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Offering an upbeat, energetic mix of dance beats, R& B flavors, choreographed stage moves and pristine layered vocals, Chrissy Conway, Alisa Girard, and Kristin Swinford seem to be the genuine article, perfectly fitted to present the gospel to a young demographic weaned on MTV's fast cut images.


From the self-titled project's opening cut, "I Believe," the strong message of hope - as well as a strong sense of connection to the musical tastes of the rising generation - are obvious. With an anthemic wash of triumphant vocal interplay, sonic texturing, and unstoppable dance rhythms, "I Believe" serves as both a musical and lyrical centerpiece for ZOEgirl's debut.

Intentionally aiming their songwriting at a young audience, the early twenty-something members of ZOEgirl gravitated towards issues that effect the lives of teens today. Abstinence, temptation, and the search for identity, became topics addressed alongside more vertical tunes, such as the hooky, R&B-laced "Anything Is Possible," that simply praises God for his enduring faithfulness.

Though their history together stretches back only a matter of months, ZOEgirl will take their powerful message, infectious harmonies, and dazzling roadshow to more people than any other CCM artist in the next twelve months. Touring with Carman, Clay Crosse, and Nichole Nordeman, ZOEgirl will build on the already overwhelming response they've received from teens, preteens, and enthusiastic parents alike.




ZOEgirl adamantly believe that Different Kind Of FREE, the group's third studio release, is the project most true to who they are artistically, as individuals and as a group.

The lyrics found on this album are as personal and accessible as ever. Stylistically, the group has found a rare balance between guitar-driven pop and groove-laden R&B, while maintaining their signature sound of catchy hooks and powerful choruses.

Empowerment. Freedom. These are the pervasive themes on Different Kind Of FREE.

Zoegirl in Mission


Join ZOEgirl on their missions trip to Quito, Equador.

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