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On her Sparrow debut "Set You Free", Tammy is excited about the opportunity to minister through her music. She comes by her musical talent naturally, having grown up watching her mother, a speaker and performer on the gospel circuit. Tammy often traveled with her Mom to churches, women's conferences, nursing homes, and prisons, and decided early on that music would be her chosen path as well.

At six, Tammy Trent began teaching herself to play the drums, and three years later, when she heard Amy Grant on the radio for the first time, her fate was sealed. By high school Tammy was jamming on the drums with pep and rock bands before basketball games and often found herself playing Top 40 hits she'd never heard before, since her parents only allowed Christian music in their home. But she had an affinity for the music and kept the beat just the same. Though music held an important place in her life, she was putting an equal amount of energy into her second love, basketball. Tammy was such a talented player that she started varsity ball as a freshman. Trent came by her sports talent naturally, since her father had once been a noted player as well.


After high school, Tammy elected to do a year at Southeastern Bible College in Lakeland, Florida before beginning to seriously pursue her music. In 1991, her best friend, Pam Thum, introduced her to songwriter John Mandeville, and she and John worked on a demo that would later land her a record deal with the indie label, R.E.X. Music.

In 1995, she released her self-titled debut which yielded a #1 song, "Your Love Is 4 Always", and three other Top 10 singles. On her second album titled, "You Have My Heart", Tammy enlisted the production talents of Fred Hammond and long time friend John Mandeville and recorded a solid Pop / R & B effort that generated another three Top 10 hits. When R.E.X. got bought out by Platinum Entertainment, she moved for a time to Platinum's Light Records. Shortly thereafter, Platinum phased out their Christian label interests.


Sparrow recognized that dedication and invited Tammy Trent into their label family in 1999. Appropriately titled, "Set You Free", Tammy's debut is peppered with plenty of uplifting tracks and fun-filled rocking R& B tunes. Produced by talents like Mark Hammond, Joe Priolo, Todd Collins, Michael Quinlan, and Michael Linney, the songs are a reflection of Tammy herself, full of light and energy, spunk and contagious enthusiasm. And she is excited to finally have a new album of songs to perform that match her zest for life and spreading God's word.


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