sounding choir always did an excellent job in bringing the mood and spirit of the song being heard to the forefront, with clear diction, enthusiasm, and reverence.

Darius Brooks, on top of having exceptional ability to compose, write lyrics and arrange both the vocals and instrumentation, Darius also has a fine, expressive voice as well, and has an effective style in leading the choir through the songs.

So, let's review. It is the great compositions, inspired, talented musicians, strong lead vocals, responsive, harmonious choir, and the effective use of dynamics which make this CD a most impressive collection of spiritually inspiring songs, which provide the perfect vehicle for the very meaningful lyrics which explore various aspects of being in God's will for one's life. I highly recommend this fine album for your Christian music collection.

Spiritual Meanings Found in Songs.....

Spiritual meanings found in the lyrics explore various aspects of being in God's will for one's life.


2) Trusting Him, Having faith in His Love - YOUR WILL, GRACE, I HAD TO TRUST YOU, NO ONE BUT YOU, AMAZING

3) We can depend on His Promises, His Character; step out in faith - DANCE, NO ONE BUT YOU, HIGH LIFT HIM, AMAZING

4) Stand firm in your faith - LOCK DOWN

Review of Individual Songs on YOUR WILL...

(You will notice that I had a lot of strong favorites, and had trouble deciding which song was my personal favorite, so I came up with three choices in that category! - Reviewer)

* * * * + + YOUR WILL - Words and Music by Darius Brooks

Third favorite song of this reviewer; a perfect expressive Gospel worship hymn to begin the listeners' journey. Begins with strong introduction using piano and organ, a few strings. Songs begins quietly, with just piano and lead vocal (Darius) carrying the beautiful melody and expressing the meaningful lyrics so well. Composition and vocals build nicely throughout the song, as voices and other instruments join into the musical presentation.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 119:10, Deut. 31:6,8 and 33:27A, Hebrews 13:5-6, Luke 12:34, Phil.2:13)


I wish I could tell You just what I want, And You'd give it to me just like that. The truth of the matter. What I want just might hurt me. And You won't let me go out like that. You know my end before my beginning. Calculated blessings down to the penny.

Chorus: So I'll cry 'til You tell me let it go let it be. Cause oh Lord, Your will is what's best for me.

No rubies, and no Diamonds, no silver or no pearls. There are some lessons that I had to learn. That I would not trade in for this world. You told me that trials, Only come to make me strong. And with this You promised, You promised never to leave me alone. Chorus

Bridge: Lead vocal (Darius): Oh, Your word is true ....(Choir: Your word is true) Lead: And it will last...(And it will last) Lead: You will guide the future...(You will guide the future) Lead: Just as You have the past..(As You have the past).

Lead: My Lordy, One of these old days, I'm gonna have just what I want, 'Cause I'm gonna trust You every step of the way. And You're gonna lead me all the way home. Chorus

Bridge: Your word is true And it will last. You will guide the future as You have the past.

There were times that I could not see, But I know that I know that I know it's so. You love me more, You love me more, Than I'll ever know. Chorus.

* * * * + + MY MIND'S MADE UP - Words and Music by Darius Brooks

Another real strong favorite of this reviewer. Snappy, high energy contemporary, Urban Gospel with a Hip Hop feel, propelled by lots of dotted eighth notes, sharp syncopation, a hot horn section, and a cooking guitar / piano / organ ensemble which all provides not only the support of the rhythmic mood of the song, but also support chords and a few embellishments, cleverly fitted into this modern Gospel tune. Creates the perfect musical vehicle for the sharp, crisp choral vocals, bringing the message of the song to the listener loud and clear. Very nice dynamics. Energy builds throughout the composition. Interesting modern, full harmonies, especially during the Hook. Interesting key segues in both Chorus and Hook.

Scriptural References: (Romans 12:2, Galations 5:19-26, Ephesians 4:22 and Matt. 6:33, Luke 10:27)


Looking over my life, I see the road that I've taken. I don't like it. Seems some things, some things have got to be shaken. I checked it out. I've been in this thang too long. I gotta change my attitude. It's time to sing a new song.

