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Wendy Curl is an up and coming inspirational Christian Music artist that has written / co-written some powerful, uplifting catchy songs that explore the various aspects of being in a relationship with a loving, merciful, caring Lord, who accepts us as we are, and is willing to empower us to do his work, in her CD, STREET CALLED STRAIGHT. According to Tom Jackson, performance coach for Jars Of Clay, "Wendy Curl, singer / songwriter, is the real thing."


So far, Wendy Curl has sold over 2500 copies of her CD, STREET CALLED STRAIGHT, that was recorded in a Nashville recording studio. If you listen to her music, you can hear why she has such a bright future in Christian Music, as she seeks to "follow the Lord in all that she does. He guides her life and music." (Quote from Serena Ayscue)


Wendy Curl started playing the guitar and composing songs as a teenager, talents she later refined while being involved in the Christian organization, Young Life, an organization that is still dear to her heart. Wendy continues to be involved with Young Life, performing at various Young Life activities.

Besides enjoying her family life in Orlando, Florida,with husband Brad and new son Max, who was born in the Fall of 2001, Wendy still is keeping a hand in her music ministry. She came out in December of 2001, with another CD, called THIS CHRISTMAS. In April of 2002, Wendy opened for Christian artist, Sara Groves at the Good News Concert in Saint Augustine, Florida. Wendy continues to be involved with Young Life, giving concerts for various groups, and plans some tours in the future where she can share her music with people around the United States.

The combination of meaningful lyrics, with inspired, energetic sharp vocal talent of Curl, and interesting combinations of acoustical / electric guitar, drums / percussion, keyboards, and programming in each of the CD's songs, makes this CD a triumphant first attempt at inspiring, uplifting, encouraging people to go down the STREET CALLED STRAIGHT. Every song is unique, and the music uses loud and soft dynamic levels effectively to bring out the meaning and emotional impact of the songs.

The CD starts off with "Love In A Box". - The listener hears a strong, energetic rhythmic acoustical guitar, establishing the driving, catchy beat of the song. An electric guitar, drums/ percussion subtly join the acoustical guitar, blending very nicely together; simple yet interesting.

The lyrics speak of an honest self-examination after a break up with a boyfriend, exposing the common human weaknesses and tendencies that exist in our human nature. For example, she starts off with the revelation:

First Verse: I thought I fell in love with you but I fell in love with being in love and having someone to hold onto. The chorus further explains: I was trying to put love in a box, arranging my emotions, segregating love and pain where I thought they belong....

Second Verse further explains: Emotions are messy, but you can't ignore their presence, you gotta clean through the mess cause we'll always hurt, but we gotta start confessing.... to get rid of sin and insecure doubt, instead of living a facade of perfection, with pain and doubt still nagging us under the surface.

The title song, "Straight Avenue" (Has more of a drum rock beat, with this acoustical / electric guitar style song, again arranged in an interesting way to grab the listener).

Basic principle of the song is that Christianity is an active faith, not being afraid of being different by living the truth and standing up for the Gospel, which we can do through God's inspiration and power. The lyrics speak of behavior before and after a personal change inspired by divine intervention.

Lyrical Sample: I felt certain convictions, but always conformed. (Until).... but then something changed, I took a walk with intent in my step, the line was drawn with a purpose set. I put on dedication boots, and led a horse of a different hue down straight avenue. I stepped out of line to speak the truth, now I reside on Straight Avenue.

"Gone" - (Music starts off with driving acoustical guitar, swells to full band of electrical guitars, some keyboard and active drums, in bright combinations. Nice background vocals join Curl during the chorus).

In this song, Curl explores the grief of the Lord over lost sheep. The Lord is lamenting the loss of a girl, who refuses to believe, resulting in no relationship with God, and a useless life.

Lyrical sample: I can see that she is still alive, I hear her words, see her tears but when I look into her eyes, there's nobody in there, there's nobody home.

She grew up to be a model, burned out of school, smokes her joints, her life is going full throttle. There is nothing I can do, just let her roam.

(CHORUS) And oh the tragedy, a childhood is lost, and so is honesty and I've tried so hard to bring the little girl back but now she's gone.

