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About Starfield

Starfield is an acoustic pop/rock band comprised of brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld, John Andrews, and Shaun Huberts. The band's first two independent albums (the first originally made as a demo in a friends basement) sold more then 20,000 units in Canada alone quickly gaining them the respect of their peers and the Canadian record industry. In addition, Starfield managed to rack in a Juno nomination (Canada’s GrammyAwards) 5 Vibes (Canada's Dove Awards), and the Prairie Music Award for best Christian album. “The fact that we sold any CD’s to more people than just friends and family, or that we won any awards, still blows my mind,” Tim says “we really just thought it would be fun to record some stuff for memory’s sake. What has happened is just an amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness!”

The release of their next self titled album (2004) introduced the band to a whole new audience in the United States.   When it came time for recording the follow up to the critically acclaimed record, Starfield teamed up with Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, dc Talk, Plumb) for a second time while also enlisting the talents of GMA Award-winning producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Steven Curtis Chapman). The end result, Beauty in the Broken (2006), is a record that firmly establishes Starfield as a significant voice for this generation.


"When we began writing songs for Beauty In The Broken, our goal was to make a corporate worship record An album for the church," explains Tim Neufeld, the groups primary lyricist. "However, as we got deeper into the process of music and lyric, we couldn’t get away from our need to first address the often nagging disconnect between us and God its tough to march right into a song like Great is the Lord without first acknowledging the distance that exists between us and God. At the end of the day we felt like Beauty In The Broken was an incomplete worship record without songs like My Generation, Captivate, and Shipwreck that fess up to the pain, condemnation, and doubt that often get in the way of true intimacy with Jesus."

The result is a collection of songs that outline a journey, he continues. There are days where I feel close to God and a song like Glorious One is an honest response to Him. There are other days when a lyric like Im so messy and distracted / undisciplined and tactless / here on the inside, makes a lot more sense to where I am at.

"One of the first truths we had to face was that the generation we sing about is not defined by age," Jon says. "The literal generation that I’m a part of is in their mid-20s leaving college, beginning careers, and getting married. Were dealing with rejection issues, carrying the weight of big decisions, and finding ourselves struggling to include God in our daily lives. But these issues are not unique to 20-somethings they’re shared by teenagers, by people in their 30s, 40s, and beyond."

Beauty In The Broken was tremendously followed up by the band with I Will Go in 2008. 


Starfield’s desire to be relevant is clearly reflected in their mission statement: To lift up Jesus so he is impossible to ignore. Tim says, “What I really want to be a part of, is something that is seeing people restored and healed and saved. I want something that is all about Jesus… His intimacy and His relationship. I’m in a rock band doing rock music but my music can’t be the focus, I can’t be the focus… Jesus has to be the focus or it’s all so meaningless. …If we intentionally put the spotlight on Jesus and pursue His glory we will see people restored and brought to salvation… I’m not trying to say it’s always easy for us to keep that perspective either. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep proper perspective, our flesh wants to be loved and seen, and God’s spirit in us has to rise above that and give us perspective.

“This music thing is all about worship for us… but I don’t believe worship is all about music” says Tim, “It’s about how we live every part of our lives. It’s about serving and loving others. If we want God to move on our generation, we’ve got to understand that His Spirit does that through us as we love people and reach out to them. We can meet and pray in our own churches, but it’s only the love of God, actively extended through our hands, that will make any lasting difference.” “A worshipper is so much more than just a song singer,” adds Jon. “For us, it’s being good brothers, being good sons, staying fit, being on time, paying bills. It always honours people, and it means you’re being faithful in little things. If you’re being faithful in little things, God is going to trust you with bigger things.”