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GIVE ME WORDS - Part 2 - SONG NOTES: Evaluations,  Partial Lyrics and Related Scriptures

(All lyrics are under copy-right, and printed with permission.)

  * * * * + The title song: GIVE ME WORDS - Piano-based ballad of personal testimony and resolve to share the Gospel, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

* Anthem features inspiring message paired with an interesting melody and wonderful chorus section, presented by heart-felt vocals.

* Solid, full musical support is provided by electric guitars, keys, and a steady beat.

Related Scripture: (2nd Timothy 3:16-17, Ex, 4:10-12, Is. 55:11, 1 Peter 3:16, Hebrews 12:5-11)

Tim comments, " I believe that God will speak to us in many ways.  He speaks through His words; (Is. 55:41), through our conscience; (1 Timothy 1:5, 1 Peter 3:16), and through events; (James 1:2-5, Heb. 12:5-11).  He also sometimes speaks audibly to people. But He never contradicts himself & His Word. the question is: Are we asking God to give us the words to say that will change somebody's heart? Are we seeking God's guidance as we interact with this world?"

Partial Lyrics: By Jim Meadows

Verse sample: Lord, how can my words describe / The power of Your grace? / The way You took my broken life / And threw away my shame? / The way You took my selfishness / And taught me how to love / I need to find the words to say / The great things You have done//

* Chorus: Give me the words to say/ To reach somebody’s heart / Give me words to say / Ignite a holy spark / Make my life a witness / Let me light the way / Make my message clear / Give me words to say.//

  * * * * + +  STAY AMAZED: Strong Favorite - Stirring piano-based anthem which certainly encourages all to be in awe of His glory, mercy and love that He has for us. Total musical presentation inspires an appreciation and gratitude to what a wonderful Lord we have to worship and depend on.

Musical Notes:

 Wonderful combination of composition and melody, vocals and message, propelled with an easy beat.

*Combines minor Key and major key sounds. The verses have minor key sound, while the chorus is mostly major key influenced, offering a positive solution to our human tendancies to get off track.
* A touch of soul begins this worship anthem, provided by a  combination of piano, guitar and female vocal, which is the cherry on top!

* Begins with an interesting scale in a minor key with a few accidentals thrown in the mix.
Verses begin softly, with expressive vocals, which build in dynamics, with a composition following in suit. 

* Features a hard to forget, glorious chorus, with an appealing, interesting melody, powerful vocals and easy to remember, yet pithy lyrical message.

Tim comments: "It's all about seeking God through the Word, spending time in worship, and spending time in prayer daily."

Related.Scriptures: (Matt. 8:27 & 15:30-34).

Partial Lyrics: By Jim Meadows & Tim Juillet
Verse Sample: We’re forgetful, darkness creeps inside of us / Focus turns / to things unworthy of our love / Blessings calm our worried hearts / His spark becomes a flame / Why is it so hard for us / To stay amazed??

Obedience / Comes with a knowledge of His grace/ Astonished / mouths filled with praise / thankfulness is not enough / He said believing is? / God’s faithfulness requires us / To stay amazed//

* CHORUS: Stay Amazed at His glory / Stay amazed at His love / Stay amazed at His mercy / And how He walks with us// REPEAT

* * * * + +  LIKE JOSHUA AT JERICHO: Related Scriptures: (Joshua 6:30) -

 Favorite Song of this Reviewer - Tells the story of a man who had built invisible walls between himself and others. While he was safe from emotional pain, he was lonely, so he prayed for help.

Music Notes:

This lively, contemporary, dynamic ballad anthem, with a lively beat, would be a huge hit if it ever was given a chance on conventional Christian radio.  It definitely would be a blessing for a broad audience of both believers and seekers, inspiring faith and dependence on the Lord.

Tim's considerable vocal power and range, his performance ability, and his skill at composition are on full display!
* This anthem has strong, dynamic, memorable vocals, an infectious beat, compelling, irresistible melody in both the verse section and the chorus.

* Composition is creative, which makes good use of guitar, keys, and horns, that play a subtle, syncopated counter melody throughout the song.

