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Skillet's original members, when they started in the late '90's:
John Cooper -- Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Trey McClurkin -- Drums
Ken Steorts -- Guitar

Skillet's music is a mixture of hard rock, funk, punk, fused together with pure energy, and a strong love for the Lord, all thrown together in the pan! They formed as a group back in the late '90's, and have produced many popular albums in their music ministry. Much to the delight of their youthful fans, who not only get to enjoy fine hard rock music, with interesting sparkles of funk and punk, but also are encouraged, enlightened, fed with Christian messages about the Gospel, which point to our Lord Jesus.

John Cooper - about performing: "As soon as my feet hit the floor, I know, no matter how many people are there, I'm going to do the best show I can do; the wildest show. I'm going to rock it."

Their Albums include:


SKILLET - Like an innovative cook who throws everything in the skillet, this trio draws from an eclectic blend of musical influences to serve up a helping of spicy modern rock. Features "Gasoline," "Saturn," "Paint," and more funky grunge pop tunes.


HEY, I LOVE YOUR SOUL, was released in 1998. The innovative "chefs" of Christian rock add even more sizzle to their grunge-flavored sound in this sophomore release---blending electronic keyboards and pop melodies into the mix. Includes "Suspended in You," "More Faithful," "Deeper," "Coming Down," and the title track.


INVINCIBLE - Packed with hard-driving industrial sounds and in-your-face conviction, this alternative rock offering is a hearty feast for "Panheads" everywhere! Songs include "Best Kept Secret," "You're in My Brain," "The Fire Breathers," "You Take My Rights Away," "I Trust You," and more.


ALIEN YOUTH - Panheads, rejoice! The invasion is here - the industrial band with a soft side has landed, bringing with it driving tracks to start a revival. Includes "Vapor"; "Eating Me Away"; "Kill Me, Heal Me"; "One Real Thing"; "Rippin Me Off"; the title track; and more.


COLLIDE - Released in November 18, 2003

Riding the waves of their most successful release to date, Alien Youth, Skillet teams up with producer Paul Ebersold to offer yet another stylistic direction on their newest release, Collide. Departing from keyboard driven sounds and delving into grittier guitar sounds, front man John Cooper lets his inventive juices go with reckless abandon and muscle bound authority. Superior songwriting dominates once again, this time propelled by thunderous instrumental clashes and deep-throated vocals. Discover Skillet's ability to reveal passion and hope through their latest musically intense, yet lyrically beautiful, work on COLLIDE.


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