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About Wayne Kirkpatrick

Wayne, a Grammy and Dove Award winning writer, grew up writing music. He wrote his first song, "Lady Wind" when he was 14. At a Bible camp someone gave him a couple simple lessons on the guitar, and from then on, he was always locked in his room with the guitar, writing song upon song. As his father was a pastor, many of Wayne's songs were tested out on the congregation. Wayne got his first big break when his brother got a demo tape to Amy Grant's manager, Michael Blanton. Before long, Kirkpatrick had his first record cut with Billy Sprague, a song called "What A Way To Go."

But Wayne's really big break came when Amy Grant herself called up Wayne saying she wanted to use his song, "Wise Up" on her "Unguarded" album. Wayne has been writing songs for Amy ever since.

Now, after 24 years of songwriting and over 200 record cuts ranging from country to comtemporary Christian to pop to R&B, Wayne has finally released his own album, entitled "The Maple Room".

This is a listing of just some of the songs that Wayne has written or co-written:

"A Man After Your Own Heart" (Gary Chapman)
"A Way Back" (Billy Sprague)
"Agree To Disagree" (Susan Ashton)
"Alice In Wonderland" (Susan Ashton)
"All Is Well" (Michael W. Smith)
"All Youíre Missiní Is A Heartache" (Michael W. Smith)
"Angels Unaware" (Michael W. Smith)
"Anna" (Michael W. Smith)
"Anything and Everything" (Martina McBride)
"Benediction" (Susan Ashton)
"Better Angels Of Our Nature" (Susan Ashton)
"Blessing In Disguise" (Margaret Becker)
"Blindside" (Susan Ashton)
"Breathe In Me" (Michael W. Smith)
"Call Of The Wild" (Susan Ashton)
"Calling Heaven" (Michael W. Smith)
"Chance Of A Lifetime" (Kathy Troccoli)
"Change The World" (Eric Clapton)
"Change The World" (Wynona)
"Children Of The World" (Amy Grant)
"Color Blind" (Michael W. Smith)
"Crooked Man" (Susan Ashton)
"Cross Of Gold" (Michael W. Smith)
"Cry A River" (Amy Grant)
"Down On My Knees" (Susan Ashton)
"Dream On" (Kathy Troccoli)
"Emily" (Michael W. Smith)
"Every Heartbeat" (Amy Grant)
"Faithful"(Kim Hill)
"For The Love Of God" (Rick Cua)
"For You" (Michael W. Smith)
"Freedom" (Lisa Bevil)
"Give It Away"(Michael W. Smith)
"Go West Young Man" (Michael W. Smith)
"God Loves You" (Jaci Velasquez)
"God Shaped Hole" (Plumb)
"Going Thru The Motions" (Michael W. Smith)
"Good For Me" (Amy Grant)
"Gotta Keep Dancin" (Kathy Troccoli)
"Grand Canyon" (Susan Ashton)
"Hand Of Providence" (Michael W. Smith)
"Heart Like A Rock" (Susan Ashton)
"A Heart Like Mine" (Billy Sprague)
"Hello, Goodbye" (Michael W. Smith)
"Help You Find Your Way" (Michael W. Smith)
"Hold The Intangible" (Susan Ashton)
"How Long Will Be Too Long" (Michael W. Smith)
"I Believe In You Now" (Michael W. Smith)
"I Hear Leesha" (Michael W. Smith)
"I Hear You" (Susan Ashton)
"I Know" (Michael W. Smith)
"I Miss The Way" (Michael W. Smith)
"I Will Wait" (Kim Hill)
"Iíll Lead You Home" (Michael W. Smith)
"In Amazing Grace Land" (Susan Ashton)
"In My Life" (Kim Hill)
