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Lucy Britten and Sharnessa Shelton.

V*Enna is a girl group that goes beyond their musical peers' materialistic message with a mission that encompasses a two-fold ministry: to use the medium of pop music to reach kids for Christ, and to challenge them to grow in their faith instead of following the crowd.

Lucy Britten grew up near Bristol, England, in an old vicarage, surrounded by siblings, foster kids, and pets that included sheep, chickens, fish, and a dog that's also called Lucy (we're sure it's a compliment). Although she attended church and her grandfather was an archdeacon who traveled the world, living in places like Nairobi and Cyprus, her own faith grew gradually.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Sharnessa Shelton was growing up in Longview, Washington, in what she describes as a "a very Christian, but not strict, home." While being home schooled, Sharnessa nurtured her love of music and dance with tap, jazz, and lyrical technique lessons, as well as participating in choir and ensemble at the local private school. Then, at 16, she directed, choreographed, and produced her first show at her church. Another followed two years later.

To further hone her skills, Sharnessa enrolled in the School of Creative Ministries in London, England. It was there that she met Mark Pennells, founder of WorldWide Message Tribe and a producer and band consultant. Pennells was already familiar with Lucy's passion for music, and sensed that the two girls shared a vision for spreading the gospel through pop music with a message - particularly within primary schools.

V*Enna's first entry into the retail market is their enhanced maxi-single, "All the Way to Heaven," in late February 2000. The infectious title track is also the girls' first radio single. In addition, the disc includes "Sunshine and Rain," plus three remixes and two bonus karaoke cuts. From there, it's an intensive mix of studio time and concert appearances as the girls begin work on their full length project, also produced by Pennells and Porter, and slated for release in late summer 2000.



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