* Composition is paired with the customary glorious chorus and lyrical message, dynamically presented. Effective back up harmony in chorus is strong and supportive of Tim's wonderful lead vocals.

* Wonderful dynamic change in Bridge

Tim Juillet comments in the CD cover: "The walls of Jericho were extremely thick and tall. Jericho's walls were impenetrable by man, but not by God. God also wants to penetrate our walls - Walls that divide and destroy us. If He can penetrate the walls of Jericho, than he certainly can penetrate our walls."

Entire Lyrics: By Jim Meadows - Printed with permission.

 Building walls/ became his specialty / Made of fear / demanded privacy / Wide and strong / He was safe and sound / Lonely still / What would he do now? //

Built with care / To hide from all the pain / But kept out love /He began to pray / I've built these walls / But now I want them down / Help me Lord / I just don't know how. //

It wasn't easy / He had built them high / So much fear / Love was just in time / His barriers / Became a memory / Jesus set this captive free.//
Like Joshua at Jericho / Those walls can tumble down / With Jesus help they will fall / crashing to the ground / Without doubt or fear / They're just a pile of stones / Trusting in the Lord / at Jericho.
Bridge: With His love / Walls will disappear. CHORUS

* * * * + + STILL I’LL WORSHIP: Another strong favorite! This moving, inspirational piano anthem would be at home in contemporary, traditional and blended services.

Musical Notes:

 A moving, beautiful, inspiring piano and strings worship prayer anthem, with an easy beat,  reminding the listener to praise and worship the Lord no matter our life's circumstances.
* Poignant, expressive, dynamic vocals by Tim, that present so well the well-written lyrical message, are the star of this musical presentation, wonderfully supported with a

* Memorable, fabulous melody and well-written musical accompaniment. Wonderful, dynamic blend of piano and strings
* Glorious chorus with a beautiful harmony part, supporting the lead vocals.
Tim comments,"We worship God because of who he is, because of who we are, and because of what He has done for us."

Related Scriptures:(John 4:24,  1 Thess. 5:16-17)

Partial Lyrics: By Deb Rempel

When I laugh til I cry / I can't tell you why / When I smile 'cause I'm home / I'll praise You Lord.//
When I'm flooded with fears / My soul melts in tears / When I'm small and alone / I'll worship You.//
When You comfort my grief / Bring worry to peace / Carry me 'til I'm strong / I'll praise You Lord.//

* CHORUS:  Whether sorrow fills my eyes, / Or joy anoints  my life / I am wrapped in Your light / Still I'll worship You Lord.//

* * * * + TRIALS WILL COME: An easy beat, inspiring ballad in prayer form which expresses a dialog between a man struggling through a storm in his life, told in the verses and the Lord, who answers in the chorus section. The man evolves in his thinking, and shares his revelation in the last chorus.

Begins with a strong, stately piano introduction for first 6 measures. The electric guitar part and easy drums jump in with broken chords which continue the melody intro, taking things up a notch in intensity.  During the verses, musical accompaniment voices play on 1-4 beats as chordal support, while the vocals carry the melody and rhythm. Song ends strongly with inspired sythns work.

* Song offers another *fabulous chorus section, with a strong melody, and impressive vocals, especially the ouctive jump into musical scale territory that I didn't know a base vocalist could reach! 

*Lyrics are really meaningful and uplift the listener, with the Lord promises and good advise for difficult situaions we all face at one time or another.

Related Scriptures:(James 1:2-4, Romans 5:3-4 , Hebrews13:5-6, Palm 119:105 )
Tim comments, "While attempting to be thankful through my own personal trials, my thinking has certainly been challenged.  It has caused me to change my focus, to realize that this world is not my home. It's helped me to realize a greater vision for my life.  It has enabled me to let go of worldly things and to truly walk by faith."

