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About V3

LaToya, Sacha, and Shelley Vinson, known as V3, grew up on progressive gospel- the Winans, Andre Crouch and the Clark Sisters.

Raised in Atlanta, the children of a pastor/father, and a mother who was a professional singer, songwriter and recording artist, the sisters grew up singing under their mother’s careful tutelage, and guided by the spiritual teachings and example set for them by their dad.

The sister from the Atlanta self-titled debut was release in August of 2006 on EMI Gospel.

Right out of the gate, opener "Let Go" comes on strong with edgy beats even as it urges us to "cast all our cares and let go." The first single, "I Need You," highlights the sisters' formidable vocals chops, with its open confession of dependency sung oh-so-smoothly over lilting piano arpeggios. The sound is nothing less than sizzling, as is the truths expressed. Shonlock guests on the layered "Take Me There," the keyboards simmering beneath a potpourri of techno-groove. The production touches of artist Antonio and Josiah Bell & Robert Marvin (otherwise known as Double Dutch) abound on this record, almost to the point of being a fourth performer.

Rounding out the album are two hot tracks that are sure to become favorites; first, the heavy groove laden "Take The Time" penned by Latoya, Sacha and W.Holt of Crisis Situations who also provides production, and the soft but very melodic"Thank You" another Latoya diamond, with strong production from B.Russ, Dave Soul, and Kim Mont/ vocal arranger of Rusty Soul Production for Creative II Production.

“We want to entertain people, and show them that there’s no contradiction in enjoying yourself and also being a Christian,” says Shelley. “We’re just people, like everyone else, and we’re not perfect at all; but you don’t have to be perfect in order to receive God’s love. Our greatest purpose is just to love people as much as we can, and try to live the kinds of lives where others can really see His love through us. That’s why we are here. We want to let our light shine wherever we go.”

The message of God's love is weaved through each song and sung from the heart as someone who has had a personal experience with God. This is one of those rare CDs that you don't have to skip through songs to get to the "good ones". Every song is well written and performed superbly.