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Winans Phase 2 is made up of:
Marvin Winans, Jr.
Carvin Winans III
Juan Winans
and Michael Winans, Jr.


They are the third generation of Winans to enter the music world. First was Mom and Pop Winans, then their older sons Carvin II, Marvin, Michael, and Ronald who followed in their footsteps, singing and recording as The Winans. Then there were Daniel and Vickie, followed by BeBe and CeCe who found success as a duet and as solo artists. Most recently R&B Gospel fans were treated to the younger Winan siblings, Angie & Debbie. Finally, we have the grandchildren, Winans Phase 2. Ages 16-19, the group formed in 1998 after singing on a series of television spots for Detroit's NBC affiliate.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers prompted the four Winans to officially declare themselves an entity. It didn't take much shopping after that to land a record deal with Myrrh.


Winans Phase 2