Partial Lyrics: By Jim Meadows

Verse 2: Is there a purpose for this pain?/ Is this some kind of trial?/ I thought You said you would not leave/ I thought I was your child/ My mind has many quesions now/ But still I'm on my knees/ I need some good direction God/ Help me Father please.//
* The Lord - CHORUS 1: Trials will come to strengthen you / Trials will come to teach /
Do not fear that I have gone/ I want you trusting me / I want to make you like my Son / I want your heart to love / Keep your focus on my word / And know that trials will come.//

* Man - CHORUS 2:Trials will come to strengthen me / Trials come to teach / I will not fear that You have gone / I want to see a change / i am your adapted son/ You have taught to love / I'll keep my focus on Your Word / When any trials come.//

* * * * + AMERICA REPENT - A broad, expressive piano and string anthem, with a great melody, even greater chorus, dynamically composed and vocally performed by Tim Juillet.

* Lyrical message encourages the American people to turn away from sin, temptations  found in many forms in our secular society, and have been plagueing the human race since our beginning;( Greed, self-worship, idolatry, sexual immorality).

* Tim's vocal presentation is stellar, showcasing his tremendous talent in presenting inspirational vocal music.

 * Song offers another strong chorus offering, with an expressive, memorable melody, full sounding musical accompaniment, in all the repeats as well.

* Some very subtle but effective counter melodies added through out, from instrumental voices, such as electrical guitar.

* Lovely piano accompaniment in second verse. Last two times through the chorus, the children's choir offers a very nice counter vocal part.

Tim comments: "God's healing will rain on his land if our country will repent and turn from it's evil ways. The corruption and wickedness that plagues us promoted a deterioration in our common moral fabric.  Our country needs to return tothe God by which it was founded."

 Related Scriptures:(2nd Chronicles 7:14, James 4:10, Matt. 6:21, Col. 3:5, 1 John 2:15-16 )

Lyrics by: Jim Meadows

America, America / God shed His grace on us / But many turn away from Him / And His forgiving love /
Our children search for purity / Not easy to obtain / Profanity and wickedness / Too easy to embrace

* Chorus:  Repent, America repent / Let's turn from evil ways / Time is running out / Let's run to God and pray! /
The signs are everywhere / We might be near the end / Heaven's voices shout / Repent, America repent!//

Will God allow tremendous pain / To drive us to our knees?/ Explosive force like none before / A deadly tragedy//
Could that be the spark / That sets revival's blazing fire? / Will that be the only way / Our people get inspired?//

Bridge: Coming from the wilderness / a voice is crying out / Prepare the way, the Lord is near / Clear the path right out!//

* * * * + + MY STORY- Another strong favorite!  A song feauring Tim's personal testimony, well-done & poignantly expressed.

Musical Notes:

*A beautiful piano-based ballad of testimony, with a glorious, soaring melody, glorious, soaring, uplifitng chorus. Written in a minor key in the verses, which segues into a major key in the chorus.

* Love the introduction - A haunting, sad feeling is established with a delicate flute, piano, and bass guitar ensemble, which plays throughout the song.

*Composition is well done, with several layers of interest, including counter melodies and smooth modulations. Ends solumnly with
 * a beautiful, peaceful piano inturlude.

* Vocals begin softly, yet have depth, tone and feeling. Vocals grow in volume and intensity, blooming in the chorus!

* Another glorious chorus, perfectly executed, with the usual bells and whistles found in Tim's compositions.

* Ends solumnly with a beautiful, peaceful piano inturlude.

Related Scriptures:(Ephesians 1:6-8, Romans 12:2, Phil. 4:13 )

Partial Lyrics:By Tim Juillet

* Chorus: A story of dreams / A story of life / A story of the healing power that renewed this heart of mine / A story of dreams/ Lost along the way/ But more than just a story of my God /who does not withhold grace / From my story.//

As a child my great dream / was to serve you Lord/ / Draw closer to You with each day / But as I gre older / I turned away / to seek the world's rewards / Forgot what I was living for / I said goodbye to hope / I slowly closed the door.//

I lost hope when depression / Consumed me Lord / My joy was completely erased / Gone were my dreams, oh / I needed grace / That only You could give / tired of living life in sin / So I gave You my will / And You gave me my dreams again.//

* * * * + I WILLINGLY SURRENDER - A well-done confession, worship and praise prayer anthem sure to motivate and uplift contemporary music enthusiasts and contemporary service congregations!

