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About War Of Ages

Like a brick to the face, War Of Ages combines the shredding guitar solos of traditional metal and the unrelenting brutality of modern hardcore bands with an intense spiritual conviction.

Formed in 2003 by five friends who wanted to get together to play uber-heavy music with a message, the boys in War Of Ages burst out of the Erie, PA hardcore scene amongst likeminded bands like xDisciplex AD, Shockwave, and Brother’s Keeper.


War Of Ages released their first CD in July of 2005, which is self-titled and released on StrikeFirst Records (a subsidiary of Facedown Records), to an enthusiastic crowd and unsuspecting press. War Of Ages garnered many a positive review, including Under The Volcano, who said: “ This self-titled debut fuses bottom heavy hardcore rage with explosive metal pyrotechnics perfectly; this is one of the best CD’s I have heard this year.”

Lyrically, War Of Ages typically likes to keep things positive. Vocalist Leroy Hamp writes his lyrics based on feeling and puts them into a poetic format. Pride Of The Wicked touches on positivity from the last album, but also expands on that to discuss issues of the heart and the negative side of pride. Hamp said, “The goal of this band is to reach people on a personal level. We want to show everyone that there’s light in a world covered in darkness, to have fun doing what you want to do. We like to set goals for ourselves and continue to set the bar higher and strive for bigger and better things, but never lose sight of what brought us all here in the first place.”

The band entered the studio to record their second full-length album in June of 2006. Pride Of The Wicked was recorded at the legendary Trax East Studio in New Jersey with Eric Rachel (Atreyu, Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan) and his expertise helped the band fully capture their sound.  Recorded at the legendary Trax East Studio in New Jersey with Eric Rachel (Atreyu, Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan) and his expertise helped create  one of 2006’s metal masterpieces.


Fire from the Tomb (2007) and Arise And conquer (2008) followed.  With white-hot metal guitar solos and poetic lyrics with a personal meaning, War of Ages defies that notion with intense and aware music that surpasses traditional notions of rock and roll into something that is both incredibly epic and grounded in reality.

Sonically, War Of Ages will knock you down, grab your attention with their gripping grooves, annihilate you with their tireless enthusiasm, impress you with their technical ferocity, and most importantly, they will leave you wanting more.