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About Zie'l

Born and raised in the Bright Star Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana, Crystal Bell (soprano), Aphten Jones (soprano), Christina Bell (contralto), Undrea Northcutt (alto) and Keyondra Lockett (alto, contralto) form the group Ziel.

Singing together all their lives, they share the vision of steadfastness in the gospel music industry and keeping God first in their lives.

The quintet's auspicious debut, "Genesis" (2006) quickly put them in the running for  New Artist of the Year.

From the contemporary “Send Me” to the traditionally based, James Cleveland-penned “Surely He’s Able”, this quintet has the entire musical gamut covered.  Other top songs include “Worship Thee”, “That’s How He Saved Me”, and the jazzy “Can We Get Away”.

There's a certain groundedness that comes through in the lyrics and vocals... sometimes it's loud, sometimes it's soft, sometimes it's just fun, but it's worshipful all the same.