 Simpler, yet very well done composition which lets the lyrics and vocals be the main focal point and stars of the song.
* Lovely melody which is easy to remember, and sticks in one's mind is supported by piano and strings
*Strong lead vocals are enjoyable and present the lyrical message with flair and expression.
* Another glorious chorus with strong harmony added.
Related Scriptures:(Galations 2:20-21, 1 Peter 4:2 )

Tim comments,"We don't completely understand the depth of God's call on our lives until we completely surrender to His will."

Partial Lyrics: By Jim Meadows

I can't take these ups and downs / they're not by my design / One day I will run to You / the next day I will hide / I am in Christ / but change must come / My will must be restrained / I want to come in closer Lord / And feel your full embrace.//

*Chorus - I willingly surrender / I raise my hands in praise / Need your loving guidance / I seek You unafraid / I willingly surrender/ All I am to You / In deepest gratitude / I willingly surrender //

* * * * + + THIS IS GOD - 4th favorite of this reviewer. A truly musically dynamic, inspirational anthem with broad appeal.

Musical Notes:

*Wonderful introduction begins this composition, using bongos, soft sythns, and  somber electric guitar, which delicately intertwine, setting the mood and melody introduction very nicely, continuing throughout the verses!

* Love the melody, which is very melodic and memorable. Another stellar chorus to enjoy, which is dynamically presented.

* Dynamic, powerful lead vocals really bring the lyrical message to life for the listener, truly an inspirational experience! Tim's considerable vocal talent is  on display in spades in this effort, truly inspiring!

Related Scriptures:(Psalms 104:14-21, & 147:8-9 )

Tim comments: "We only have to open our eyes to know that there is a creator. It blows my mind that the God who created the universe also desires to spend time with me!"

Partial Lyrics: By Jim Meadows
* Chorus - This is God / One true God / All of creation . Must applaud / He is seen / In simple things / Nature sings.//

Here they come, the tumbleweeds / Running with the wind / Another set of waves approach / dolphin soar again / Crocodiles patrol he shore / The lion eats its prey / Wisdom finds creator God / Within the things He made.//

* * * * +  JUST SAYING THANKYOU - Beautiful piano-based ballad which encourages believers to walk the talk of Christianity.

Musical Notes:  A soothing, uplifting, piano-based prayer hymn of thanksgiving, with:
* A lovely, memorable melody in the verses - expressed through piano and strings sound, probably through a well-done sythns.

* Expressive, dynamic vocals of Tim Juillet who sings from his heart.

* Meaningful lyrics that touch the heart and soul, inspiring listeners to  express their own gratitude to the Lord, through their actions and their love!

* Begins and ends with a beautiful, peaceful synths interlude. Piano part played by electric keyboard, offering a softer sound for this prayer hymn.
Related Scriptures:(Ephesians 1:6-8, Romans 12:2 & 8:28, Phil. 4:13 )

Tim comments: "At times, my life has lacked direction spiritually.  We can go through periods when se might say all of the right things, but our actions and our general outlook  reveal where our hearts are.  Our lives should express our thanks and love to the one who created us."

Partial Lyrics: by Jim Meadows

Verse 1: I cannot understand / how much You love me / You're so concerned with all the chapters in my life / With all those stars You have to look after / The time You take to love stuns my mind / You work out everything for my good / To grow in the likeness of Your beautiful Son / Your unending patience amazes me / Even when i refuse to love.//

Chorus: Just saying thank you / Is simply not enough / It needs to show in my actions / It should show in my love/ My life must say thank you / Until my days are done / It should show in my outlook / When times are more than tough / My life must say thank you / thank you Holy One. //

* * * * + + IN AN INSTANT - Second favorite of this reviewer!

