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The WOW CDs are a series of best-selling projects released every October since 1996. In only four years, the WOW brand has broken sales records and continues to remain the top-selling album series in Christian music history. Seventy-four percent of WOW consumers have also later bought an album by an artist they heard on the WOW disc (according to American Research Group's October 1998 report), resulting in huge overall growth for Christian music.

WOW has opened up new avenues for artists by growing the sales of Christian music product, growing artists' listener bases and introducing consumers to new artists. More than 4 million units of WOW compilations have been sold to date which has increased revenue for the Christian music industry across the board, including artists, publishers, record companies and retailers.

WOW 1996, WOW 1997, WOW 1998, and WOW 1999 have all reached platinum status. The pace at which each WOW release has reached RIAA platinum certification illustrates the momentum of WOW's growth. WOW 1996 achieved platinum status in less than two years; WOW 1997 reached platinum in less than one year; WOW 1998 was certified platinum in less than six months, and WOW 1999 shipped gold and was RIAA certified platinum in 45 days. WOW 1999 remains in the Top 10 of the Billboard Top Contemporary Christian album sales chart after 10 months.

WOW 2000 was released in October 2000. * * *