Yes I made up my mind. I'm goin' in another direction. Cause if I don't, I'll end in destruction. I'll walk and I'll crawl. But this time, I'm going to give my all.

Bridge: Please don't hinder me. I'm trying to make a change. I'm goin' all the way and I'm goin' in Jesus name.

Chorus: My mind's made up. No turning back. Yes I'm happy. Cause I'm on the right track.

Hook: My mind's made up. No turning back. My mind's made up. No turning back. My mind's made up. No turning back. Chorus

* * * * + + DANCE -Words and Music by Darius Brooks

An impressive praise song! A very fast, 2 beat spirited roof-raisin' Gospel, interesting combination of traditional/contemporary Gospel, with Chicago style blues and swing, and modern harmonies sure to get your energy flowing, lifting the spirits, reminding the listener of the hope we have in Jesus, and what to do to claim His promises. Band musicians really cook with energy, especially the piano & organ inner voices and guitar work!

Lead female vocalist really puts zing and spirit into her performance, as she leads the choir, who are equally filled with the Spirit!

Scriptural References: (Romans 7:14-25, Ephesians 3:16, 1 Thess.5:16-18, John 10:27-30,)


I know a way you can get it back, What the enemy stole. You've got to know the power of God, And act like you know.

Choir: There's a place where you can be....Lead: To claim His promises. Choir: And in this place you will see...Lead: That you're bound to have the victory.

Lead: Stay steadfast and unmovable. Abounding in His Word. And if you have to rock, Rock steady. Don't you move from His Word.

Choir: There's a place where you can be....Lead: To claim His promises. Choir: And in this place you will see...Lead: That you're bound to have the victory.

Bridge: (Choir) If you want the victory, It's really in your praise. For those of you whose got it..... Hey.

Chorus: Shout! Raise your hands. Shout! Move your feet. Shout! In victory. Shout! Come on y'all, Dance. Cause He's a soul saver. Dance! He's a heart fixer. Cause He's a heart fixer. Cause He's a healer. My deliverer. Cause I'm happy. Cause I'm free.

He said He would watch over me. Between a fire, between a flood, I've got to praise Him, For what He's done. And if He's done. And if He never do, Another thing, I've got to praise Him, And I will sing. The wondrous love of Jesus, Deep down in my soul.

I will never cease to praise Him. His wonders to perform, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. On a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I will praise Him.

* * * * + + GRACE - Words and Music by Darius Brooks

Strong favorite of this reviewer. Expressive Gospel worship hymn with a lovely melody, great dynamics, poignant lyrics about God's grace in our lives, with great vocals of the choir singing full, traditional harmonies, with a bit of preaching by leader Darius midway through the song. Very nice keyboards, inner voices, with guitar and strings in background. The choral harmony in the Chorus is a full sound, based on the basic 1, 4 and 5 chords (for those of you interested in music theory). Nice key segues in Chorus.

Scriptural References: (Ephe. 2:5-8, Acts 15:11, Romans 5:8)


Full Choir: It's been your mercy and it's It's been your grace. That has kept me 'til this, This very day. I could've been dead and sleepin' In my grave. But oh Lord, oh Lordy, It was your grace. (Repeat)

You woke me up this morning. Started me on my way. Kept me in my right mind. Let me see another day. I will always love You. Your love I will savor. Conditional, You're not. It's Your unmerited favor.

Chorus: Grace. Grace, Grace. Lord, Your Grace. (Repeat)

It's been your mercy and it's It's been your grace. That has kept me 'til this, This very day. I could've been dead and sleepin' In my grave. But oh Lord, oh Lordy, It was your grace.

* * * * +I HAD TO TRUST YOU - Words and Music by Darius Brooks

A flowing, upbeat R& B contemporary Gospel worship hymn featuring the choir first time through, carrying the catchy melody, singing about trusting the Lord. Darius leads the choir with vocals second time through. Great dynamic changes soft to loud to soft. Nice full harmonies.

Scriptural References: (Hebrews 11:1 and 12:2, Psalm 27:1, Psalm 91:1-2, 2nd Cor. 4:7)


Chorus 1: Oh yes I can make it now. There were times that I wondered how. And now I can see oh so clear. I just had to keep You near.