Musical Notes:This inspiring anthem has everything to inspire hope during difficult times in our lives, as well as a warning that we aren't promised tomorrow. Sure to be a favorite in any congregation or to become a song to inspire the listener to make the most of the time we are blessed with, to 'run with perseverence the race marked out for us," (Heb. 12:1 & Phil.3:12-14), despite the inevitable troubles of this world. (Matt.6:34)

* This anthem has a simpler yet well-done, full sounding, soaring musical accompaniment which wonderfully supports truly inspirational vocals and stirring, irresistible broad melody.  Keys, electric guitars, string sound, light snare drums are well-done, providing whatever is needed in the composition.

* Tim's vocals showcase his tremendous talent as a singer - His training, experience and ability come together to present the perfect musical vehicle of the song's lyrical message.

There are some delightful, creative musical touches, which keep the composition interesting.

* Another minor key composition in the verses to a chorus composed in a major key. Introduction begins with a sorrowful electric guitar and drum snare, which builds to the chorus.

* Loved the wonderful eighth note, moving, joyous string picalation which doesn't sound easy to me, with a tricky rhythm that moves along with a fire and drive adding so much to the interlude before the last chorus and as an ending interlude.

* Very effective key modulation segue heard in the beginning of the last time through the chorus, a most enjoyable change in keys in the melody.

Related Scriptures:(John 14:1-3, Heb. 12:1-2, Phil.3:12-14, Matt. 6:34  )

Tim comments:"In the blink of an eye, there is no turning back. Our earthly past is written. It cannot be changed."

Partial Lyrics: By Jim Meadows and Tim Juillet

Verse 1: I don't know what time it is / In my mortal life / My countdown clock is racing faster / Tell me why / I hope I have some time to say / Goodbye before I go.//

Chorus: In an instant / In the blink of an eye / Life is over / And I'm all out of time / In an instant / Hello Jesus / All my worries gone / gone / gone.//

* * * * + + BETTER DAYS - Another strong favorite! A poignant prayer ballad, which was composed as a prayer of petition for Tim's wife who was fighting a serious illness.

Tim explains,
"I wrote this prayer for my wife as she recovered from a cancer surgery in 2006. She has a long history of battling different skin cancers, including a 3rd stage malignoma which she had removed in surgery in 1997. She is now an 18 year cancer survivor! I have been completely amazed at the beauty and strength my wife holds! God blessed me BIG TIME!"

 Memorable composition for an emotional topic - dealing with serious illness of a loved one, through prayer and petition to the Lord.
* Begins with a reading of Revelations 21:3-4, a comforting passage for those going through painful times.
* Composition's memorable melody is piano-driven with touches of strings, and very light snare sounds through the verses, becoming fuller in the glorious chorus with the addition of guitar, and a choral backup sound, and a very nice female harmony part.

* Tim's stellar lead vocals are sung with heart and focus, truly expressing what was on his mind when he wrote this song for encouragement for his wife's struggle, and his own distress, which touches the listener's heart.
Related Scriptures:(Revelations 21:3-4)

Partial Lyrics: BY Tim Juillet

Verse 1: Tough times / Listen to my wife's cry / See the proof of pain in her eyes / Life now is so real / And now I must be strong again/ It's been 8 years / Since we've been here / Sickness has again changed our lives / I love her/ Children need a mother / Jesus please help her recover.//

Chorus: She's lived with hope / Where now there is fear / God I thank You that She's here / She's lived with joy / Where now there is pain / Jesus bring her through to better days//

* * * * + + RUN TO THE ROCK - Third Favorite of this Reviewer - Another memorable, inspirational worship piano anthem with energy and umph, which encourages all to depend on the Lord, the source of strength, endurance, giver of inner joy, and everlasting mercy and love.  A song which would be loved by contemporary music enthusiasts, and in both contemporary and blended services.

Musical Notes:

*Features a strong, memorable, infectious melody, a driving tempo, great musical dynamics, terrific vocals by Tim Juillet,  and interesting support instruments which support the main melody carried by the vocals.

* Creative use of guitars, piano, and strings and synths work, which adds to the musical enjoyment of the song.