Curl explores the consequences of belief: Experiencing God's love, mercy, guidance, faithfulness, comfort, and a relationship with the Lord in the following songs:

"Leaders Song" (Upbeat, rock percussion, punctuated by base guitar, keyboard work, light guitar in background).

An encouraging, rallying song for Christians, in spreading the Gospel.

Lyrical Sample: We can't fill their every need, but surely know that we are planting seeds, and we don't know which will grow, but God will reap abundantly, la la la la la! He'll reap abundantly.

"So Amazing" (Background music is a fresh combination of acoustical guitars and interesting light percussion, keyboards. The score slowly builds, starting off with solemn, flowing, melodious acoustical guitars).

A beautifully unique version of Amazing Grace. Curl's own tune melds beautifully with John Newton's 1779 text, which he wrote after his dramatic conversion to Christianity. He promptly left the slave trade to serve God.

Lyrical Sample: Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

Transitional phrase used between verses: You are so amazing, you're grace is so amazing.....

"Who Do You Think You Are?" - (Starts off with snare and electrical guitar, swells to full drum and acoustical guitar, then to full band, and variations follow).

Starts off with the attitude of an unbeliever. Then, the song describes a personal encounter with Jesus, resulting in belief. By the end of the song, this new believer is answering her own question.

Lyrical Sample: You say there's someone who understands I really don't feel the same but I'll play your little game, who do you think you are? Finally, I got the chance to meet him, my heart began to race when simply He touched my face, to my surprise He said that I'm forgiven. Thank you sir; I felt the weight lift off my chest, pardon my double talk but you redefine my walk....

Are you a healer, are you a Savior, who do you think your are? You see right through my chart to the problem of my heart, I came to walk again, you took away my sin.

"With You" & "Bitter Sweet" - Are songs that explore the faithfulness of God during hard times during our life. While there will be slippery stones, bitter experiences along with sweet moments, God is there to guide us. Support us through it all, and we must accept the bitter along with the sweet as both will exist in our life, as we pass through.

"With You" - (Acoustical guitar for first stanza, then rest of band joins in: drums, electric piano, electric guitar).

(Speaking to the love of her life:) Lyrical Sample: I know that's it's true that we'll fall sometimes, still I know it's you I want to fall with, I'm falling in love with you. Slippery stones no they don't scare me, I'll hold your hand, we'll walk together faithfully, cause God is our guide, hang on it might be a bumpy ride.

"Bitter And Sweet" (Synthesizer, piano, drums, acoustical guitar. Song written in a minor key. Chorus switches to major key).

Lyrical Sample:1 Everybody gets lonely in the middle of the crowd. Everybody gets tired from baggage we all carry 'round. Everybody gets paranoid dodging drafts and asteroids. Can you trust a stranger knowing they will disappoint you?

Chorus: I'm just passing through this station, waiting for the 503, and I need you to remind me to take the bitter with the sweet.

"Miracle Boy" - A song that is sung to a little boy whose existence is miraculous, and she pledges her love and support to him because her heart was touched by him. Then, she goes on to tell him of another miracle boy, Jesus, who is always faithful, always there for us.

Lyrical Sample: 2 There's another miracle boy that I pray you will know cause He loves you so, so if we need anything we know He'll be around, He'll always be found.

"Holding On" - (Starts off with interesting sounds coming from synthesized keyboard, then is joined by rhythmic acoustical guitar, establishing the beat of the song. The rhythmic strokes of acoustical guitar are joined by drums, keyboard, swells to full band, starting with a cymbal. During the chorus, there is an echoing effect, then goes back down to simple guitar, drum, and the cycle begins again, varying a little. Variations of music throughout make this song as unique as all the others).

Song tells of the yearning for a better, deeper love that satisfies the soul, and how she surrenders in prayer and discovers the Lord Jesus, and his love that holds on faithfully to believers.

Lyrical Sample: I need a better love, cause I messed up so badly, I fell down so sadly, broken beyond repair. I got down on my knees, begged forgiveness please, I found you there.... sacrificing pride, I looked upon your face, saw love in your eyes, you picked me up, and held me close.....your love's so strong holding on.

Julie Carr - Reviewer for ChristianMusic.com

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