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About The Turning

Driving guitars, booming drums and a prison break open the first track of Learning to Lose, the debut modern rock CD from new RKT Music band The Turning. But the escape alluded to doesn’t involve running from any sort of illegal activity; rather, The Turning hopes to use its music to persuade all who will listen to break free of the insecurities, doubts, confusion and fears that hold them captive.

"The main message we want to spread is that people should be themselves,: says frontman Jacob McGinnis.

The Turning got its start when, after several years of playing worship music in their home churches, Chattanooga, Tenn. residents Matt Warren, Jeff Goff and Jeremy Little decided to try their hand at modern rock. The three set to work creating bass/drum/electric guitar tracks that were musically gripping, and the songs they crafted would make perfect sense alongside everything from Delirious to Foo Fighters to Switchfoot.  Adding Jacob McGinnis as frontman the group and the boys were ready to go.


"Learning to Lose" highlights the lessons this band has learned about the critical moments in every persons journey and the importance of not letting fear or circumstances hold us back on the path. Even the albums title, a line from the song For You, reiterates this idea. McGinnis says, “The main message of the lyric is that sometimes you actually lose more by winning. We don’t serve a God who is occupied with winning and losing. He is concerned with the journey and what our hearts learn and become on the way.”

"The Turning’s experience shows on their debut... Catchy melodies, expertly executed pop-rock and frequently worship-themed lyrics all conspire to make Learning to Lose a remarkable experience." - From the GMA ’06 issue of CCM Magazine * * * *