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Brandon Graves (drums),
Kenny Carter (bass), Christena Graves (keyboards),
and Don & Lori Chaffer (guitars, vocals, songwriting).



Original Band members in 1996 were Brandon Graves (drums), Anthony Case (bass), Jay Pfeiffer (keyboards), and Don & Lori (guitars, vocals, songwriting).

Waterdeep has become more an adjective describing a grassroots phenomenon than it has a band name. Logging more time on the road every year than they do in their hometown of Wichita, Kansas, the members of Squint Entertainment's latest signing have witnessed the growth of a far-flung but close-knit community centering not so much around them as a band, as around the ideas and passions that drive and shape them.

Part of what makes the atmosphere around Waterdeep so chemical is their willingness to create "in the moment." The five piece band is known for taking chances, for improvising on the fly, for sailing out into uncertain seas, and somehow finding their way back to dry land. Tapes of their live shows are a hotly collected items because of the fluid approach they take to their music; songs are seldom performed the same way twice, and completely new musical exchanges are generated spontaneously as they go. This gives the music a living, breathing, rooted feel, with very little pretense and a welcoming vulnerability, especially when their voices and instruments begin to brood and soar in a creative act of worship.


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