* Adore the chorus with its moving melody, great key modulations / accidentals and powerful, dynamic vocals.

* Ends on a peaceful interlude, which represents the Lord's peace and protection.

Related Scriptures:(Psalm 62:5-7, & 91, Romans 8:31)

Partial Lyrics:By Deb Rempel & Yvonne Bach

Verse 1: You are a child of this generation / Born to a world that / Spins around you / it's every changing/ Constantly shaken / One moment sure / The next confused.//

Chorus: Run to the Rock / run to safe haven / Come to the God / Of peace and salvation / run to the Rock / Ageless and new / Run to the Rock / Waiting for you / Seek the shelter / You're longing for / /the holy,  righteous / Eternal Lord.//

* * * * + + + UNIMAGINED GLORY - This choral composition would find a home in any church service as an inspirational presentation. The story that the lyrics tell the listener reminds me a lot of Revelations 4, giving us a peak at heaven, at the throne room of God, and the love and worship of the Lord from all the heavenly hosts. Glorious! 

Completely different from all the other cuts on this CD, it is in a class by itself.

* It is a combination of traditional and contemporary musical styles, powered with musical accompaniment of an orchestra sound of strings and woodwinds, a harp and a piano.  Begins with harp arpegios, which introduces the various verses.

* It is a wonderful combination of Tim Juillet's lead vocals which tell the story, with choral responses creating an inspiring ballad anthem to end this collection of songs. An adult choir, a children's choir, an operatic quartet and a gifted operatic soprano offer their talents to this choral work, recreating the praise and thanksgiving being expressed musically in the Lord's throne room.

* Each of the three verses has a choral, well-done illustration.
* Begins with a Hebrew Chant Intro, in a 3/4 meter melody, followed by apegios played by a harp.

* Love the distinctive, enduring melody and other melodies of  the various choral offerings, in both major and minor keys, all pretty powerful and memorable, some composed in the traditional style and some more contemporary, but all blended together splendidly!

* The strong, passionate, lead vocals of Tim Juillet, who uses just the right tone, expression, volume, and dynamic level throughout the anthem. Especially love his performance in the VAMP-Chorus, where he uses all of his musical skills to give us a truly wonderful, inspiring offering of praise to the Lord.

Related Scriptures:(Col 3:1, Rev.4)

Tim comments: "God instilled a tremendous passion in me with this vision of worship in heaven. This composition was the result of much study and prayer. In Col 3:1, we are given a direct commandm to anticipate heaven.  After meditating on this verse, I began to consider how our society views heaven, and how that fuels a common complacency in this world.  This society has a common stereotypical view that places us in heaven some day, sitting in boredom on a cloud, strumming a harp for eternity.  But the heaven spoken about in the Bible describes unimaginable glory. Our earthly minds cannot comprehend the glory we can someday experience in heaven. By understanding this fact, we release our wordly understanding and can finally focus on heaven."

Partial lyrics:By Jim Meadows and Tim Juillet

Translation of Hebrew intro: "It is our duty to praise the Master of all, to ascribe greatness in the Molder of the Creation."

Verse 1: In the most amazing dream / That is as clear as it could be / I enter heaven's gates / And look around at such a view / Cannot believe that this is true / My heart is all ablaze / Choirs are singing perfect tones / As I see the glorious throne //

Choral Response: Motet: Enter his gates with Thanksgiving/ Enter his gates with Thanksgiving and praise / Alleluia// Great is the Lord God almighty / Heaven is filled with His love and His glory /Come and rejoice// Worship the Lord / He is worthy of praise / He prepares a place eternal / For you. Amen//

Bridge: Was this really just a dream / Or had I glimpsed a holy scene?/

Vamp / Chorus: ( Tim Juillet) Unimagined Glory /
Unimagined Glory / Awe-inspiring majesty / Surrounding perfect love / the glory of God / Is seen on every face/ Entitled to boundless praise.....

VisitTim's web-site to hear song samples: (www.timjuillet.com).

Evaluated by Julie Carr - ChristianMusic.com

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