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About The Violet Burning

Led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Michael Pritzl, Violet Burning went through numerous lineup changes throughout the band's long career. While never signing to a major label, the group managed to sell over 90,000 indie and self-released discs.

 An experienced worship leader, Pritzl and his band started off their performances with ritualistic candle lightings and the burning of enormous amounts of incense, setting a meditative tone for their shows that blended well with their passionate, spiritually themed music.


Formed in Orange County by Pritzl in 1989, Violet Burning started off performing a kind of post-punk guitar rock that boasted plenty of noise and punchy rhythmic work, which reflected the musicians' '80s influences: the Cure, U2, and Echo & the Bunnymen. Shortly after the group came together and began playing shows, they recorded and released their debut, Chosen (1989), followed up by Strength (1992), Violet Burning (1996), I Am a Stranger in This Place (2000), Demonstrates Plastic and Elastic (2000), This Is The Moment (2003), Drop Dead (2005) and Faith and Devotions of a Satellite Hear (2006).


Though bucking the mainstream music industry and remaining fiercely independent throughout their career, The Violet Burning have a loyal following throughout North America and Europe. The band is most well known for their contributions to nonstandard “praise and worship” music - unlike most popular church music, The Violet Burning employs unique and unrepetitive lyrics and song structures. The band’s willingness to explore darker sounds and lyrical themes has won them a very devoted cult following - and unlike many obscure Christian bands, the respect they’ve earned extends far beyond the bounds of the Christian subculture.




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