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The word Stavesacre means "a Eurasian larkspur (Delphinium staphisagria); also its violently emetic and cathartic seeds". The band decided on this name when Jeff Bellew (ex-guitarist) was looking up a word in the dictionary, and "stavesacre" caught his eye. "He looked at it, liked the way it sounded, and that was it" - Mark Salomon. Thus ends the mystery of the word "stavesacre".

History of Stavesacre

Stavesacre formed in 1995, with original members -Mark Solomon as main vocalist, Jeff Bellew as guitarist, Jeremy Moffat on drums and bassist Dirk Lemmenes. They became known at first for their Heavy and leaning towards hardcore metal and thrash sound, in the spirit of Die Happy or Tourniquet. The sound of the band slowly metamorphosed from heavy metal to what some say is an emo style of rock, described by others as "Forceful Angular Rock", over the years from 1996- 2004. Their music has become just "straight up passion, truth, and rock, with an edge."

The band's membership changed as well. Between 1996 -1997, Scaterd Few drummer Sam West replaced Jeremy Moffat, soon after the band's second CD came out, ABSOLUTES. In 1999 the band offered their fans another CD, SPEAKEASY, with an additional guitarist in tow, Ryan Dennee. Soon after, Jeff Bellew left the band to get married to the love of his life, and bassist Neil Samoy took his place.

On October 1, 2002, the band offered a new album of songs, called STAVEACRE. After a short tour in 2003, the band found that they were worn out from the high expectations that are expected of an active band focused on the touring stage, which is very hard on personal and family life, as well as being a huge emotional and energy drain.

"After touring relentlessly to support the self-titled album, STAVEACRE, we were worn out. Some of the runs brought us to the brink of our sanity. Personal turbulence that each one of us has had to weather (both positive and negative) made for a difficult working environment. Marriages began and ended. Finances were tested to the limit. By the end of 2003, in December, our good friend and band mate, Neil Samoy, decided to move on. He is loved by each of us, and our support and best wishes go wherever his future takes him."

After this period, Staveacre wrote more new songs, and talked to a new producer, about their next CD, release.

"We have a tentative agreement with all parties, past, and present, to finally release the DVD Stavesacre Live from Deep Ellum, which we recorded in the spring of 2002 in Dallas, Texas. It will also include footage from Cornerstone 2002, and one brand new song. We will be announcing a release date SOON!"

They started the year off with a sold-out concert on February 7th, 2004 at the Smart City Grinds Coffee House Azusa, CA, which was suitable for all ages. They plan to go back to touring in March.

"Finally, we want to say a big thank you for your support and prayers over the last year. You guys are the greatest fans there are!! See you soon!"