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About The Zion Harmonizers

A group that has sung together for more than 60 years, The Zion Harmonizers have repeatedly won every award there is to win for additional gospel in their city and have performed all over the world to enthusiastic audiences.


Benjamin Maxon organized the Zion Harmonizers in 1939 out of an old neighborhood in New Orleans known as "New Zion."  Over the years, the personnel has changed a little and the Zion Harmonizers have added some hot instrumentalists, but they still rely heavily on the old-time a cappella style, using four-part harmonies to get their message through.

While blessed with an international reputation, the Zion harmonizers remain a pillar of the New Orleans gospel community.  Most of their programs and song services are still conducted in small churches within a hundred mile radius of the City.  Their yearly Anniversary Program, featuring the Dixie Hummingbirds, is the biggest event on the local gospel calendar, and Sherman Washington 's Saturday morning radio show on WYLD, now in its twenty-eighth year, has become a New Orleans tradition in itself.  Whether they're singing for thousands at a festival in Italy or dozens at a church in La Place or Thibodaux, the Zion Harmonizers sing unfailingly to bring down the Holy Spirit and to have a good time in the name of the Lord.