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About Tara Alexander

The experience of taking  care of her ailing grandfather on his way to heaven proved to be one the most rewarding experiences of Tara 's life.  The release of her best musical offering yet, " Full Circle " (2008).  On this CD she  takes listeners to the moment where she realized that she lost a piece of herself and then found it in the words of an old man that had lived and knew that life was way too short. His old fashioned sayings started to make sense... And then the light bulb moment happened. After traveling internationally, her grandfather's words launched her into the best voyage she would ever take. This trip brought her not to Paris, not to Brazil but his words brought her.... Full Circle : Back to Being Free.

Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Tara Alexander is no newcomer to the music scene. She has headlined at the Ascona Jazz Fest, Mackinac Island and Lionel Hampton's Jazz Venue in Paris. Tara is also recognized in gospel music for her powerful vocals on “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way” from the Women of Excellence CD.

Her discography & career highlights include a diverse group of artists & performances: Cinderella's Heartbreak Station CD which went Platinum, Tribute to Edith Piaf (France), Good Morning America, NFL's SuperBowl Saturday Night and IMAX Theatre's Movie & Soundtrack Hurricane on the Bayou. Her international experience also includes gracing stages in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy and the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to singing, Tara is an excellent songwriter who wrote & produced the theme song of the Creflo Dollar Ministries’ video documentary, “When the Silence was Too Loud” featuring her testimony which airs as a partner special.

"Full Circle" is  a combination of jazzy and soulful. Tara offers up songs that glorify God, encourage family, and provide sweet, intimate moments that capture the Fullness of Life and Love.  Her goal is to inspire others into the freedom she rediscovered all over again!