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The Waiting is: Brad Olsen -lead vocals, Todd Olsen - lead guitar,
Clark Leake - bass guitar, and Brandon Thompson - drums,
percussion, and loops.


The band's self-titled debut project, "The Waiting", met with both critical and commercial success (three number one songs, a Dove Award Nomination for Rock Album of the Year, a Billboard Music Video Award Nomination).

Their latest album is entitled "Unfazed". "There was a lot of looking back on this record," says Brad Olsen, The Waiting's lead singer and primary tunesmith. "I know we are not supposed to do that. We are supposed to 'forget the past, and keep our eyes on the prize'. But one of the themes that comes from looking back is the realization that as individuals, and as a band, we are still here, still pushing forward. We are unfazed in our love for God, and in our commitment to Christ and each other."

While the Atlanta-based foursome draws inspiration from lessons of the past, and looks toward the future with unbridled enthusiasm, they are not content to dwell in either realm. Instead, their latest release, Unfazed, lands The Waiting squarely in the present, celebrating life as it is; right now; today.

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