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Ten years ago, Jean-Luc and Yves Lajoie set out to go to Hollywood. They were "California dreaming" of becoming a internationally successful rock band. Little did they know that they were on their way to meet their Maker. They actually took a right turn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and, after a series of interesting circumstances, gave their lives to Jesus there. Ironically, both Jean Luc and Yves first heard the gospel via the airwaves. Jean-Luc was listening to a radio station while working on a ranch there, and Yves saw a preacher on television. Little did they know that God would use them to reach people the same way later on.


They started going to Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque and started growing in the Lord. The youth pastor of that church needed some musicians to help his Tuesday night youth group meeting. He asked Jean-Luc and Yves to join him in leading worship. This youth pastor's name was Pete Nelson. Pete had never played electric guitar in his life; but God is a God of surprises. Just when we know what's going on and where were going, God does a new and exciting thing. Pete and Jean-Luc got together after a leader's meeting for the youth group at Pete's house and wrote a song together: "Letter of love." This became a song on their first album. They started writing songs & playing around the city for different youth rallies. The rest is HIS-story.



Undone (2002) With their 7th album "Undone", The Kry have performed on 5 continents and influenced people all over the world. They are an ideal fellowship of artists that truly believe in taking the gospel to all ends of the earth. With huge hooks and amazing pop-rock lyrics, The Kry promise to make a huge impact on todays youth.

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