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Ill Minded

Immerse me in science this cursedness is blessed/When all of life is tested the research benefits/I'm taking anti-matter I hammer in my brain/That evolutions, revolution, and all of man are same//

This hunger is inside me/ my stomach is in pain/But all the answers in my world could never take away/And how I love you science I seek for you in vain/And now I'm feeling empty but I'm begging you to stay, cuz/

I thought that you/You would always come/ You would always comfort me/You, you are just human/You are full of sin/So put your trust above and not in man//

You took home this violence it was how you learnt love/Don't take it to heart but I'm finding living tough/I needed you then and how I need you now/But every time I tell you it just doesn't come out right/I don't like this silence, why can't I explain?/ I never wanted this but you ignore me anyway/And how I'm eating torment it staggers in my brain/Now I'm feeling empty and I'm begging you to say.//

I thought that you/You would always come/You would always comfort me/You, you are just human/You are full of sin/64444

So put your trust above and not in man//
Silence I want you.

Taste Test

Seeing how the world is a fast direction/One blink can cause mass destruction/One word and it's instant satisfaction/Go riding on the arms of gratification./ Gravels on the road of your destination/But you've drifted into your own vacation.//

Driving a car through an open shop window/Grabbing the goods like a stressed out weasel/Alarms call the shots, even after you're gone/Just test taste the world, just test taste the world.//

Can't stop the ringing that comes from a phone/Fantasy, reality blurs and it moans at me./Person to person I can't seem to meet/I'm offering my all but I can't move my feet/And I've no answer but troubles recall/They play like a moving picture when.
I sink, fall, sliding in and out.//

I dine alone in my own facade/I've got these needs and the playing cards/Deal from the pack that I rgged before/Received me an ace then a seven then a four/Spinning the wheel for the magical number/Fresh for the kid which has had no slumber/
I've really never had a day before/I gave myself away so it's love I saw/Life is mud when you feel like this/But soon happiness will make me forget.//

Feeling real good is what counts to me/My money has provided this security/My body's injected so here I lie/But meaning is something that I cannot buy.//


Jesus will never let you go / Jesus will never let you go/Jesus will never go / Jesus will never go//

Whiplash, you're gonna get that don't pack up your bags but get back./
You're gonna get whiplash/ you're gonna get that/ Don't pack up your bags but get back/ You're gonna get whiplash you're gonna get that don't pack up your bags but get back/

Jesus the Saviour, the only Creator don't you know Jesus will never let you go.//

Mercenary destructor the mind bent destroyer/The pleasure pot of leisure the blood infector/ Demon possessor who tries to molest you/ just try and get out 'cause a lie will test you.//

Blank your mind expands all the time grabbing things from the past/
But Jesus the Saviour/ The only Creator/don't you know/Jesus will never let you go.

Shine down/ Rain down/Fall down on me/Slide down/ Fly down /One word and you're set free.//

I've seen in my life the moments when He has moved in me/ I know He exists for the reasons that others deny inside to see/I place in your arms, a gift from Omni Elohim, Jesus.//


Falling back into an empty chair/Crawling out and seeing nothing there/Why waste my time when I'm happy?/Slipping back into my honest world/Taking things just to feel the swirl/Why waste my time when I am here//

I can do what I dream when I fear/Selling out and getting what I want/Take a pick and I will get the lock/Why waste my time when I'm complete?//

Grab the walls in the toilet block/I hit my head and I flush the lot/Why waste my time when I'm fine/In the ways that I've set in my life?//

My arms are protesting a weakness in me/My hands are a tool to remind me/My eyes complicated enough don't see/My fingers they curl back and witness to my face//

Drifting in and out reality/Your own reflection is bewailingly/But you still smile and keep things/Up with the people on the concrete slab/When you get in ttouble you catch a cab/Waking up, drifting to the welfare door/Spend all your money till you hit the floor/

You've been taken to another place/You're lying down but you're in this race/Don't ever think run away/Turn around and look at all you have/The gift of God is much greather than/You cannot die when you have life//