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La La Land

The question isn't whether it's true
The question-- "Is it working for you?"
Marshmallow skies
And custardy pies
And nothing's too hard to do
They're five happy verses or so
They told me all I needed to know
Ignore all the rest
Trials and tests
And threats to my comfort zone
Well I've got no time to find out what's real
I stick with what I happen to feel
It feels grand
When you're livin' in lala land
You can name a blessing yourself
Stake a claim on power and wealth
And strong healthy teethA spot at the beach
And romance that's really swell
All the saints and martyrs alike
Well they would have called a national strike
Demanded less pain
More personal gain
If only they'd known their rights
Well I take it very personally
Yeah, I got to know what's in it for me

Ain't it grand?
When you're livin' in lala land

I've got my prayer cloth collection in a Jesus jar
I've got the Holy Ghost ridin' in the back of my car
Sometimes He gives a little tickle I go "hardee har har"
Ain't it grand, when you're livin' in lala land
My Jesus decal does quite a trick
Right above my dashboard I stick it
A good luck charmIt keeps me from harm
And saves me from speeding tickets
Well I take it very personally,
Yeah -I gotta know what's in it for me
Ain't it grand, When you're livin' in lala land.

Bright Red Carpet

She's a neon girl,
She follows that buzz
To where it's found, 'cause she's the scene
Tinsel town calls her the queen
And that's alright, but if you demand spotlights
Get ready to blow
'Cause Heaven steps on false attempts to glow
I gotta know


Will you be there when they roll out
Bright red carpet?
Will I see you by my side?
Will you be there when we walk on
Bright red carpet?
Will I see you by my side?
He's a stylish guy, he steals a room
Even looks good in everything
Soon Hollywood will call him king
And that's OK, 'cause Armani likes the way
You wear your clothes
But Heaven's gate
Is no place for fashion shows
I gotta know
Repeat chorus
You try so hard, and you get what you get
But in your heart
I hope you never forget
A selfish soul will never strollon red carpet.


Could be she got lost
Or maybe, she just watched
A little too much TV
It's hard to say, but anyway,
It's plain to see
And so she goes on
Like a drifting satellite
But tonight


Angels hold her hands
When she walks in the dark
Angels hold her hands
When she's falling apart
God could keep His own half-acre
She'd move on
And make another way of her own
And now she feels
She's gained the wheel
But never control
And so she fades out
Like a missing satellite
But tonight

Repeat chorus


And wherever she goes
Angels follow
Angels hold her hands
When she walks in the dark
Angels hold her hands
When she walks away
When she's falling apart.


I don't mean to pry
But I'm seeing signs I can't ignore
You've been holding something deep inside
And I can't keep quiet anymore
Of the urgency, I'm well aware
I'll take you anywhere
If you're dissatisfied


Let's just drive
Take a deep breath and I swear
Everything will be alright
Let's just drive
Until it gets us somewhere
Even if it takes all night
Let's just drive


It's excruciating
I know you need to know where we stand
Is there harm in waiting?
Is this my only chance to take your hand?


I'm torn in two
By what I should
Or should not do Torn, torn in two
Will you wait for me
If I run from you
I really must confess
It feels like there's a war in me
I'm drawn to those who offer less
But is this really where I need to be?

Repeat chorus

Over this I'm losing rest
I can't bear to turn away
If I try to second guess
Oh, I gamble it away
I'm torn
Repeat chorus
I'm torn
I'm torn I'm torn.

Smash Hit

All he needed was PRA million box of business cards
Careful image consultation
Securing reputation
A clever market plan
He didn't understand
That's all it really takes
He could have played for higher stakes
We've gone wrong


This Jesus thing, it's a smash hit
It's packaged right
All stocks have split, it's a smash hit
It's gone worldwide
Join His name to any cause
Drop His name to get applause
They never get enough
Nothing here to be ashamed of
Those ever loyal fans
They wanna get their hands
On His newest merchandising
Ignoring overpricing Now Oh Wow We've gone wrong

Repeat chorus

It has no explanation It smells like exploitation.

Repeat chorus

Savior of my Universe

I don't propose that we preserve
All the world inside a fragile ball of glass
'Cause I'm the first to throw the curve
Bringin' all that perfect ball down in a crash
Oh, it's that feelin' comin' back again
Turnin' earth around and pounding sirens in my head
Well there's only one cure that I know for sure
And it goes on and on
It goes on and on


And when it all is said and done
Until the end
Yes, You're the only one
And when the world is in reverse
You're the Saviour of my universe
I don't suppose I'm prone to trouble
Though I always do the very best I can
My universe a leaky bubble
Pinned by a friend
And only then did it expand
Oh, it's that feelin' comin' back again
Turnin' earth around
And pounding sirens in my head
Well there's only one cure
That I know for sure
And it goes on and on
It goes on and on.

Beautiful Thing

I want a Pavarotti voice
'Cause I'm a scary Connick
A solo show with the Philharmonic
No fake Monet
Hey, the real Van Gogh
A Seventeen, Cover Girl, Vogue, Cosmo


It's a beautiful thing / Whoo-hoo-hoo
To be loved by you / Whoo-hoo-hoo
Oh, that'll be enough to get me through
It's a beautiful thing

I'll take the Rockies gift-wrapped
Or the Grand Tetons
Add a truckload of those cherry bon-bons
A '54 fire red collector's car
A doggy-bag trip to the money super bar

Repeat chorus


There's no trade
Nothing could persuade
I'm no fool
You're so beautiful
Yeah, so beautiful


Hush baby, don't cry
Just try to remember the time
When all your pitfalls and fears
Became mine

And when we fall apart
Just one thing takes me back to the start


Put my heart to rest
Your tenderness
Hits me to the bone
When my head's a mess
Your tenderness
Keeps me coming home

Hush baby, don't cry
This rings in my head all the time
And still
I tend to forget your words

When I'm the swan in my full dive
Just one thing keeps me alive

Repeat chorus


And so it seems to me
To all of us here
The answer is clear
That you need a little less stress
And some more tenderness.


Just close your eyes
Take in the tune I send to you
Oh my lullaby
Can soothe when your friends have moved to Neptune


It must be the way that I can hear you say this now
Don't be afraid
Just know that I'll be with you somehow
All of your cries
Soon they will drown in my lullabies
Just close your eyes
Just close your eyes
Don't be afraid
When the day has become your lion's den
It's pure concentrate
Your comforting words have marked a trend
I'm giving up
Wishing on the falling stars
I'm living up to something new
I've made a vow
It's taken me high
It's taken me far
I'll keep singing your tune
You'll hear it all around. * *