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About Wanda Nero Butler

Stellar Awards nominated and GMWA Excellence Award winning singer/songwriter/actress Wanda Nero Butler has been singing in front of audiences since the age of nine as the lead singer of the group Creators Children.  Two of her Billboard Magazine charting hits include "Hey Ya'll" and "New Born Soul" from the late eighties.


In 1987, she firmly staked her claim in the gospel music world when she recorded her maiden project, Reach For His Love, on the Sound of Gospel label. This work catapulted Mrs. Butler to record other now legendary works such as New Born Soul - (1989), Wanda Nero Butler Live in Atlanta – (1992) which garnered a GMWA Excellence Award for "Best Female Vocalist,” and as a producer and performer on Chike Anybuille-Live in Detroit – (1994), All to the Glory of God-Live in Chicago – (1996), Family Prayer – (1998) and Wanda Nero Butler Live in Alabama – (2000).

Her "Live in Birmingham " (2002) CD features all the hallmarks of this Detroit-based singer: lots of shouting and wailing, and an abundance of energy and enthusiasm in interpreting choir-backed material.

As expected, Wanda once again puts her stamp of energy and genuine love for God on every song on her project, “No Failure,” released October 14, 2008.

Pegged as a more traditional gospel artist, this CD is Wanda Nero Butler with a contemporary twist.  From standout tracks including No Failure featuring Victoria “Vicki” Vaughn and Yes, to the powerful Deliver Me and No One, the fun duet with Pam & Dodi, No Failure exudes authenticity.

“Wanda Nero Butler is a vocal powerhouse that has stood the test of time and is back to take her rightful place with other great female vocalists.”  –Alvin V. Williams, sr. director, music industry development, Gospel Music Channel.

Known by her loyal fans as the ‘Princess of Gospel’, Wanda was awarded the Ambassador to the State of Arkansas during President Bill Clinton's term.  Besides the love of gospel music, her theater stage experience since the late seventies runs the gamut from Evolution of the Blues to Jesus Christ Superstar. Musically, she has worked with top rate voices like Vickie Winans, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and Angie Stone.