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When members of Thousand Foot Krutch began playing together during their high school years in 1997, they had no idea that they would one day make a business out of it. They were instead mostly focused on having fun and playing loud. Six years later, Thousand Foot Krutch signed with Tooth & Nail Records and are now playing with big names such as Finger Eleven, Tea Party, Three Days Grace, and Econoline Crush. Their 2003 release, Phenomenon, was recently nominated for a Juno Award, which is a Canadian award that is very similar to a Grammy.

After playing for numerous prom parties, corn-roast parties, in church basements, and on back porches, Thousand Foot Krutch members Trevor McNevan (vocals, guitar), Joel Bruyere (bass), and Steve Augustine (drums) felt as if they could go much further. Shortly after graduation, the trio recorded their indie debut, Set It Off. The album was quite successful, racking up 60,000 sales in the United States alone! Soon record labels came courting and the band chose Tooth & Nail as its home.

Their debut album, Phenomenon, was released in 2003 and has received high acclaim from both fans and critics. The album has a more forceful rock sound than their hip-hop release, Set It Off. Through this 14-track disc, band members hope their fans will come to understand the power of the unseen and the importance of faith.

The songs of Thousand Foot Krutch are highly personal and are therefore able to connect with the many lost and struggling teens and young adults of this world. Lead songwriter McNevan and other members are passionate about helping, in particuar, teens who are contemplating suicide and often receive e-mails and letters from hurting young people. They feel like they can really relate to the pressures of being a teen because they recently lived through them all themselves.

Lately, Thousand Foot Krutch has become involved in several other projects. They have developed a side band, FM Static, who open for them and feature both McNevan and Augustine. Also, along with the two other members of FM Static, McNevan has formed Reakt Clothing. As well, Augustine has formed a production company called Stringnoise that provides sound and lights for their bands and other touring acts. Looking toward the future, Thousand Foot Krutch hopes to release their second Tooth & Nail album, Art of Breaking, in June or July of 2005.




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