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About Transistor Radio

California's Transistor Radio is a Christian rock band that falls somewhere between groups like House of Heroes and Relient K.  They came to life in the early 2000s, its members banding together around their first two loves: God and music.


Transistor Radio's debut album, A Legacy Between (2007) is the first release from Up At Nite Records, the new rock imprint of Syntax Records.

Transistor Radio's line-up consists of Jamesdon Kissling (vocals/keys), Guy Bravo (guitar), Sam Moreno (guitar/vocals/keys), Andrew Galbreath (bass/vocals), and Jordan Heid (drummer).  Their alt-rock groove is backed up by boldly honest lyrics that flow from their strong relational drive. Unafraid to open up a vein and reveal candid fears, they serve up the deeply expressive “ California in December,” and bravely convey the chaos of dependency in “Addiction.” Their sound is message-oriented without skimping on sonic excellence, as illustrated in the melodic intensity of “The Getaway,” powerfully portraying one mind’s consideration of the gospel and its benefits.

“This record touches base on the human issues that everybody relates to,” says label founder Aaron Diello. “I mean everyone. You cannot listen to A Legacy Between and not relate. You find yourself singing the song for yourself, and crying out to God because you know you’re not alone. This record does an amazing job of pointing the listener in the right a God that is infinite in love and grace.”

“We don’t want to be just a band about music,” shares drummer Jordan Heid. “We feel God calling us to take it a step further, and become engaged in people’s lives. That’s what God calls us all to do in the Bible, period. To be engaged with one other.”