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About Wavorly

Wavorly is a Christian rock band, which was assembled of college students from Tupelo & Booneville, Mississippi formerly called Freshmen 15.  The group changed its name after signing to Flicker Records because they "didn't want to be thirty years old and be like, 'I'm in "Freshmen 15". I have three kids.'"  The band selected the name Wavorly taken from a haunted mansion in West Point, Mississippi


After a few years of growth and evolution, some line-up changes and a couple hundred shows later, Wavorly bursts onto the national scene with their Flicker Records debut, Conquering The Fear of Flight (2007) produced by the Grammy-nominated talent Rob Graves.

The album contains the number one Christian Rock singles "Madmen" and "Part One," CHR radio monster "Praise and Adore (Some Live Without It)" and top ten singles "Forgive and Forget" and "Stay With Me."

Intricately arranged and immediately accessible strings and classical piano establish a darkly elegant waltz as the introduction to the album, before devolving into a pounding wall of guitars and drums. Dave Stovall’s powerful vocals ride across the top of the churning, but consistently tuneful brew as he delivers lyrical images heavily colored by author and teacher C.S. Lewis. In fact, Lewis’ classic novel The Great Divorce, served as an influence on several of the disc’s songs, while his sense of imagination and heart deeply shaped the melodic and stylistic inspiration behind the band in general.

Bassist Matt Lott enthusiastically admits to the overarching influence the Cambridge Master had on the band and on this album. “Two of the songs are specifically based on The Great Divorce,” he explains. “They describe the main character in this classic and the choice he is faced with to stay in hell or go to heaven.” The driving rocker “Endless Day” directly quotes the book with the line “a thin line of emerald green stretched tight as a fiddle-string.” Lott continues, “It’s about heaven being this amazing wide open place,” Lott shares. “But the song ‘Part One’ puts off a dismal, confused feeling representing his option to stay in hell.”

Lewis’ words were also specifically influential on the disc’s opening cut “Madmen,” but his sense of imagination and scope even influenced the arrangements, melodies and overall style of the disc. Stovall is also their resident Lewis aficionado. “I drew a lot of inspiration from my emotional response to his books,” he explains. “As a result, we found this rock / alternative sound with a sense of mystery and deep meaning.”

Wavorly has toured nationally with acts such as Disciple, Pillar, High Flight Society, as well as many others. 

Wavorly is a band whose heart is buried deep into the belief that music can have a positive and life-changing effect on people’s lives in ways that really matter.