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music-anointedAnointed was originally made up of siblings Steve Crawford and Da'dra Crawford Greathouse and their friend Denise "Nee-C" Walls. Currently, Denise "Nee-C" Walls has left the group, "to pursue other interests," after Anointed has achieved four albums, three Dove Awards, two Grammy nominations, one Stellar Award, and numerous chart-topping singles.

In 1996, they took home 3 Dove awards and have toured with the likes of Bryan Duncan and Clay Crosse. They made appearances on such shows as the 700 Club and Cece's Place, and participated in many crusades for Christ with such people as Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Mario Marillo, as well as tours of their own, such as the Big Voice Tour and Christmas Tour.

The group is united in their goal to reach souls for Christ. The three first became friends back home in Columbus, Ohio, where they grew up together singing in the same church choir, and their move to Nashville, TN has only brought them closer together.

"The Anointed's reputation has been built on premier vocals and a unique ability to move seamlessly between a wide variety of genres, proving their diversity with pop, gospel, and R&B influences."

Anointed is now made up of duo Steve & Da'dra Crawford, who continue to bring the love and hope we have in our Lord Jesus Christ, letting their listeners know that the Lord is involved in every aspect of their lives, and can be depended on to see us through anything that happens in our lives.

"We want people to begin to see how God is in the midst of every aspect and every moment of their lives. We want to offer the hope and encouragement that, even in a bad situation, God is at work and he can redeem it." - Steve Crawford.

Steve & Da'dra Crawford, 2004


Anointed has just touched my life with there music especially send out a prayer and I just want to let them no that they should just keep on going.I truly believe that God has brought a lot of peace i my life throughthe wonderful music of annointed. just to hear how these young folks praise his name makes me lift my hands and voice also. Anointed is another one of my favorite groups. I love their music, and I'm dying to get their c.d. Their music touches me so that I get goosebumps all over and I just look up to Jesus Christ and praise him.

God has been so good in my life and I thank him that I can listen to KSBJ and be touched by the music they play (especially Anointed)

* * *

I wanted to say how much of a blessing Anointed's music has been. I am a teenage girl and I have been so touched by these guys. When I saw them in concert, I was amazed at how real they were and how much they loved the Lord. Thanks, guys. You will never know all the lives you touch. I just saw Annoited at fair last nite for the 1st time . I loved them . Hope they keep up the good work and I'll get to see them for more than 45 min next time. They could put on a good show all by them selves for sure. I'm a fan now. They inspire me to give myslf more freely to God.

Delia , from WI
* * *

 WOW, I just saw Annoited in concert last nite at a fair and they were hot ! Sooooo Much energy thay they gave! They truly inspire me to give myself wholy to God !!! They only played for a 45 min. slot because they wre not the head liners. But I pray some day they will . I think they can relate it well to todays generation. Great to dance to with a awesome message! All 3 can really hold their own. God has blessed them greatly with talent .

I hope their back in WI. soon !

Dee Sheboygan, WI

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