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beanbag-bioBeanbag is Phil, 28, who plays drums; Hunz, 22, who is the voice of Beanbag; Hirvy, 22, who plays bass; and Michael, 23, who plays guitar.

Before the release of their debut CD in 1998, Beanbag had already risen to immense popularity in Australia on the strength of two demo tapes and a volatile stage performance.

Now with the upcoming release of Beanbag's debut LP "Free Signal," the band aptly titled 'Australia's Masters of the Bizarre," are making their mark in the U.S. Beanbag's first introduction to the U.S. began at this year's Cornerstone Festival where the band made its presence felt in an intensely captivating performance.

This marked the beginning of a three week tour of festivals including Cincinnati's "Spirit Song," and New Hampshire's "Inside-Out" festival. The tour, though brief, has added more fuel to the great anticipation surrounding the October release of "Free Signal," which will debut on the new inpop label. Part of the Sparrow label group, inpop was started by Newsboys' Peter Furler, their manager Wes Campbell, and Dale Bray.



In 1999, Beanbag, who had become incredibly popular in their homeland of Austrailia, released Free Signal, a hard-edged mixture of rap, funk, and rock that found many fans in the states, as well. Favorite songs of fans include "Limit of Shunt," "Slipstream," and "Army of Me."
1: Whiplash
2: Happy
3: Stale
4: Desire Of The Son Of Morning 5: Obliviant
6: Face I Paint
7: Why
8: Free Signal
9: Disturbed
10: Bite The Hand
11: Taste Test


Beanbag are an awesome band, their music is very full on, and i can't wait for their next cd.
thanks heaps, Paul

* * *
Beanbag, is one of the best Christian Rock bands of all,"The Masters of Bizarre", My fav song is Whiplash, Jesus will never let you go, thats true he will never let you go!!!!! Beanbag will be in my 10 ten fav cd's for a very long time, PEACE, and stay cool for Christ!!!!!!! ROCK for JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!
Mark * *