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Mission Statement, concerning his music and its purpose:

Darius Brooks explains, "I don't really hold onto 'hopes and dreams' anymore, because over time I've come to a place where I just trust God totally and His plans, whatever they may be. I know that I was created for His purposes and glory. He's given me this platform, and I'm going to follow as He leads and obey as He speaks, and whatever He gives me will fall exactly where, when, and the way He chooses."

About Darius Brooks.........

This gifted song writer, music arranger, producer, and music director was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, one of 15 children, in a strong, Christian home. Though he has only met his father once or twice, Darius was richly blessed with a loving, musical mother, Ethel Armstrong, an accomplished pianist, and 2 dedicated godparents, Pastor & Mrs. Ellis Price, who Darius spent every other weekend and the summers with at their home. His godparents, together with Ethel Armstrong did a great job of planting seeds of faith, instilling values and character, influencing his musical and spiritual growth and guiding young Darius down the path to a strong faith in Jesus and eventually to music ministries which have promoted the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Darius explains; "My godparents gave me a strong rooting in the Word and the faith, and my mother gave me my musical foundation. It was a perfect combination, which only God could have orchestrated."

At a very young age, it became evident that Darius was a gifted musical prodigy. Imagine a little boy sitting himself down at a piano, and picking out "full melodies", even adding accompaniment, all by ear!

Ethel Armstrong, a well-known accompanist who played regularly for such great Gospel performers such as Mahalia Jackson, Albertina Walker and Inez Andrews, was the first to recognize her son's musical gifts, and became a huge influence in his developing talent, teaching him and giving him pointers as he grew.

At the age of 4, she started to take him to choir practice, where he on occasion was allowed to "direct the choir," which "tickled" the adult choir, who enjoyed the efforts of this "precocious" little boy. By the age of nine, Darius was directing choirs in earnest, "with full awareness and understanding of the task, and the music, at hand."

Throughout his childhood and youth, Darius was not only surrounded and enveloped with traditional Gospel music, he was also allowed by his mother to listen to great music from other sources; R & B and Pop music. Darius was exposed to such "legendary artists" as Earth, Wind, & Fire, the Commodores, the Chi-Lites, Peabo Bryson, and Patti LaBelle.

Darius comments, "I was never restricted or limited in what I could listen to, and I've been influenced by any and all the great music I've ever heard. My mother was very liberal. She knew great music when she heard it, and I came up the same way. As a result, I'm not afraid to incorporate R & B and pop into what I do, because I know who I am in the Lord, and I believe when God gives you a gift, it's for the world."

At 18 years old, Darius was invited by Gospel patriarch Reverend Milton Brunson to play with his choir, The Thompson Community Singers; i.e. "the Tommies," a renown Chicago "institution." Rev. Brunson knew of Darius and his talent through Ethel Armstrong, who opened this very important door for Darius by introducing him to Rev. Brunson, who saw the great gift that the Lord had given Darius. Rev. Brunson encouraged Darius in both his spiritual walk and using / developing his musical gifts in their long working relationship with the Tommies.

This "richly rewarding and highly celebrated association" with Rev Brunson and the Tommies lasted for almost 15 years. Darius gave his all, bringing to the choir his original songs, such as "SAFE IN HIS ARMS," which was later recorded and earned a Grammy nomination. Darius served as a producer, musical director, songwriter, and arranger, which helped him over these 15 years to be recognized by the Christian music community with numerous awards and accolades. Most importantly, his music touched many believers and seekers, becoming an important element in a Christian music ministry; winning souls to Christ, as well as being a source of encouragement and spiritual growth.

Reflecting about his wonderful years with Rev. Brunson and the Tommies, Darius shares his thoughts. "My mother was a wonderful woman and she taught me a lot of virtues, one of them was loyalty, and I felt a great sense of loyalty to Reverend. In all the time I spent working with him, I realized it was his season, not mine and I felt blessed and happy to be in the place I was for those years. And we also know biblically that seasons change, and ultimately you really do reap what you sow."

Since 1986, Darius was involved with over 55 studio projects. By 2000, Darius had earned 7 Grammy nominations and three Grammy Awards, plus seven Stellar Awards and two Dove Awards. Darius felt the Lord's call to "set out on a solo career path," creating the independent label, Journey Music Group (JMG). Darius also was called to establish the Simply Darius Foundation, which is "an organization devoted to discovering and mentoring talented artists. Darius also became the musical director for Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition.

Darius was also led to produce 3 of his own albums (in 2000, in 2001 and 2002) through JMG. The excitement and attention these albums stirred up in the Gospel community had the consequence of Darius Brooks signing with a major-label affiliation, with EMI Gospel in the first months of 2004.

Besides his accomplishments for the Lord he made with the The Thompson Community Singers, Brooks is also known for his behind-the-scenes work with Gospel music industry accomplished artists such as Shirley Caesar, Vicki Winans, Hezekiah Walker, Ricky Dillard, Daryl Coley and others.