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The Band: Christian Crowe - Drums
Ian Eskelin - Vocals/Guitar
Brian Whitman - Guitars / Keyboards
Adrian Walther - Bass
Stefan Ekstedt - Guitars


Although the pop/rock quintet hails from Nashville, Tenn., their die-hard tour morphs into the wild mission of "being one of the few Christian bands to take over the globe." All Star United's earth-trotting concert schedule - reminiscent of megasuperstars like U2 and the Rolling Stones - should come as no surprise given the title of the band's sophomore album, "International Anthems for the Human Race."

The genre mishmash and fun-without-apologies style that characterized All Star United's debut is back, in even fuller, bursting-at-the-seams force. Why? Both lyrically and musically, International Anthems is a reflection of five young men who've seen an incredibly diverse array of people and places in the last couple of years, and have incorporated those experiences into all that they do.

Albeit well-traveled, All Star United has found time to build quite a successful career right here in the United States. In addition to an exhaustive state-side touring schedule, including two tours with labelmates Third Day, All Star United's self-titled debut received a Grammy nomination for Rock/Gospel Album Of The Year, and garnered the band four #1 radio singles including the #1 Rock Song Of The Year ("Smash Hit") in 1997. The band was also honored by CCM Magazine and the readers of Release Magazine as one of the Best New Artists Of 1997. 7 Ball Magazine voted All Star United one of the Ten Best Albums of 1997.


All Star United

This band is the best.It puts Christian fun into christian joy. They are uplifting and keep my spirits up. They keep God near to me even if I don't want Him to be, I can't just stop hearing his message in thier music.

* * *

As a musician I listen to the music and harmonies first. Allstar United has a positive message, but the song writing and talent is what grabbed me. Whether they talk about God and his creations or deep sea fishing, I belive they are the top of the pops!

* * *

Their music is so touching. Not only is their music great but it teaches about GOD!


* * *

I think that All Star United had awesome music and gives a message in the music to follow GOD and listen to what he wants us to do,

Thanx, Ashley- Hershey PA

* * *

I like Allstar United because they are not afraid to be different, to stand up for what they believe in. They provide great music with a powerfl message for teens today. They are a must have. Allstar gives us a good beat with a great message. Their song "Put your arms around me" just really spoke to me and made me realize that other Christians can get lonely and it is okay.

* * *

I think All star united is a really cool band.Ive meet then in person and also saw them in concert for the first time! That was my first time ever hearing their music and just fell in love with them and that was just 2 days ago! They rock! And every word they sing about the lord they mean it. Its so cool. Their music touches my Heart.

from KaZeR KC

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