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With nearly 15 years as a major label recording artist and six hit albums to his credit, Al Denson is a music artist with staying power. And with his Spring Hill debut, From This Day On, he stands at the apex of what is already one of the most formidable bodies of work in contemporary music.

But even as Al Denson, artist, continues to grow and mature creatively in dramatic leaps, album-to-album, more remarkable still are the strides by which his already dynamic youth-oriented ministry has and continues to flourish. In early 1997, Al came to a moment of decision in his career, and the course he chose has propelled him to a level of profound, life-changing evangelism that make all his successes in years gone by appear as merely a foreshadowing of the great things to come.

The "wheels of heaven" started turning in Al's head when a series of enthusiastically received high school concerts left him feeling that the Lord was not only smiling on his efforts in reaching young people for Christ, but in fact leading him down a new pathway in music and ministry. While never losing sight of the ongoing importance of encouraging and inspiring those who have already found a personal relationship with Christ, Al felt a compelling call to connect with all who were still lost. And it was obvious that America's public schools were the largest untouched fields in which he could do the labor to which the Lord was calling him.

Concentrating his concerts almost entirely on high school audiences, Al now finds himself doing as many as three high school assemblies in a day, presenting the teenagers with music and messages of the value of truth, honesty, and good character. Making his own Christian faith perfectly clear, but restrained by law from proselytizing on public time. Al invites all to an evening concert at which he's free to fully speak the Gospel.



Al Denson

I love Al Denson's songs "Take Me To The Cross" and "If You Believe In Miracles". I like that song becuse there are truly miracles that happen. I know that there is miracles because what God did for the blind man. He made him see.

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Haven't you heard of Al Denson? Well let me tell you a little about him! He is one of my favorite singers, right after Point Of Grace! I love listening to his music! I was so fortunate to see Al Denson in concert on a trip with my church youth group! My favorite songs of his, are "Who'll Pray For Me" and "Take Me To The Cross". I hope he'll keep producing such great music! God Bless,

Jessica- Virginia

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Al Denson is an AWESOME artist. I saw him during the summer when I went on a retreat and he preformed for us. He is such a great singer. Because of his music I began listening to Christian music.

My favorite song is "Take Me To The Cross". Plus there is so many more. Al Denson truly helped me with his music find my place with God. I am so thankful for that. I think there should be more about him.