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Al Denson

1: Reckless Heart
2: Love Is Taking Hold
3: Heaven Knows My Name
4: Right Where You Are
5: On The Upbeat
6: Strong Love
7: It Takes The Strong To Surrender
8: Warm Place In a Cold World
9: Faces and Names
10: Peace Be Still

Be the One

1: I've Got Something To Say
2: It's One Thing To Say It
3: Nothing Can Separate Us
4: Be The One
5: Tested By Fire
6: Higher Call
7: Fall Into Place
8: See Ya At The Party
9: No Love Lost
10: Never Out of His Love

The Extra Mile (1992)

The Extra Mile: Fans of this album appreciate Denson's clear lyrics and voice, as well as his great use of the keyboard to make a number of different sounds.

1: I Still Believe In Forever
2: I Choose To Follow
3: River Of Light
4: Extra Mile
5: If We Believe
6: To Forgive
7: The Love We Know
8: Call Me
9: Stand Up
10: Shine Out The Light
11: That's What My Father Would Do


In this 1993 release, Denson sings of the reasons we have for being a Christian, as well as our responsibilities. Fan favorites include "The Door," and "Alcatraz."

* Reasons
* Living In The Light Of Your Love
* I Know A Love
* I Got You
* Say It With Love
* Alcatraz
* Nothing In All of the World
* Stand
* The Door
* Draw Me Near

Do You Know This Man

1. All Around The World
2. Soul To Soul
3. Pledge To Purity
4. Church Of Love
5. See Him
6. Do You Know This Man?
7. Stand On Love
8. Life On The Edge
9. One Nation Under God
10. More To Love Than Meets The Eye

Take Me to the Cross (1997)

Fans speak very highly of this CD, noting that Denson's beautiful blend of poignant words and his tender voice make for an awesome combination that is a true display of God's power and holiness.

* Rain Love
* Who'll Pray For Me
* Right About Now
* Fly With The Angels
* Take Me To The Cross
* The Road Less Traveled
* The Choice
* If You Believe In Miracles
* Love Wants Nothing
* If You Only Knew

Reunion Praise

1. Ancient of Days
2. step by step
3. in the secret
4. the nails in your hands
5. holy and Anoited One
6. blessed be the name of the Lord
7. i feel good
8. enemy's camp
9. His love
10. mercy is falling
11. sanctuary
12. at the cross
13. thank you, Lord

Tabula Rasa (1998)

Highlights of this CD inlcude "If I Were Jesus," "The Way to Love," and "Be," which is a favorite of many fans. Denson adds even more depth to this album by writing a brief background on his reasons for writing each of the songs. Fans appreciate the personal touch!

* 'til it shines
* if i were Jesus
* tabula rasa (clean slate)
* be
* the significance of a single day
* beyond the tears
* in my prayers tonight
* hey, hey believer
* nothin's gonna hold me back
* the way to love

From This Day On

Fans rave over "Come and Fill This Place," calling it a "beautiful worship song." Other notable songs include "This Is Love," "Because of Him," and "I Will."

1. This Is Love (This Is Life)
2. Because of Him
3. Every Voice
4. I Will
5. Come and Fill This Place
6. From This Day On
7. Until The Light Goes Out
8. Say the Name
9. He's Watching Me
10. It's a Good Thing

Awakening the Heart of Worship

1. Prepare the Way 
2. Days of Elijah
3. Trading My Sorrows
4. Worthy of Praise
5. Open the Eyes of My Heart
6. We Will Dance
7. Light The Fire
8. Show Your Power
9. You Alone
10. Better Is One Day
11. Whom Shall I Fear
12. Sweet Mercies

With One Voice

1. Undivided 
2. Trusting You Alone/My Hope Is Built
3. Holy Love
4. The Arms That Won't Let Go/Great Is Thy Faithfullness
5. Alive In Us
6. Jesus, I Am Yours/I Surrender All
7. Holy Is The Lord/He Is Exalted
8. I Turn To You
9. A Greater Love/How Great Thou Art
10. In The Arms Of My Lord

Amazing Love

1. Lord Most High *LYRICS*
2. Everyday *LYRICS*
3. Above All *LYRICS*
4. You Are Holy *LYRICS*
5. Amazing Love *LYRICS*
6. At The Cross
7. Great in Power
8. In His Sanctuary
9. Thou Shalt Love
10. Be Unto Your Name * *