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Overcomin' Child Of God

All my friends been wondering. Where my future lies. Since I took my stand for Christ. And gave Him my life. You see they're wondering just what's in store. Since I've quote, you know, found the way. That's when the Lord stirs up my soul. And I quite clearly say....

Chorus: I'm growing up to be born again, blood washed, spirit filled, Testifying child of the King. I'm going to praise Him in the morning, through the afternoon, 'til night. And then I'll dream about witnessing. I'm gonna walk and talk and act like Jesus. Though I may get feathered and tarred. The world may try and stop my mission, but I'll grow with opposition. Cause I'm an overcomin' Child of God.

* (Reviewer's favorite Carman verse) The expressions on their faces change every single time. You know the looks they give are priceless, But so this Holy Ghost look on mine.

You see now God wants us to share the Lord, right? Isn't that our Christian task. So when someone says, "Hey what's happening, man?" I say, "Brother, I never thought you'd ask." Chorus

Bridge: Well I'm proud to be living for Jesus. Proud to be a Bible thumpin', pew jumpin', Jesus lovin', devil shovin', Blood bought, red hot, soul redeemin', shoutin', screamin' ....... chorus

(With great spirit) Cause I'm a Bible totin', scripture quotin', sin defacin', devil chasin', chorus hummin', guitar strummin', gospel preachin', soul searchin', overcomin' Child of God. * * *
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