When I talked with You. And told You all about it. You heard my faintest cry. And answered by and by. I had to keep You close. No one in between. Your Word is settled. You take good care of me. (Repeat)

Chorus 2: I had to trust You. So You could make it clear to me. Lord You're awesome. You're all that I'll ever need.

Hook: I can make it now. I can make it now. I can make it now.

* * * * + + LOCK DOWN - Words and Music by Darius Brooks

Favorite song of this reviewer! I would describe it as rafter raisin', spirit liftin' bluesey, Contemporary-Urban Gospel praise song with the Hip Hop beat, which really cooks both in the composition (guitars, organ, piano, horns, drums) and in the spirited lead vocal and choir vocals. Great introduction starts off with a measure of accented / syncopated beats (horns, guitars), which swings into a bluesy/ boogie woogie/ funky guitar rift of flowing dotted 8th and 16th dotted eighth notes, with base guitar, organ and piano adding bluesey embellishments, which all come together on the first beat of song, when horns again come in for accent! Band then cooks tightly along, with syncopated rhythms, dotted 16th notes, guitar rifts and counter melodies, all which is really difficult. YIKES!

The Catchy melody, encouraging lyrics, enthusiastic, heart-felt lead vocals by Darius and the strong choir vocals and harmonies sit very nicely on top of this smoking musical accompaniment. Great dynamics, enthusiasm and the Spirit are very much evident in this recording.

The Lyrics tell a story, a Christian testimony, encourage the listener to stand firm (Lock Down soldier!) by expressing the Lord's promises. What an encouraging song! This song will get the listener dancing around the room with gusto. A great song for lifting the blackest mood, or cheering up the listener after a hard day and strengthening one to stand firm in the Lord through faith, on His Word, despite the circumstances.

Scriptural References: (Psalm 27:14, Ephes. 6:10-20, 2nd Timothy 2:3-5, 2nd Cor. 4:8-10, 17-18)

Sample of Lyrics:

Darius: When I was little, My mama told me to go pray. She didn't have a clue. That I'd turn out this way. She said, "Son don't give up. The sun won't shine all the time. And all I can tell you is that, Jesus is a Friend of Mine.


Standing.... (Standing on His every Word) Lord.... (Lord like you never heard) And I believe.... (Believe if I don't fear) That the Lord.... (The Lord's gonna be here). So I can't.... (I can't turn around now). Why? because He brought me ....(He's brought me too far and out).

Bridge 1: (Darius alone) I don't know what He is to you, But let me tell you what the Lord can do.

Put a word on the inside, That the devil can't move. He even made my enemies, (Choir: Stoop down, yes He did). You wait just a minute. Don't think He's a liar. A footstool was only made, To take you higher. Chorus.

Bridge 2: Verbs the word. Spin the verb. Lift those hands good God like you've heard.

Hook: Lock down soldier, (Lock down,) Lock down soldier, (Lock down). Lock down soldier, Lock down, Lock down soldier, Lock down.

Don't you move or sway, (Lock down,) God will make a way, (Lock down,) if you lock down soldier.......

I heard the words of Jesus (Lock down), telling me to fight on (Lock down), Promise never to leave me (Lock down), if you Lock down soldier............................

Lock down soldier, Lock down, Lock down soldier, Lock down!...............................

* * * * + HEZEKIAH MIND - Words and Music by Darius Brooks

Another strong favorite of this reviewer. A great example of fast-paced, 2 beat Chicago Gospel Blues praise song. Great vocals by Darius and the choir, supported very strongly by the inspired, ON FIRE musicians, who really got into the spirit of the composition.

Scriptural References: (2nd Kings 18:5-8, 2nd Chronicles 32:20, James 3, Romans 12:2, Psalms 140:3)


Death and life is in the power of the tongue. You wonder why your victories can't be won. You've got to know. And really know the Son.

Casting down the imaginations of your mind. God said it's not your way, "It's Mine." Flesh keep coming up, Your gonna fall every time.


Get the Hezekiah mind, know your place, live on. Get the Hezekiah mind, know your place, live on. If He don't come through, He's not our God, move on. Repeat 2nd verse. Repeat Chorus.