"Innocence Lost" (Susan Ashton)
"Is There Any Love Left" (Kim Hill)
"It Donít Matter To The Sun" (Garth Brooks)
"It Will Be Me" (Faith Hill)
"Kentucky Rose" (Michael W. Smith)
"Lamu" (Michael W. Smith)
"Land of Nod" (Susan Ashton)
"The Last Letter" (Michael W. Smith)
"Lead Me On" (Amy Grant)
"Let Me Go" (Susan Ashton)
"Level Head" (Bruce Carroll)
"Like I Love You" (Amy Grant)
"Little Stronger Every Day" (Michael W. Smith)
"Live And Learn" (Michael W. Smith)
"Live Right" (Rich Mullins)
"Living In The Vertical" (Renee Garcia)
"Lost In You" (Garth Brooks)
"Love Can Do" (Amy Grant)
"Love Crusade" (Michael W. Smith)
"Love Has No Eyes" (Billy Sprague)
"Love Me Good" (Michael W. Smith)
"Love Of Another Kind" (Amy Grant)
"Love One Another" (Michael W. Smith)
"Love Profound" (Susan Ashton)
"Love That Knows No Bounds" (Rich Mullins)
"Love to Lean On" (Joe Cocker)
"Missing Person" (Michael W. Smith)
"Move In Me" (Michael W. Smith)
"My Freedom" (Lisa Bevil)
"Mysterious Ways" (Kim Hill)
"Natural Thing" (Kim Hill)
"Never Been Unloved" (Michael W. Smith)
"No One Knows My Heart" (Susan Ashton)
Now and Forever" (Kenny Rogers)
"Old Enough To Know" (Michael W. Smith)
"On The Other Side" (Michael W. Smith)
"Other Side Of Me" (Michael W. Smith)
"Paper Tigers" (Jaci Velasquez)
"Picture Perfect" (Michael W. Smith)
"Place In This World" (Michael W. Smith)
"Pray For Me" (Michael W. Smith)
"Pursuit Of The Dream" (Michael W. Smith)
"Ready And Willing" (Kathy Troccoli)
"Remember the Alamo" (George Strait)
"Rich Man, Poor Man" (Kim Hill)
"Rock The Planet" (Billy Sprague)
"Rocketown" (Michael W. Smith)
"A Rose Is A Rose" (Susan Ashton)
"Round And Round" (Kim Hill)
"Satisfied" (Kim Hill)
"Second Chance" (Lisa Bevil)
"Secret Ambition" (Michael W. Smith)
"Seed To Sow" (Michael W. Smith)
"Sheíll Come Around" (Kim Hill)
"Shelter" (Jaci Velasquez)
"Simplify" (Wes King)
"Someday" (Michael W. Smith)
"Somebody Love Me" (Michael W. Smith)
"Somewhere Down The Road" (Amy Grant)
"Somewhere, Somehow" (Michael W. Smith)
"Spinning Like A Wheel" (Susan Ashton)
"Started As A Whisper" (Susan Ashton)
"Stay For Awhile" (Amy Grant)
"Steal At Any Price" (Rich Mullins)
"Stop My Heart" (Kim Hill)
"The Story Of Life" (Sierra)
"Suffer In Silence" (Susan Ashton)
"Summer Solstice" (Susan Ashton)
"Sure Enough" (Amy Grant)
"Sweet Surrender" (Jaci Velasquez)
"Takes A Little Time" (Amy Grant)
"Talk It Out" (Kathy Troccoli)
"Teariní Down The Wall" (Michael W. Smith)
"Testimony" (Kim Hill)
"There Is A Line" (Susan Ashton)
"Turning" (Kim Hill)
"Up In The Sky" (Kim Hill)
"Voices" (Michael W. Smith)
"Wait For The Healing" (Amy Grant)
"Waiting To Be Found" (Susan Ashton)
"Walk On By" (Susan Ashton)
"What A Way To Go" (Billy Sprague)
"What Am I" (Christine Dente)
"What Goes Around" (Billy Sprague)
"When Are You Coming Back" (Susan Ashton)
"Whereíve You Been All My Life" (Kim Hill)
"Where Is Your Heart" (Billy Sprague)
"Wired for Sound" (Michael W. Smith)
"Wise Up" (Amy Grant)
"Words" (Kim Hill)
"Youíre Alright" (Michael W. Smith)


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