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Vicki Yohe was born and raised in Lousiana, the daughter of a minister. Being raised as a PK, (Preacher's Kid), Vicki was blessed with a strong, Christian upbringing, and many opportunities to develop her marvelous singing talent and musical abilities, along with her love of Jesus throughout her growing up years. She also was exposed to a lot of great Gospel music both in her own home and in the community around her. Her early musical influences included Tramaine Hawkins and Aretha Franklin.

A strong musical and life molding influence was Mickey Mangun, her former pastor's wife from Alexandria, LA. Vicki explains the life molding experience which led her to where she is today, being in an active Christian ministry, with music as the vehicle to reach people.

"When I was 12 yrs old, I was sitting in a huge auditorium, watching my mentor, Mickey Mangun, singing with everything she had! She gave 150%. At that moment, I leaned over to my mom and said, 'Someday that will be me.'"

Another musical influence was / is CeCe Winans, who wound up years later signing Vicki Yohe in a recording contract with her record label, Puresprings Gospel, as CeCe knows talent when she hears and sees it!

At the age of 17, it was no surprise that Vicki Yohe attended Jackson College of Ministries where she studied music in ministry. After college, she became a music director near Baton Rouge, LA. Her family surprised her with the funds to record her first CD at the age of 19, called VICKI YOHE.

She found herself performing in more and more concerts, developing a large fan base in the process. Vicki got the sense that the Lord had some new plans for her in her ministry for Him; to be more of an active vessel in spreading the Gospel in music. He had a more vigorous path for her to follow, one which would make good use of her boundless energy and her gifts.

With the Lord opening new doors to Vicki, her music ministry turned up a notch or two in the next 10 years, as she found herself recording 6 albums with three different record labels and ministering to people through her songs with well known pastors and evangelists such as Bill Winston, Juanita Bynum, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar and The Brownsville Revival team. She found herself a frequent guest on The Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Kurt Carr and Vicki Yohe

During the fall of 2005, Vicki went on Kurt Carr's "One Church Tour" with Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers, RiZen, Smokie Norful, and James Fortunr & FIYA, which Vicki was excited about.
"I'm so excited to be part of a tour that allows me collaborate with artists that I genuinely love."

During their fall tour, they had the opportunity to minister to, talk to and perform for Hurrican Katrina victims, offering reduced ticket prices or free tickets for them. $5.00 from each tciket sold went to the Red Cross as a donation for hurricane efforts.

In 1994, Vicki signed a recording contract with the indie label, Giant Records, where she did three projects with them. On her first album, EVERLASTING LOVE, THE MERCY SEAT which now is her signature song, was showcased at the famous Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, becoming very popular indeed, and has become one of the Top 10 best-selling Christian accompaniment tapes of all time. Other big hits from her three albums with Giant include UNDER THE BLOOD and SOMETHING ABOUT MY PRAISE.

After her contract was up with Giant, she signed another contract with Aluminum Records, and did two more albums with them, CHRISTMAS PRESENCE and BEYOND THE SONG.

In 2002, Vicki signed a recording contract with Purespring Gospel. Her debut release with Purespring was I JUST WANT YOU, which had the huge Gospel radio smash hit in 2004, BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE; a song which earned Vicki her first nomination for Gospel Music's Dove Award, which made the whole Gospel music community wake up and take notice!

In between all her projects, tours, and services in her Christian music ministry efforts, Vicki found the love of her life, Troy Hodges and married him. For nine years, Vicki and her husband Troy were unable to have children. But on March 28, 2005, their dream of having a family came true. The Lord blessed them with a baby through an adoption.

The Official Announcement: "On March 28, 2005, the most incredible blessing was bestowed on Vicki Yohe and her husband Troy Hodges. A teenage girl chose life instead of abortion, and gave birth to a beautiful bi racial baby boy, making Troy and Vicki the proud parents of Walker Winston Hodges."

Vicki shares about this special moment in their lives.

"This young girl hid her pregnancy from family and friends for nearly 8 months, fearing the negative reaction of not only being pregnant, but being pregnant with a bi racial child. After revealing her pregnancy, she was able to find sanctuary in the most incredible place for young women in her position, Darlene Bishop's Home for Life."

This joyous moment became the inspiration for the title of this new CD, HE'S BEEN FAITHFUL, released on Purespring Gospel label on September 27, 2005.

Vicki reflects, "When the Lord blessed us with Walker, it was around the same time that we were deciding what to name the new CD project. The Lord really has been faithful to me. I've been singing Brooklyn Tabernacle song, 'He's been faithful' for years, and had decided to put that on the CD, so that made the perfect title."


When asked to describe her music, Yohe replied, "Praise & Worship with a Gospel flavor."

Vicki Yohe
Vicki Yohe's vocals are powerful, dynamic, and heartfelt. She not only has a strong voice, but great breath control, great tone, and a wonderful sense of dynamics and style, all of which she uses in just the right manner for each performance of the songs recorded on this CD. WOW!! She skillfully uses her voice as a fine-tuned instrument, which she can express in various ways to artfully perform the right nuance needed for each song's lyrics, which washes over the listener in a very effective way.

It is no wonder that she has such a wide following from fans of multiple musical genres who love her music, for she relies on the Lord for her inspiration to do her best whether she is composing on her keyboard, performing for people, recording an album or being envolved in her mission projects.

Vicki shares, "The Spirit of God leads me to write and sing my music. Whether in the valley or on a mountain top, God gives me the words and the melody."

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