Chorus: Live, Live, Live. If He don't come through, He's not our God. Move on.

* * * * + NO ONE BUT YOU - Words and Music by Darius Brooks

A mellow, memorable love letter to the Lord. Beautiful melody is supported by an Acoustic guitar, plus strings, keyboards. Message of praise brought forth by expressive lyrics of lead vocal and choir. This song would fit in nicely with a variety of contemporary worship services.

Scriptural References: (Hebrews 6:19-20, Romans 8:38, Matt. 11:28-30, 1 Peter:5:7, Phil.1:6 & 2:15 & 4:13)


You define the meaning of life, Oh You. You know how to turn wrong right, Oh You.

Whenever I need someone to be there for me, I can always count on You to make the grade for me. You always comfort in a way that's plain to see.

You always help me to be the best I can be.

You always help me be the best I can be. You know how to make anyone say, "I can do this."

You give hope. You can bring back dreams that were once missed.

Whenever I need someone to be there for me, I can always count on You to make the grade for me. You always comfort in a way that's plain to see.

You always help me to be the best I can be.

Chorus: You are the only One Who can calm my seas. You are the only One Who can take care of me. You are the only One Who can bring me joy. No one, no one but You. No one, no one but You.

* * * * HIGH LIFT HIM - Words & Music by Darius Brooks. Rap verse performed & written by Nedra Sobule

Another energetic praise song, composed and performed in the straight Urban Gospel/ Hip Hop genres, which will especially please the listener who appreciates Hip Hop Urban Gospel.. A pretty good, energetic rap solo is also featured. Usual great lyrics, great syncopation, snappy beat, solid modern harmonies, and a great message of why God deserves our love and praise!

Scriptural References: (Acts 2:1-3, Luke 19:40, Hab.2:11, 1 Thess. 5:16-19)

Sample of Lyrics:

Bridge: The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don't need no water. Let the Holy Ghost burn!

Chorus: (Sung by Choir) Anybody wanna give Him praise? Anyone wanna high lift Him? Anybody wanna give Him praise? Anyone wanna high lift Him?

1) It doesn't matter what you think. You can count on it. The sea, the trees. He's gonna get the praise. If you and I don't praise Him, Because of sin and doubt, The Word of God says, The stones will cry out.

Chorus: (Sung by Choir) Anybody wanna give Him praise? Anyone wanna high lift Him? Anybody wanna give Him praise? Anyone wanna high lift Him?

Rap: Get on ya feet and throw ya hands up in the air. You gotta praise Him 'cause you know that He's been there. In the times of trouble when the devil gave you flack. Without a doubt, He brought you out He's got your back. In the word there ain't no weapon that will prosper. You come for me to make me sick. I got a doctor. Broken-hearted or you're lonely, need a friend. When you were drowning, He reached out, He reeled you in....

* * * * + + AMAZING - Words and Music by Darius Brooks.

2nd Favorite song on the album of this reviewer. Ends the album with a lovely Gospel love letter to our Lord. Beautiful melody is supported by piano at first, then piano and organ and light drums join in during second time through 1st verse. When Darius leads the choir through the verse again. Great dynamics build with intensity and feeling of the song. Choir's harmonies are full and traditional sound. Meaningful lyrics which explore the wonderful character and the love of our Lord, really lifts the spirit, encourages praising the Lord and puts our lives in perspective, as this inspiring musical effort washes over the listener.

Scriptural References: (Ephesians 3:14-19, 1 John 4:19, Romans 8:28 and 8:38, Psalm 46:1, Phil. 4:6-7)


I can make it now. It's amazing, I will never know. There isn't anyone, Who can fill this void. Some have tried and failed. I'm here because, because of Your love. (Repeat)

Vamp: The way You speak. The way You love. The way You work things out. Amazing. The way You care. No matter where. You're always there. Amazing.

Bridge: You're kind. You're gentle. Patient. Long suffering. Meek. And lowly. Strong. Amazing. (Repeat)

Hook: There isn't anyone, Who can fill this void. Some have tried and failed. I'm here because, because of Your love.

Julie Carr - Music Reviewer for ChristianMusic.com

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